Author: Slytherin Prince

Nothing can be done with crying.


She was pure, naive and untainted....

Besides, being happy doesn't meant having what you want, right? Its making the best of what is given.


......But he would not hurt her, right?

"Try me, Sakura. Try me again."







Uchiha Sasuke had known her for almost all of his life.

She was his very first friend after his brother, Itachi.

Her name was Haruno Sakura. She was rich just like him but unlike other girls who had prided themselves because of rich belongings, Sakura was diffrent.

That was the very reason why he liked her. Of course, he was only seven years old, then. Emotions were barely controllable. He and Sakura, along with other people Sasuke did not know or knew but did not care, was entering first grade.

He could still remember Sakura being excited about entering the pretigious Konoha school. Granted, I could feel her hapiness, and her feelings seem to pass to me.

She smiled her wonderful smile at him and said. "Sasuke-kun, come on, lets enter together."

The first day orientation was finally over. And he could hear the annoying wails and cries of many immature kids around him. Crying babies as people for that matter makes him annoyed and irritatied.

Nothing can be done with crying.

He had cried for several years just for his older brother to notice him. Itachi seems to be interested only in his studies and their family's company.

Sasuke turned once again at Sakura and half smiled at her. She was the only one who did not seem to be corrupted by other people's useless emotions and schemes.

She was pure, naive and untainted.

He want that to remain that way. She was his only friend. Sasuke grabbed her hand, even though she was not offering it to him and dragged her towards their room.

It was a good thing they were at the same classroom..

Yes, it is indeed fun to do it all alone. The seatwork, assignments and all the school stuff. But Sakura had taught him that it was much fun having company..

Anyway, she was the only one Sasuke allowed to be in company with him.

And so, the class started and Sakura looked excited.

Sasuke glanced at the whiteboard with lazy eyes. The subject seems pretty easy and he had known that figures the teacher was drawing in the board for ages.

He was sure Sakura knew, too.

After 30 minutes or so, the bell rang and Sasuke signed like a weight was lifted off his chest.

He glanced at Sakura's text book. There was already neat notes next to the printed text of the book.

Sasuke shook his heard and said, "Haruno Sakura: The perfect student."

She did not seem to like his tone and message for she frowned at him. "Like you're one to talk." That was what she said.

It made him happy all of a sudden. Making her like that was something he, Uchiha Sasuke, could only do.

He was so proud of himself.

Sasuke's hapiness was cut short when their teacher said something all of a sudden.

But not for him, it's for Sakura.

"Sakura, it's your mother." Sasuke could still remember the look on the teacher's face when she was saying that.

Little Sakura frowned, not understanding the situation. "Sensei, what is it?"

It was recess time and the only remaining people on their classroom was Sasuke, Sakura and the ghostly white teacher.

The teacher kneeled in front of Sakura and said clearly. "Where is your mother?"

Sakura's lips trembled automatically and tears formed in her big eyes. "She promised me she would come. She didn't again. She might be still at Amerika right now."

Sakura didn't seem to reveal more info at the teacher. Sasuke already know this part of Sakura.

They never really kept secrets from each other.

Sasuke's train of thoughts stoppped when he heard the next sentence.

"Sakura, listen to me. Your mother died in a car accident on her way here. I'm.. I'm so sorry baby."

Sasuke understood it immediately, and he knew Sakura did too.

After those words were spoken. Uchiha Sasuke knew his life with Sakura would change... drastically.

Six years after

And so now, there was no such thing as Haruno Sakura. Now exist a Uchiha Haruno Sakura.

Sakura was pitied by mother and turned her in as a daughter. She showered Sakura dozen of attention to the point Sasuke himself got jealous.

Sakura was still rich. Her mother was the only relative she had and her mother happened to be a business tycoon in oil.

But a seven years old at that time cannot control billions of money and a multidollar business. So as long as Sakura was not yet old enough, she would be staring with them. The Uchihas.

Sasuke's father whom he thought was an emotional deprived bastard was actually a loving father figure when it came to Sakura.

His jealousy at Sakura doubled up at that time.

From a wonderful friend, Sakura slowly tuned into a villain in his eyes.

Sasuke wont talk to her for a long time and if he did, it would always come out as an insult.

The good thing about Sakura was that she never told his parents anything.

The last straw was when the news of a little sister reached his busy brother's ears, he immediately flew back to Japan and even treated Sakura outisde.

In Sasuke's perspective, there was his mother, his father, Itachi and Sakura inside that Uchiha household that even without him, his family would be complete... happily.

At that night, Uchiha Sasuke transformed into a nightmare Sakura would not escape.

"Wake up." Sasuke pulled the covers off Sakura's body and poured his remaining coffee on Sakura's exposed tummy.

Yes, he even gave her the attention of lifting her pink pajamas a little for his coffee.

The cofee was not as hot as it originally had been, but it still had the same effect.

It could wake up a certain person..

With mother and father gone, he could almost image what torturous task he could make his little sister do. He smirked at the sadistic thought. Oh Sasuke was so excited, who would have thought that only Sakura could make him this excited?

He had made all the servants of Uchiha Mansion have a vacation for them. Its been a while since they had. Some of them protested, but what could they do? Uchiha Sasuke was the highest Uchiha in the Mansion at that time, so they followed him. He had been doing this everytime Mom and Dad would go far away, so that he could make Sakura pay for all of her sins against him.

Sasuke just loved having the upper hand, especially when it came to her.

"Sakura, can you cook faster." Sasuke said impatiently. Its almost noon and Sasuke did not have his breakfast yet. Damn that slow girl.

"Alright, alright. Geez." Sakura rolled her eyes and decided to play along with Sasuke's orders. Dammit, why could not she come with mom and dad?

