Title: Fragments of the Forgotten

Rating: T for language, flashbacks of gore, and hormone-fueled touchy-feely moments

Summary: Due to his incomparable Bookman memory to remember exact details, Lavi's reincarnated self remembers nearly every adventure he's embarked on as an Exorcist. But what's this? All of his comrades are In this new world as well, yet have no memory of their past? Well, that's certainly a problem. .:. LaviAllen. Some KandaLinalee and light KroryMiranda. Future-set AU.

FYI: Events of the "past" might be changed since the manga isn't finished, and I skipped a couple chapters of it near the end of what onemanga has posted currently (up to ch.184).
Also, this chapter might seem long-winded, but that's because I want to explain a lot of things. About halfway through, please don't get bored and please just keep reading, okay? Events will start to move around the time of Linalee's and Lavi's coffee chat (you'll see what I mean), so be patient. All the following chapters form here on out will be nothing but events, I promise, but this chapter needs some explaining since it's the opening one.

Okay? :D

A/N: Yes, like so many others, I decided to do a reincarnation fic. Why? Because I love them, and had a pretty good idea. Now, if this idea is somehow already taken, please inform me. And even if it is, I swear that I didn't know, and am sorry, and will definitely do this a lot differently than whoever did it before. And if I am semi-original with my idea, then I'm glad!

This pairing is my new obsession, I swear. For the longest time my obsession was NaruGaa (NarutoXGaara), and for a shorter period it was SatoDai (SatoshiXDaisuke), but now I can't seem to get Laven (LaviXAllen) out of my head. I just think they go so well together~! :D

Oh, and everyone's AU ages are as follows…
Kanda is nineteen (college sophomore), Linalee is seventeen (high school junior), Allen is sixteen (high school sophomore), Lavi is eighteen (college freshman), Krory is twenty-seven, Miranda is twenty-five, Komui is twenty-nine, Levier is about forty, Inspector Link is about thirty-or-so, Hevlaska is thirty-three.

.Tip of the Iceberg.

It's impossible to understand the implications set upon oneself when one remembers an entirely different lifetime prior to the one they are living now.

Unfortunately for a redheaded college lad by the name of Lavi, this is the case: he recalls an era years and years in the past, perhaps anywhere between one hundred to one hundred fifty years ago, about a place in England with a tall black tower, buzzing golems, irritable generals and loyal comrades. He remembers almost everything, like how he had been raised and what the names and faces of his friends were, what they were like, and most importantly, what trials they went through together against Akuma – demons – and the Millennium Earl – the devil, so to speak.

Somewhere mixed into the old world atmosphere, Lavi holds a small memory in the dark, as tiny and bright as a flickering candle flame, of someone he loved from that time period. He also remembers that as a Bookman successor, he wasn't supposed to care for anyone or anything, and was supposed to be hollow inside, his emotions snuffed out and his thoughts clear. He wasn't supposed to be attached to worldly things, and yet Lavi distinctly remembers throwing that rule away and coming what would be a sin in the Bookman's rulebook: he got romantically involved with someone.

And that someone, the new Lavi recalls, is a boy by the name of Allen Walker.


"Watch where you're going, you stupid rabbit!" Yuu Kanda snaps in my general direction.

"Hey, it's not my fault that you can't see passed all that girly hair!" I snap back. I scramble up from the ground and pick my backpack up. Some things just never change, even through lifetimes: Kanda hates everyone, but gets especially annoyed with me. The same names are called, as well as the same glares are given. If Allen were here, Yuu would be especially annoyed with him, too…

I sigh, trying to force the thoughts of my once-lover away. There possibility of me seeing him again in this life is slim to none, although I have seen the occasional familiar face here and there, accompanied by a familiar name and voice. Still, I never spy Allen's white hair in the crowd. For all I know, he could not have been reincarnated, or his hair could be a different color. Or he could live on the other side of the world.

