Author: Slytherin Prince


After 20 minutes or so of waiting, Sasuke finally arrived at Naruto's room. He barged in into the room unannounced, though Naruto himself was not surprised by this. An angry Sasuke was still a rude Sasuke.

Sasuke's face was blank but there was something shining in his eyes that were normally not present.

It was anger.. mixed with worry. So he did care.


Sasuke glanced at the sleeping Sakura and then glared coldly at Naruto. Sasuke knew that Naruto would not do something bad to Sakura. Naruto had his eyes set for that Hyuuga girl and besides, Sasuke trusted him.

Even after his inner reassurance, Sasuke still could not help but glare to Naruto.

He had been searching for Sakura for hours at that stupid mall and then returned to their house, unnaturally hoping that the pink haired girl would be there. To his utter disappointment, she was not there either. That thought made him angry.. and desperate at the same time. Where the hell could she be?

She had no other friends she could run to, unless she did go to that Warau's house.

Suddenly irritated and angry, he called the suspect. The Warau person said that he did not know where she was and he believed him. No one really lie to him when they learned his name. It was like a must when it comes to the Uchiha Family: They always demand the truth or else suffer the consequences.

With no other one to think about, he had seek the only person Sasuke knew that could help him.

He was surprised when Naruto answered with a calm voice, not his usual loud and cheery one. And then he had found her, right next to his supposedly best friend.

"You, out." He said as he grabbed Naruto by his shirt and dragged him outside the room.

In the narrow hallway, Sasuke threw Naruto to the wall across his door. Naruto hit the wall hard and bounced back a little through the impact. Sasuke fisted his hands and punched Naruto on his left cheek.

Naruto seemed to recover quickly and, with a battle cry, kicked Sasuke on his stomach. That kick threw Sasuke to the door with a loud bang.

Naruto cursed, thinking that that blow would have woken up the sleeping girl inside. He then pushed out Sasuke out of the way and slowly opened his door. He peered inside and saw the Sakura was still sleeping.

With a relieved sigh, Naruto smiled and thumbed up to the waiting Sasuke, assuring to him that Sakura was still sleeping. The moment was broken when Sasuke once again charged towards Naruto.

In a split second, Naruto wanted to fight back but then he felt a feeling that was truly overwhelming that even The Uchiha Sasuke was deemed unimportant.

He realized that he was very, very hungry. Maybe because of worry for the pink-haired girl and anxiousness for Sasuke, he had forgotten to eat. His last meal was that mini soup his favorite maid had given him.

Naruto sidestepped and Sasuke stopped before he hit the door again.

"Teme, there's nothing a hot ramen could not fix." Then, Naruto ran towards the kitchen with a suddenly became wearied Sasuke trailing after him.


Naruto opened the kitchen lights with expertise and searched the cabinets for instant ramen. His father did not like Naruto's addiction to ramen that he would always order the maids to hide it in different cabinets every week. Now, if there was something Naruto loved, it was challenge. And if was a challenge with a very, very good price then he would always be patient to look for it.

Sasuke sat on one of the high chairs and started brooding.

Naruto took no notice of his presence and continued to search for ramen. He gave a triumphant cry when he found his ramen and took two ramen cups.

After five minutes of waiting(for the noodles to cook) and silence, Naruto gave Sasuke his share of hot-steaming cup of ramen and started to devour his own.

"Teme, stop being a mother-dog over Sakura-chan." Naruto explained while chewing the noodles.

Sasuke seemed to figure that that sentence was not even worth a reply and continued to eat slowly. Naruto shrugged, already used by his cold treatment. Comfortable silence continued. It was unsurprisingly broken by Naruto.

"You know what, Teme? When Sakura-chan turned eighteen she would leave you and want nothing to do with you." Naruto watched as Sasuke's posture seemed to stiffen and he smirked boyishly at the reaction. Ha! Gotcha!

"And your stupid point is?" Not even looking up from his cup, Sasuke finally replied with a frown.

