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[Theme tune comes on]

Welcome back on The Blair Waldorf show, before the break we had Eric and Johnathan, next up with have parents that are arguing over a baby, she says he needs to start looking after the kid and he says she needs to stop being incontrol of him. Bring on Jenny and Nate Archibald. In walks Jenny on the right side and Nate on the left.

[Crowd Clap]

''Hi guys, take a seat'' Blair smiles. ''So what brings you both here today, as your both complaining about the other''

''Nates never got time for our daughter Kiana, he's always too busy working, and then when he does come home he goes straight to bed or the gym, and its not fair on Kiana or me because shes going to grow up with her father never around'' Jenny says.

''I work, so we can pay for the stuff we have and for the food, you don't even work, you never leave Kiana alone, you pick her up out of her cot when she's alseep just to hold her, going over the top sometimes'' Nate moans.

''Right, well lets start with Nate, don't you think its unfair on Jenny, you being at work all the time, I mean I understand where your coming from needing the money and that but taking maybe 1 hour off your work hours so you can see your daughter might help, maybe thats why Jenny's always around Kianna because you never are so she needs twice the loving''

''Maybe but my jobs not the best going'' He says.

''So find a better one, is work more important to you then your family, I mean did you get brought up in a family where your parents were never around because they was always at work?'' Blair asked.

''Actually yeah I did'' Nate said looking at the floor.

''And how did it feel not having them around, never getting to spend time with them, doing family things''

''It felt like work was more important to them, I was brought up by nannys and that, I treated them more like my parents then my actually own, it pretty sucked'' He nodded.

''And if you carry on the way your going, Your child might say the same thing about you, and you wouldn't want that would you''

''No I wouldn't''

''And moving onto you Jenny, have you ever thought about maybe not being with your daughter so much, I mean I know you love your daughter which is good, but sometimes don't you ever think you need a break too maybe having a weekend job or something''

''I would get a job but who would look after Kianna. Nates always at work, and I wouldn't wanna higher a nanny, I don't want her growing up with them, she might replace them as her own mom or something'' Jenny says.

''Well why dosen't Nate have the weekends off so he can look after Kianna, and you work weekends'' Blair cheerfully said.

''That sounds like a good idea, but I dont know what the work would think of it, having time off'' Nate says.

''Fuck them then, they either agree that you have time off or you just quit''

''Shes right Nate, you could get a better job then that'' Jenny agreed.

''Ill try Jen, you know how hard it is to get work'' He says.

''As long as you spend time with Kianna I dont care'' Jenny says.

''Well you can kiss and makeup now because I'm totally get bored'' Blair smiled taking her shiny lipgloss out her bag.

''I'm sorry Nate'' Jenny said.

''Im sorry'' To with that they both began kissing.

[Audience Aww]

''Okay so letting them get on with there honky honky business, next on the show we have a manhore and his girlfriend who's sick of him flirting with other girls, um wonder what will happen there, stay tuned after the break'' With that Blair blew the camera a kiss.

[Audience Cheer and Clap]

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