Teletubby tales

Tinky Winky tucked into a piece of Tubby toast; he was the first one up. Dipsy came in reading a newspaper and sat down at the table.

"Pass me some Tubby toast Tinky," Dipsy said.

Tinky passed some Tubby toast and Dipsy took a bite out of a slice.

Tinky studied Dipsy "Hey Dipsy,"

"Yeah?" Dipsy said still reading his newspaper.

"So… I was looking at your horn type thing-"


"On your head, and I was wondering how you keep it so straight?" Tinky asked.

Dipsy looked up from his newspaper at Tinky "You want to know why my horn is so… straight?"

Tinky nodded.

Dipsy sighed and looked back at his newspaper "Viagra,"

"Viagra?" Tinky repeated.

Dipsy nodded.

Tinky nodded slowly and had another slice of toast.

A few moments went by.

"Later do you want to…you know?" Tinky smiled.


The End Godammit!