"Ah! He finally decided to talk!" Naruto mocked.

The brooding Uchiha only glared at him.

Uzumaki Naruto sneered slightly at Sasuke. "Well, bastard, you are kinda treating Sakura like a thing. She has feelings too you know." Naruto stood and went to the trash can to dispose his now empty cup. Naruto went to the refrigerator for a cold water, silently offering Sasuke too with a look. Sasuke agreed silently with a slight nod.

"And besides, you're turning more and more of a father figure to her." Naruto placed the cold water glass beside Sasuke's cup of ramen and jumped again to his previous high chair.

Naruto continued his story when Sasuke did not reply. "You're always like a shadow, always watching her. You don't allow her to have any friends. You could be the worst father figure ever and she would leave you because of that."

"You talk like you know everything." Sasuke stopped eating and decided that if Naruto wanted to know his side, then he would get it. Naruto's words were getting annoying as seconds passed.

Of course, that conclusion becoming a reality had a big, big possibility.

"I may not know anything about the two of you," Naruto answered him, not bothered by the change of attitude of Sasuke. "But I know what I see. If you continued to be like this, she'll break free. And if she did, she would not even think of running back to you."

Naruto sighed and jumped out of the chair.

"Would you like that, teme?"

Uzumaki Naruto then went towards the door and was planning to run his way back to his guestroom(since Sakura already occupied his room) when he remembered something.

"Oh, another thing. Sakura-chan said she missed her Sasuke-kun. I can't believe Sakura-chan would even miss someone like you, you unmissable stinking underarm." Naruto snickered at his own joke... until a fork was thrown in his direction and Naruto was not able to avoid it.

"That did not hurt, you sore loser!" Naruto stuck out his tongue at Sasuke's direction and run his way towards his room-for-this-night.

He was already sleepy anyway.


After four years

"That was an awfully sweet story, Sakura." Yamanaka Ino said with sarcasm laced with her voice. They were having a small overnight party at Yamanaka Ino's Condominium.

Haruno Sakura loved Ino's room so much. It just reflected the girlish side of Ino and Sakura loved it. The other people inside the room were Hyuuga Hinata and Tenten. Tenten was actually out of the room to get some drinks and snacks at the store by the first floor.

They, as imperfect as they seemed, were Sakura's girlfriends.

After the incident four years ago, Sasuke had gradually let Sakura have freedom when it came to befriending girls. Sasuke still had some problems with dealing with her being friends with the other gender, but Sakura didn't really minded it. Having the girls, Naruto and Sasuke was enough.

Though he was still there, watching her always, he let her have her own set friends.

Sakura had learned that Ino Naruto's cousin, the very girl Sasuke had scared when they were just scared because of talking to her. Ino still had that hatred for Sasuke and the very reason Ino always disagreed to have a overnight party at Uchiha Mansion.

It always meant trouble because every time Ino sees Sasuke, she would scream like a manwoman and attack Sasuke. Of course, Sasuke would always shove Ino away. He was always rude, no matter what gender.

That awfully sweet story Ino was talking about was actually the incident four years ago. It was Sakura's favorite and she really found it sweet. Of course, Ino and the other girls had heard that story for like a thousand times now, but Sakura wanted to talk about that always.

It was like a bragging thing for her.

It was a way of saying that Uchiha Sasuke cared for her! That simple thought always did miracles on her mood no matter how stressed she was.

Ino shot her an 'I-dont-believe-you-really' kind of look and pointed out that- "Then tell me, Forehead, why is your phone ringing once again? At this time of the night?"

Ok, so maybe Sasuke was not that strict compared in the past. Something of his strictness remained, just a little tiny bit.

Sakura bit her lip in worry as she confirmed that yes her phone was ringing and the caller Id said it was no other than Sasuke.

Sasuke was out for the night, he was with Naruto along with his other cronies. These were the only chances Sakura was able to sneak out of the house and have overnight party. She had not been busted, not even once.