Shrugging my backpack on, I storm off in the opposite direction of Yuu, even though we technically have the same class to go to. This route will make me late, but since when does Professor Lee care? He's sometimes late himself, or asleep at his desk. I hope he's asleep today. The method we use to wake him up is hilarious: it's done by telling him that his younger sister, Linalee, is dating or marrying some unknown guy. Or Bak. It's more fun to say that it's Bak, actually; the guy is head over heels for her, almost to the point of being a stalker, and yet gets turned down by her every time because she says that a four-year difference is too old for her. It's amusing as hell, because when we tell Professor Lee that she's going to date/marry the older blonde, he completely wigs out.

When I walk into the classroom, the teacher is already scribbling at the whiteboard, the Expo marker in his hand squeaking every now and then. Damn, there goes my hope of him being asleep.

I find a seat as far from Kanda as possible, my sore shoulder and aching tailbone reminding me of how he shoved me moments ago.

"Glad to see that you're not ditching, Mr. Deak," the professor states with his back turned to us. I chuckle weakly and get out my science book open to the page number he has scrolled in the corner of the board.

I'm not really into the science that Komui Lee teaches; I'm more into psychology and other mental stuff. I want to become an internist, which is like this special kind of physician that practices the study of internal medicine. To me, becoming a doctor of some sort seems to be the best way to utilize my talents, especially my impeccable memory.

While Komui drones on, I suppose I can afford my thoughts to wander a while…

See, my memory is better than photographic. It's full of not only more detailed glimpses than the average person's, but it also has sounds and fragments of whatever I was feeling at the time incorporated into them. I can remember everything from this life now, but there are some memories and déjà vu moments I get from a time before this.

One day, I literally awoke from an intense dream and knew that it wasn't merely a dream. I knew that it was a figment of something most people would have forgotten: a memory of my previous life. Now, I don't really believe much in reincarnation, but it's the sole explanation for the flashbacks I get on a whim. Take for instance when I first met Linalee Lee, one of my closest friends: her silky black hair was in long pigtails, and she had on a black skirt with high boots and a long-sleeved blouse.

The second I saw her, it was like something clicked in my brain. I called out what I thought to be her name in a timid voice. She had turned around, blinking, and smiled at me. 'Hello. How did you know my name?' she had asked. We had a class together, despite the fact that she is a year younger than me. I was a sophomore in high school at the time, she a freshman. We were forced to sit next to one another in math class, and since then, we've been friends. Once, she wondered aloud, 'Why is it that I feel so comfortable around you, Lavi? Even when we met, you looked familiar to me. Did we know each other when we were younger?'

In reality, we've known one another since we were roughly the same age, yet from one hundred-or-so years ago. But I couldn't tell her that; so I shrugged and changed the subject. She never brought it up again, but I've hinted now and then about things we went through together. I want to see if I can get any of my friends to remember being the demon-spirit slaying Exorcists they used to be. I want to see if I'm the only one who has any recollection of that chaotic life.

Even if I am the only one, I won't mind. It's nice to see everyone blissfully carefree and alive, as opposed to the final scrap of that life that I recall…

The city was dark and soaked in blood. Human remains lay scattered in every which direction, level two, three, and four Akumas floating about. The Millennium Earl was in the very heart of the devastation, the same sadistic smirk and falsely adoring tone in his creepy voice.

Grunts from impact, cries of pain, and screams of sorrow echoed throughout the city as the sky ran black with soot from the fires being caused by one of the level threes. The remaining Noahs flocked around us, trying to dispel our attacks and protect their master, the Earl. But with a little effort, we defeated them. We were much stronger by this time, and knew what we were doing.

Aiming to get revenge and indirectly act to fulfill a prophecy made about him, Allen rushed forward and attacked the Earl, his ultimate weapon out before him. He was so confident, so brave…

Behind him, the rest of us fought the Akuma to allow Allen a shorter range, as well as to protect him. I had promised that I would always protect him, so help me God. I told him over and over before this last battle that I loved him, and would love him for all eternity, the Bookman laws be dammed. I told him that he won't have to worry about us, and that he should only worry about the Earl. We would help him in any way we could, but for the most part, this was his fight. And we knew it.

