Edward and Bella go out into the ocean to explore..........and end up in Bikini Bottom.....see what happens.

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"Bella come on, we're going to miss our flight!" My husband Edward yelled from down stairs. Oh yeah, we, as in Edward and me, are going on our second honey moon. We're going to the same exact place we went the first time, Esme Isle.

"Okay, I'm coming!" I yelled back even though I didn't have to. I made my way down stairs, where all the suit cases were packed, courtesy of Alice, and next to Edward my Hubbie.(A/N: hehehe Hubbie sorry bad speller) I walked over to him and gave him a quick peck, then turned to see our daughter Nessie with Jacob and went up said good bye and gave them both a quick hug, and a kiss for Nessie. I was about to grab a suit case when Edward beat me to it, always a gentleman, I rolled my eyes. He quickly put the luggage in the Volvo at vampire speed and came back to me. He then picked me up bridal-style, I started to protest but he just silenced me with a very long and passionate kiss. At vampire speed he ran to the car.

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At Esme Isle;

We made it there finally, I'm starting to unpack things from the suit cases when Edward pops out of no where and asks;

"Want to explore the ocean with me for a little while?" I look at him and give him a warm smile and a nod of my head signaling a yes. He smiles a crooked smile, and gives me a quick peck on my cheek.

"Okay, go get your bathing suit on, and I'll get mine on," he said while walking out the door to get his suit on. I had mine on in five seconds, while Edward had his on in like two, cheater. He stood by the bedroom door waiting patiently for me while I walked at a human pace. As soon as I got there I got an awesome idea....

"Want to race? See who can go the farthest?" I challenged. He smirked and nodded.

"Wait until we get out on the beach and in the water and then we race," he proposed instead.

"Okay! Come on!" I said as I bolted out the door, laughing, "You know if you don't catch up you're going to lose slow poke!" I laughed.

"Oh no you don't!" Edward laughed as he chased after me. As Edward and I entered the water we picked up speed thrashing against the waves, as they tried to come to shore but failed. We kept going deeper and deeper and deeper, until I couldn't see land anymore.(A/N: Lets pretend Vampires can speak under water ok? Good.)

"Edward, where are-," I stopped mid-sentence because of the big sign that said 'WELCOME TO BIKINI BOTTOM' right in front of my face,"Where the crow are we Edward?!" I all but shrieked at him.

"Umm...uhh. I don't know Bella, lets uh.....ask around," he stuttered. Wow, he never stuttered.

"Edward who are we going to ask?! There's no one but FISH, and they CAN NOT talk!" I yelled.

"I beg to differ," said a high boyish voice. I almost screamed when I turned around to a TALKING SPONGE WITH PANTS, SHOES AND A TIE!


'I'm ready, I'm ready,I'm ready......' Where the hell is that annoying voice coming from? Here I am just having a race with my wife when that annoying voice comes to my......Oh my god, its somebody's mind! Where is he? Is he drowning, wait would that mean he was ready for death, then is it a suicide?! I was snapped out of my thoughts by Bella screaming;

"Where the crow are we Edward?!" Oh crap....uh

"Umm...uhh. I don't know Bella, lets uh.....ask around," I stuttered.

'W-o-w, those must be the mutant fish I heard about from Patrick.' the annoying voice sounded amused and closer.

"Edward who are we going to ask?! There's no one but FISH, and they CAN NOT talk!" she screamed at me. Crap I don't know!

'Wow that mutant fish is crabbier than Mr. Crabs, he he he he he, WAIT! You can ask me, and we do so speak! Be polite, and calm' The annoying voice said or thought.

"I beg to differ," Came the annoying voice, and I turned around to dee a talking sponge, not something I see every day. "My name is Sponge Bob Square Pants!"

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