The reason why she sneak out? Well, Sasuke had this responsibility to keep her safe because mother and father were not around. He could go out for the night because he was a boy and it did not look good if she went outside at night because she was a girl. Or so he said.

Anyway, with no one to tell Sasuke that she was at Ino's, and then there was nothing to worry about, right?

Having her decision to lie resolved, she grabbed her mobile from Ino's bed(The three of them were sprawled on the carpeted floor of Ino) and answered her mobile.

"Yes, Sasuke-kun?" Sakura forced her voice to sound normal and somewhat bored. She signalled for Hinata and Ino to be quiet. Hinata smiled shyly and Ino just rolled her eyes before turning to her movie collection to choose their movie for the night.

"Where are you?" She could hear Naruto's loud voice arguing with someone who had a equally loud voice. That's Kiba, she unconsciously thought.

"At my room. Why did you call?" Sakura asked him. She sounded patient but in reality she was kinda stressed. She did not want Sasuke to lose his trust at her. Oh, she should have asked for permission first! Even if he declined, at lease he had an idea where she was.

Stupid Sakura.

"It's near midnight. Go to sleep. Goodnight." Sasuke's voice said.

Sakura beamed and said her goodnight too. "Good night, Sasuke-kun! Enjoy your night there and say hi to Naru-"

A loud knock on the door made Sakura stop.

"Sakura! Hinata! Ino! Open the door! I can't open it!" There was a loud voice outside the door and Sakura knew that with Sasuke's super hearing, that word spoken by Tenten was perfectly understood.

Sakura strained her ears to hear Sasuke's reaction. With heart suddenly thumping hard against her chest, she waited.

"Did you just lie to me?"

"...I'm at Ino's."

"Wait for me there."

"What-- No! Sasuke-kun!!"

The other line was already dead.

Frowning, Sakura closed her eyes and bit her lips while muttering a small curse. Sasuke's four year trust was now gone. Sakura could feel her tears coming up to her eyelids and she fanned herself to help herself lessen the stress.

She did not even notice that Tenten was now inside the room with Ino explaining the situation. Hinata was even next to her, asking Sakura if she was alright.

But Sakura could not hear or notice them; all she could feel was dread and thoughts of losing Sasuke's trust. She did not even notice the tears running down her cheeks... but she did feel someone's hand hit her face hard.

Awake again, Sakura glared at Ino and ready to lash out. "What the hell was that for?!" Sakura nursed her burning cheek in circular motion.

Ino placed her hands on her hips and rolled her eyes. "You look like you're going crazy." Ino was in her lecture mode once again and Sakura felt like a 5 year old listening to her mother's scowling. "Did you remember what you did? You only went here, with us; with our little once in a blue moon party. Why did you feel like you've done a sin? This is what normal people do. Of course, let's not put Sasuke the foot in the normal category. Sakura, you're really so kind, aren't you?"

After that, she sighed and continued to choose her movie for the night.

"W-would you l-like some t-tea?" Hinata offered her a tea courtesy of Tenten. Sakura accepted with a thank you.

Tenten sat by Sakura's side and asked for forgiveness. Sakura smiled at her a little. Now, Sakura was a smart girl, she knew someday Sasuke was bound to know about her sins so she really did not blame Tenten for all the happenings. Well, yeah a little, but that was it.

"You're forgiven."

Tenten sighed a sigh of relief.

Sakura sipped her cold tea slowly and looked at Ino's posture. She seemed a little tick.

There was no time left, she needed to go down to meet Sasuke. Sasuke was at Naruto's house, which was like seven blocks from Ino's place. And Sasuke had his car with him, which meant lesser time for her.

With a sad smile, Sakura started her excuse. "Guys, I'm sorry but I can't stay for the night. Sasuke's coming."

"WHAT?!" Hinata didn't shout, but she gave her shy and kinder version. Ino slammed her book of movie collections by her side and looked like she was about to give her a lecture again but Tenten beat her into it.