In the commotion, it was difficult to discern what was happening around me. Yet I could still make out voices and the occasional figure, and I could see Allen leaping up higher and higher, from rooftop to rooftop, toward the Earl.

Nearby, Linalee screamed. I called to her, but she wouldn't answer. I heard panda-man take one last shuddering breath as he was knocked to the ground by my feet. I had always thought that he was so strong, almost invincible, despite his old age…

Even Komui was there. I know because he came in with Cross and other people of the Order, and when he did, he immediately went in search of his sister.

But it was too late…

I don't know the exact count of how many people I knew – some of which had been important to me – died that day. In my concluding memory (which I'm ashamed to say isn't as clear as the others), I remember no more than a few basic facts before my own death occurred: one, that Allen destroyed the Earl. Two, that every last Akuma was annihilated when the Earl's death swept over the barren cityscape. And three, that there was Allen's distressed face hanging over me as I relapsed into a comatose state prior to my death.

So there it is. Proof, so to speak, of why I'm content in this new life: no one is dying around me, and there is no enemies like the Earl or Akuma to face and possibly lose our lives to. Nothing is perfect – and if it comes close, it never lasts – but at least I'm saved the trouble of having to deal with such bedlam again.

Drifting back into the present, I stare at the open book page in front of me. It's nearly noon. I have classes mostly in the morning, and have a nice long break for lunch and the occasional nap before my last class in the afternoon. I'm supposed to meet with Linalee after my last class of the day; by then she should be out of school as well, and we'll be free to grab some coffees and walk through the park like we usually do. We're not dating (her brother would have my head for it, obviously), but we're very close friends. She and Yuu are a bit closer (despite his cold demeanor), having been friends since they were four years old. But I'm not jealous; it was like that when we were exorcists, too. Allen was closer to me, and that was all that had mattered.

Man, does he ever leave my mind? I'm trying to actual concentrate in class for once, and yet he invades my thoughts!

Even since I first started getting memories about him (which was when I was thirteen, I believe), he's been like a plague, spreading across my entire mind. I miss him so much. He had been younger than me by about three years, but he didn't act like it; he was mature for his age, and I was pretty immature for mine, so we were quite the match. I think I loved him before he loved me; but I'm not sure. At times there is a lacuna in a flashback or reminiscing moment. Usually it's as minor as a thought of mine or a color detail, but it can be as big as a missing chunk of dialogue or the precise sculpture of someone's face/body. It's those gaps that frustrate me most.

"Lavi," the teacher murmurs to me, directly over my shoulder.

I'm startled out of my thoughts with a jump. I turn towards him with a shallow, embarrassed smile on my lips. "Uh, yes, teach?"

"That's Professor Lee to you," he corrects with a wink over his rectangular glasses. He pushes them up on his nose with his pointer finger and asks, "Is it true that you're meeting with Lina again after school?"

"Er, yeah. She said she wanted me to help her plan her upcoming seventeenth birthday party over coffee." For once, I'm glad for his overprotective nature; there was a second there when I thought he was going to point out how I'm not paying attention whatsoever.

Komui pouts. "I thought she was going to let me help…"

I crack a smile. "Sorry, but it's not my fault; I guess she just doesn't want party advice from her overbearing older brother," I retort.

He jabs a finger in my face. "Shut up and get back to work, or I'll fail you."

Gulping, I nod. "Yes, sir."

He then walks away and starts bothering another student. I let out a sigh of relief. Sometimes that guy can be pretty intimidating; now I know how Allen felt in our first life when Komui would threaten to "fix" his arm.

The rest if the time in class passes smoothly. If only my English class could be as smooth! Our poor professor for that class, Miss Lotto, is terribly low in self esteem. When we were in the Order together – and yes, she's another comrade of mine who seems to trail me into this life form the last – she had been the same way. Miranda always felt 'useless' or a bother. But because of this, she was a gentle person who tried to help whenever she could. She's still like that, only in a teacher-way. I love having her as my English professor, but the class is rough because half of the students walk all over her as if we were in high school all over again. I help her out as much as I can, but it's heard to do when my peers keep using her.