Sakura sighed as she fried the bacon and egg together. She knew she should do it separately but King of the house liked it that way. She had let Sasuke treat her this way because she knew she was just a the sidedish out of the big Uchiha meal. Even without her, the meal would be complete.

When Sasuke had first shown this side of him to her, she was more than shocked. She cried all night long, thinking of what had happened to her best friend. Then after all the confusing attitude Sasuke had thrown to her, she had finally realised something. Maybe Sasuke did not want Sakura as part of Uchiha family. They were great when they were just friends right? So what had happened?

In the end, Sakura became the big girl and accepted Sasuke's treatment. Besides, being happy doesn't meant having what you want, right? Its making the best of what is given.

So, Sakura remained the same Sakura and Sasuke... well she did not know what he had become. She left it just like that.

"Here." She placed the plate between them. They were inside the servants cooking room. It was a small room filled with all kitchen utensils and small table with four chairs. This is where the maids usually ate their share of food. This place was where Sasuke and Sakura eat whatever they need to eat since eating to their normal table means more work for Sakura. It was efficient and it was like the shortest path of going out of Sasuke's presence since this place was closer to the sink.

They are in complete silence with Sasuke thinking of his next move and Sakura thinking of what to do with her free time. It was school vacation after all.

Why did you see all the negative things in me? All I ever do was try to be all that I can b-

The silence was broken when Sakura's flip-up phone rang.

Sakura looked nervously at Sasuke before pulling out her pink phone out of her pocket. She smiled as she read Warau's good morning message to her.

Warau Honto. He was the first person to approach her to become friends. He was not affected by her popularity as Sakura, Sasuke's most beloved sister. Yeah, the people might not know how Sasuke treat her at home but he did show it at school. He was overly overprotected of her that he had made the girl who had tried to make friends with her in front of him vanish like a bubble. She had never heard of her since.

Of course, it might not be Sasuke, Sakura had tried to reasoned out with her logic. There could be lot of other reasons. So she shrugged it off, and then there came Naruto. And he and Sasuke became best of friends. Sakura was a little jealous that Sasuke had had a wonderful best friend such as Naruto. After that, Sakura had searched for a best friend candidate as well.

To her surprise, all that she had talked to in a span of five minutes cowered like a dying flower and run like she was kind of a disease. This made her extremely sad and grudgingly turned to Sasuke. And he only said to her, "I'm the only one you fooled. It won't happen again."

After that, she had learned that Sasuke was the reason from her being a loner in their class. Sasuke was making her life a living hell. Whether they were at the same class or not, it seems like he had some kind of super powers and knew all what she was doing. It was scary.

Sometimes, Sasuke could be really scary even without trying.

Why did you see all the negative things in me? All I ever---

That would be the fourth time he had heard that annoying ringtone.

Sasuke's eyes narrowed in suspision at Sakura's behavior. She was not that type of girl.

She was not that addicted to phones that she would bring it with her at their breakfast. Besides, the only reason why she had that phone was for him to reach her. And for her to reach him and his parents.

Is she selling him now to his parents?

After those years, why start now? All he did was order her to cook for him... unless it was not his parents she was communicating.

Heart filled with unknown feeling that was always present when Sakura was talking to someone beside him and Naruto, he snactched the phone from Sakura's hands.

Sakura looked shocked.

His suspicions was confirmed when the name of the sender read Warau-kun Honto. He knew that man. Warau was from a small family and the only reason he got in their school was because of his brains. He should have known better.

It's Warau-kun now?

Sasuke glared at Sakura's seemingly heart-stroked face. She was so busted that she could not talk huh?

God, how Sasuke hate her. How could she flirt with someone he did not know?

Millions of thoughts flowed through Sasuke's brain.

....What if she ...

What if Warau..

His head was full of What ifs that he had trouble breathing...

This was the first time Sakura had hidden something from him...

Sometimes, Sasuke could be really scary even without trying.

These where one of those times. Sasuke was really scaring her. She should have not done bringing her phone with her downstairs.

Stupid, STUPID Sakura.

Sasuke was looking at her with such intensity and with such a blank face that she wished he was the shouting type instead. She could not just figure him out. He was the most difficult puzzle to solve and maybe she would give up already.. Maybe she did gave up already?


"Sasuke, I could explain. I-"

"Shut up. Shut up. Shut up." Sakura's eyes widen at Sasuke's cold voice. It had been a while since she heard that. Unconsciously, her eyes started to tear up.

She was afraid of Sasuke.

Afraid of what he could do... not to her but to her friend.

"I'm sorry, Sasuke-kun. I won't do it agai-"

"I told you to shut up, didn't I?" Sasuke glared at her coldly. Sakura watched as Sasuke scanned her phone. She knew what Sasuke was doing. He was reading her personal messages.

She was so scared... and guilty at the same time. She felt like she had just broke Sasuke's trust to her. But why would that be? She was just looking for another friend other than Sasuke and Naruto...


Not knowing what to do, Sakura waited for Sasuke to say what he wanted to say and grab her phone and lock her door and cry silently. Like what she usually do whenever she and Sasuke argue.

It seems like Sasuke read all of her messages. And he looked like some poker faced killer. He kept glaring at Sakura and Sakura could only stare back at him.

But he would not hurt her, right?

With trembling lips, she repeated what she had said before. "I'm sorry, Sasuke-kun. I won't do it again."

"Try me, Sakura. Try me again."

That day at exactly eleven in the morning, one Uchiha Sakura could be found at her room. She was leaning her back against her door and she was curled against it.

She was crying.

Beside her, on the floor, was a flip-up phone brutally broken in two.

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