Chapter 1-------It's Starting

The one thing Ace would never want to do is get involved in a fire fight, but that was where he and the rest of the Loonatics were now.

Well slam was behind a rock, Tech was doing some techno jiggery-pokkery in the building they were "defending", Rev was helping him, Duck was- well, what was Duck doing- behind a over turned 4 wheeler.

And Ace was stuck behind a makeshift barricade with Lexi.

The 5 Troll Bot 9000s coming towards them were the source of Ace's current discomfort.

They were being hammered by the unusual villain who could give machines minds, he called himself the Genie.

"Hide while you can Loonatics" his voice declared through the Bot's voice systems, "the genie is out of the bottle now nothing can get it back."

Rubble flew over Ace as they fired again. Something hit him softly, and he realized Lexi had been knocked unconscious.

Ace lowered her to the ground, starting to feel furious at The Genie, more than he had been before.

She had a slight cut on her arm, but warm blood was gushing out of a gouge in her back. Even though his days as a stunt double had taught him some first aid, he had no idea how to cope with a wound this large.

He needed Tech. NOW.

"……Chief, I'm almost ready, I need you to tell me when all the bots are within 50 meters of us……We only have one shot"

"Got it," he replied, not really paying attention, "Wait…Wait…Now."

Blue electricity sparked from an antenna on the building reaching into the Bots and short circuiting all of them.

Had Ace been watching he would have been impressed, but he was concentrating on the mess of a rabbit in his arms, trying to stop the bleeding.

"Tech, Lexi's badly injured, I need you here."

Rev was already out there with a medic kit, kindly supplied by the Army.

Rev wasn't exactly what you would call a medical genius, but he was incredibly fast and within seconds Lexi was bandaged up.


Ace didn't need this, "Base now"

Rev Raced off with Lexi and ace felt suddenly like part oh him had gone to, wait what was he thinking, He was Lexi's commander – he couldn't start any thing with her like that. All the same, Ace couldn't shake the thought out of his head.

"Heads up" Ducks voice cut into his thoughts, a troll Bot had evidently survived, and was coming strait for him.

"Well, this is awkward."