The weird part about Miss Lotto, however, is that she seems to vaguely recall one or two things from our past life. She's the sole person I've met besides Miss Hevlaska – the mathematics professor, whom is similar to her past self due to her knack for percentages – that remembers anything. It's shreds, barely solid pieces, but they remember. Miss Lotto knew my name before she even looked at the attendance records or asked it of anyone. And Miss Hevlaska gave me a percentage out of nowhere, and murmured the word 'synchronization' along with it. She didn't understand why, neither of my teachers understood why they knew these things, but I did. I was relatively close to Miranda, at least enough that she could remember me. And Hevlaska was recalling what my synchronization rate was with my anti-Akuma weapon (it was a large extendable hammer with element-related seals).

Funny, I never thought such minor details like a number or a name could carry on into other lifetimes. The name detail is a bit larger than the number in it's importance, but it's still merely one word. One word, yet Miranda remembered it, even if I look differently than the version of me she knew back then.

In this lifetime, my hair is the same unruly fire red that spikes in multiple places, a slightly curly cowlick on my right side, but one major difference that would throw most people off is my right eye: it's there. Originally, I had an eye patch, starkly black against the soft colors of my face. It covered my right eye and hid whatever mistake was there from view. As to what deformation it was, I can't remember. I know that it had been there ever since I was a child in that life, although I can't recall for what reason, simply that I've wore it up until I died at around age nineteen or twenty. I hate that, because I would like to have all of my memories, like the bookman I used to be.

In the present, however, I'm just Lavi Deak. I'm not a junior Bookman with forty-nine different names, one alias per mission. Deak and Lavi were the last two that that I had taken on. But Lavi was the name that Allen knew me as, and is the name that I bear now. It's who I am, and who I was, through and through.

My grandfather in this life is Bookman Sr., the head historian and history professor here at the college. My father (now deceased) was Bookman Jr., but I didn't want that name; it reminded me too strongly of the heartless position I was in during my previous life. So as soon as I was legally old enough to change my name, I went from being Lavi Bookman to Lavi Deak. It was the best I could come up with, and later, I realized it had been because I used to carry the name Deak for a while, too.

My grandfather's class is the final one I have to take every day. In class, I'm known as I am outside of school: 'incompetent brat'. But in the school setting, he has to be 'Professor Bookman'. Stupid, right? He has double standards, saying that he can be familiar with me in school but I can't be familiar with him. It pisses me off sometimes. So, on occasion, I will doodle a smaller version of him with big panda eyes (like I knew him to have in the past), and tape it to his back when he's not looking. It's akin to the childish 'kick me' sign from my middle school days, which is terribly immature, I know. But it's entertaining, so how can I resist?

The bell starts ringing in my ears. Komui dismisses our class with a wide grin. Hmm, I hadn't realized that I'd blown an entire class period reminiscing. Heh, looks like it's time to go meet Linalee! I wonder what she has planned for this year. Her parties are always extravagant, because Komui wants the best for his sister.

As I enter the coffee shop, I spot the little Chinese girl in the corner with a mug of what I can only guess is chai tea in her hands. She turns at the sound of the bells on the door and smiles at me. I wave to her and signal that I'll be with her in a second, after I get myself some coffee.

I choose the Orange Dream latte blend and pay for extra whip cream. I love sweet things, and orange is one of my favorite flavors, as well as colors. I'm even wearing my orange scarf, so similar to the old I used to wear in my previous life, despite the weather being nice today.

"Hullo, my dear," I coo as I come to sit in the booth across from my friend. I slurp some of the whip cream off the top of my drink. "So, what's on the agenda?"

"I was thinking an Old England theme for this year," she says. "I normally don't go for themed birthday parties, but I figured that seventeen was a special age. Plus, I want to invite a lot more people this time around! I met a few that are new to my school. I think you'll like them, Lavi. They have a quirky sense of humor like you do," she giggles. She stirs her tea once before taking another languid sip. "Anyway, would you mind helping me get some invitations typed up? I want everyone to show up in costume; you know, corsets and skirts for the girls, suits and top hats for the guys. Stuff like that."