"But next week is hell week Sak. We're going to be so busy that we won't even sleep normally next week. This is our only opportunity, provided with Sasuke's nightly schedule." Tenten's voice sounded like she was begging but the three of them knew Sakura's decision for the night.

Sakura's would always be, forever be, Uchiha Sasuke.

But it would not hurt to try right?

"There would always be a next time, guys. I'm sorry. I am. I really do. You understand me, right?" Sakura looked at her friends. Wishing that once again, they would understand her like they usually did.

When Ino sighed tiredly, Sakura knew she was already forgiven. Sakura smiled gratefully at Ino, Hinata and Tenten.

"Why do you let Sasuke treat you like this, Sakura? Aren't you complaining, not even once? Sasuke's turning from a protective brother to a obsessed boyfriend in my eyes." Ino muttered the last part, which fortunately was not heard by Sakura. Tenten heard it and she nudged Ino to keep quiet.

Yes, Tenten and Ino were talking about Sasuke and Sakura behind their back. In Tenten and Ino's eyes Hinata was too kind to be corrupted by their minds so they kept Hinata out of their Sasuke-Sakura talk.

But it was normal for friends, and they were figuring out what kind of relationship Uchiha siblings had. It was very obvious that they were not from the same blood, so intimate relationship was almost possible. It might be immoral for some, but it was a accepted fact in the society.

But Sakura seemed to see Sasuke as a best-friend/brother, but they could not really tell the truth. Sakura was so open that they did not know if she was hiding something or not. Then here comes Sasuke, the handsome boy who had everything under his nose. Intelligence, money and looks. But not even once did he place his attention on girls for more than ten seconds. Now, Uchiha Sasuke was very, very famous and many popular/rich girls were pining him at school.

Those girls won't succeed against Sasuke of course. Why? Because Sasuke won't let them.

The only girl that seemed worthy of his attention was his step-sister, Sakura.

Sakura decided not to answer Ino's question and stood up. She grabbed her small bag that contains her supposedly things for the night, her phone and waited for the other to stand up.

They would accompany her downstairs; they always do no matter what.

"You're all the best and I love you so much."


"My Shika is so, so much better than Sasuke." Ino said suddenly as they stepped out of the elevator. Sakura only smiled, used at Ino's sudden spike of hatred towards Sasuke. Like she had predicted, Ino and her other girlfriends had accompanied her to the lobby.

"Ohh, I see the demon." Ino said again loudly.

Sakura searched the lobby for Sasuke and she succeeded. Sasuke just entered the lobby. He was wearing the same thing Sakura had seen before he left home. Suddenly, Sakura became really, really nervous.

She made Sasuke angry again. She just knew the slight frown on his face.

Sakura sighed and decided that she would not let Sasuke reach Ino, unless she wanted a brawl to start again. The last time did not end well.

"Hey guys, thanks for everything. Love you." With a forced smile, she waved goodbye to her friends and dashed to Sasuke.


Sakura cringed at Ino's loud voice as she reached Sasuke. Sasuke glared somewhere behind her back and she guessed he was sending Ino his regards.

Of course, Ino won't let this moment pass by. It was a golden opportunity because Sasuke was not the type who would angrily shout back.

Sakura looked back at Ino just to see the closing of elevator; Ino's glaring face was the last thing she saw before the door was finally closed.

She turned to Sasuke just to find him walking out of the lobby once again. With a sigh, she decided to follow him.

His car was parked outside the lobby.

For the nth time, Sakura sighed again.

It's going to be a long drive home.


Sakura looked at the familiar streets they passed towards home. She glanced at Sasuke with a wary glance and focused again outside the window.

Sasuke looked calm save from the small frown on his face. He looked normal, from other people's point of view. But from her view, she could see her life for the next week or weeks being ignored by her brother.

Sasuke had not even uttered a word to her.

He was that angry?

Sakura was thinking of a reason or strategy on how to talk to Sasuke. This was really hard, considering his way of thinking with his curt way of responding to words.

