two – undecieved

Awake, aware, armed, aimed, he watches the oblivious from behind his thin paper screen of ignorance. Barker has finally let him out of his cage alone, a transparent imitation of trust.

"Just remember rule number one -- don't do anything stupid, and don't get caught."

He sits low in the car, peeking, miming the apathy, and they go about their business, dealing in lies like him. Finally, jackpot, the orchestrated punchline to six hours' work. The tape clicks, whirs, and stops. He'll give it to Barker in the morning. Out come the keys, carrying him down streets and up stairwells to his chaotic haven.

Bed seems like a good idea except for the adrenaline in his veins and the black-clad men standing over him, undeceived. Their black bag over his head wrests from him a yell and a struggle cut short by a blow to his head and his pride.