I almost want to laugh. If she only remembered the time period that I do, she would see the irony. I substitute the laughter for a friendly grin. "Sure, I'll help you. You know, I have quite a bit of knowledge about Old English customs… I could help you set up a miniature London in your back yard, if you like."

"Really? Thanks, Lavi!" she says with a gleeful clap of her hands. "The party is going to be next weekend, so if you could come over tonight to help me write to the invites help me send them out tomorrow, that'd be fantastic. You'll have to give one to Yuu, too," she added with a slight flush. I don't know if it was because of their previous friendship or what, but I think she has a little crush on him.

I wink at her, which luckily she can tell is a wink since I don't have that blasted eye patch like I did in my last life. "Oh, trust me, he'll get one," I say. "After all, everyone wants to see their crush at a party…"

She reaches over the table to smack me. "Shut up, Lavi! I don't like him, I already told you!"

I chuckle and hide my comment of 'Whatever you want to tell yourself,' under a gulp of my orange-flavored coffee.

Linalee pouts and goes quiet as she drinks more of her tea. After a few minutes, she tells me, "You will come over tonight, right?"

"Of 'course," I reply.

Komui's used to having me over, seeing as how I've proved multiple times how uninterested I am in Linalee. When it comes to her brother, you have to be completely solid in your feelings toward her, and if those feelings are anywhere near romantic, you can forget about being her friend because he will kill you if you try to date her. His younger sister complex is an incredibly severe case. But I respect it, so every time I come over I keep my distance from her. I like Linalee, but I'm still in love with Allen, so Komui has nothing to worry about.

She smiles. "Thanks again, Lavi. You're a good friend."

I make a small bow. "That I am, and you better not forget it."

The Chinese girl laughs. "I won't. Oh! Speaking of friends, there's a new guy at my school – one of the people I said I wanted to invite – who's a year younger than me, and utterly sweet. I want you to meet him. I think I'll introduce you to him at my party."

I shrug. "Sure, whatever." I don't care if she has a new friend, but I'll be happy to meet this guy, whoever he is. Meeting new people is fine with me; I'm a very friendly person. As my high school Spanish teacher would phrase it, yo soy muy sociable. I am social, even if sometimes I feel obscured form the picture around me. There are moment when I don't feel like I belong here. I feel like I should be back in the nineteenth century, fighting off Akuma and searching for a way to destroy the Earl.

"…Although he is a bit of a rebel; he has a tattoo," Linalee is saying. I didn't even realize that she had been talking.

"Hmm?" I hum. "Sorry, I went into a daze for a minute there."

She rolls her eyes. "You do that too often. Please, could you listen for a minute? I want you to know a little bit about him before I introduce you. Now, first of all, he's being looked after by his uncle, meaning his parents are deceased; like yours, which is why I think you two might understand each other. But I'm going to warn you: he looks like a rebel. He has this weird tattoo on his face, and he dresses in quite a lot of black and white. But he's a sweetheart underneath; he's super polite and very thoughtful of others."

"Sounds like my kind of guy," I muse aloud as I raise my coffee to my lips. I like polite, thoughtful people; they remind me of 'the good old days'. I know, I've thought about my first like a lot today, but for some reason, everything around me if reminding me of it.

She grins. "I thought so. But, uh, I kinda like him too, so don't hog him to yourself," she teases.

I raise an eyebrow. "Are you being serious?"

She sighs. "No. You can always tell when I'm even remotely lying or joking, can't you? I can never pull the wool over clever Lavi Deak's eyes," Linalee laments.

I smirk broadly. "You got that right." I finish off my coffee. "Hey, I gotta run now. Gramps' class is next. I'll see you after dinner, alright? Around six-thirty or so, okay?"

"Okay," she replies as she, too, finishes off her drink. She stands and briefly hugs me. "Bye, Lavi."

"G'bye," I murmur as I halfheartedly return the embrace.

And then I'm out the door and headed for my dorm room to collect my history textbook, notebook, and binder.

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