When Sakura saw the front gate of their estate, Sakura panicked. Oh no, she won't let Sasuke get out of the car angry.

She bit her lower lip as she think her way fast, Sasuke was already parking his car on his favorite spot, just outside the grand hall.


Sasuke removed his seat belt(with Sakura doing the same) and was about to go out of the car when Sakura suddenly hugged him. She was hugging him from the back.

He tensed, not really used in showing affection outside the house. He and Sakura had grown pretty close since the last few years. The two were always alone and lonely inside the house with nothing to do than to talk to each other and watch movies.

Who said that being rich was so good?

The two of them were from the clan of Uchiha. Best and Good friends could be easily portrayed by those people who wanted to be part of the circle of friends of Uchiha and they could be used by this.

Sakura was a very kind and loving person, Sasuke was not.

But as unloving as Sasuke could be, he just did not want Sakura to get hurt. So he decided long ago to keep Sakura all to himself.

All the family grief and jealousy all gone, Sasuke started to show his care for his little sister and best friend. When Sakura wanted to watch movie, they would watch movie.

If Sakura wanted to eat, then they would eat outside.

Sasuke was a great cook, even though he was lazy. When Sakura wanted a meal and ask Sasuke to do it, he would.

Many people would not believe that Uchiha Sasuke was being ordered by a small pink haired girl since many were afraid of him. But not Sakura...

Sakura was different.

And Sasuke was different too.

...And Sasuke hated liars above all.

This was the first time Sakura had ever lied to him. Since when was she lying? He had trusted her. Now, Sasuke did not know if he could ever go outside the night again.

This girl... did she want to be watched by him day and night? How could she?

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry for lying... I won't do it again.. Please forgive me, Sasuke-kun..."

Sasuke could detect a slight edge in her voice, which signalled that she would cry soon. He frowned; he did not like that idea.

"Don't touch me." He said in his normal voice and grabbed Sakura's hands and started to push it away from his body.

Sakura hardened her hold against Sasuke and sobbed against his back. "Don't do this, please. You're hurting me... Your silence hurt the most. Can't you forgive me? I won't do it again. I'm sorry. How many times do I have to say sorry for you to forgive me? You're so important to me Sasuke-kun, please don't do this."

"As you are." Sasuke gazed at the dark tinted sky outside his window. He was so tired. He had hurried to go to the Yamanaka's that he forgot to tell the dobe what was happening.

He was angry at Sakura. She was so stupid sometimes.

"Sasuke-kun, what the hell is as you are? You're so complicated!" Sakura still gripped him hard as her sob and cries.

As you are important to me.

"It does not matter. Come on let's sleep." Sasuke removed her hands from him slowly(she did put up a fight) and turned to her. Her bloodshot eyes, red nose and tears ruined cheeks made him felt guilty for doing this to her.

"Have you forgiven me?"

Sasuke gave her a small smirk and a small nod.

"Oh thank you so much!" She gave him a wonderful smile that was only reserved for him and he decided that he said the right thing.



Stop pestering me and go to your room.

Let's watch movie?

I'm going to sleep.

You'll let me watch this award winning movie all alone, Sasuke-kun?

I'm sleeping. Turn off the lights.

But Sasuke-kun, the movie...

Let's watch it tomorrow.



Go to your room, Sakura. Turn off my lights.

I already turned it off. Err-- Sasuke-kun?


Can I sleep by yourside tonight?



Sasuke did not say anything but he turned to the left making more space for Sakura.

Sakura gave a cheeky smile and closed Sasuke's door.

Sasuke-kun. Good night.

Go to sleep already.


Sasuke-kun, good night... bake me cake tomorrow?


Let's watch this movie alright? You promised.. so that means your plans by tomorrow will be canceled right?


Yes, Sasuke-kun?

Good night.

It was a very tiring night. Sakura fell asleep with a small smile on her face.... Sasuke's not very far from Sakura.


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