Chapter 8 – Siren's Lair
On time (For once)

"You didn't all have to come," said Ace, "me and Tech could have handled it ourselves."

"Are you kidding, we're not letting you just walk in there, even if it is one of Tech's old haunts," protested Lexi. Ace made a mental note, girls become hostile towards you if you come on to them suddenly.

"Since when did I haunt?" asked Tech, a bit put back by the comment, "We're here."

They'd stopped in an alley way, by the back entrance to one of Achmetropollis' less suave clubs. That was an understatement; Ace had been in there once before on a one night stand during his stunt days, inside you couldn't move for drug dealers, hookers and nut jobs.

"You sure?" he asked, unconvinced that a paramilitary power would be camping out in a night club.

Tech reassured him, "It's just as I remember it."

"But it's…"

"I know."

"So what, we bust in there and?" asked duck.

Tech smiled, "you mingle with the crowd while I talk with the guard and get us in, and once they know we're here they'll find us."

"Mingle and party, hold on ladies!"

"Okay," said Ace, "let's go, Slam." A grunt of acknowledgement was all he got, "don't eat anything."

The giant hairball groaned and prodded his stomach.

They entered to find your slandered rave scene; it was 10 o'clock so it was boom time. Strobe lighting made everyone seam to be having multiple spasms, and the music's bass was up so high the entire building shook.

As agreed they all split up, moving through the crowd trying to keep a low profile; which was easy, since no one was likely to suspect them of anything. Most people in there had drunk their IQs down to single digits, and those who hadn't were way too occupied to be bothering about a bunch of new arrivals. Well almost all of them.

Ace had been moving around, being careful not to drink anything or let anyone get at him with a needle; the last thing he wanted was a dose of KaTE in his blood stream (Kam-Tetra-Ethylene: a very powerful, popular hallucinogen). He was moving around when he noticed Lexi by the bar.

He wasn't sure what possessed him to do it, but he decided to try and talk to her. Definitely not a good place to discuss such a thing but he thought it was worth a shot. He was about 5 feet away when he noticed she was talking to someone, he had to move closer to here what they were saying over the noise of the party.

"… sure I've seen you somewhere before?"


"So you come here often."


The man laughed, "What's with the one word answers?"

"Do you have a problem with one word answers?"

"Hehe, you look a bit hot, you want to come with me, I've got some stuff that will relax you allot."

"No thanks."

"Oh come on," the man put a hand on her shoulder. Ace didn't like the way this was going, he was preparing to blast the man with his eyes when he remembered what Tech had said about keeping a low profile. He moved quickly and clamped his hand over the man's own, forcing it off his team-mates shoulder.

The man evidently didn't like someone interrupting him, "What's your business with her pal?"

"That's for me to know, and I'm not your pal?" he said the last word imitating the man, possibly not the best idea he's ever had.

The man grabbed the rabbit by the collar and through him over the bar wall; the atmosphere in the room was such that no0one heard the fight begin except for those within about 2 meters, and they were all preoccupied. Only the staff of the night club paid any attention.

Ace tried to get up to defend himself but the man was two fast and was on him in an instant, pinning his arms down. He pulled back ready to punch ace with such a force that it would almost definitely knock him out. Ace closed his eyes and braced himself.

Nothing happened.

He opened his eyes to see his assailant trying focusing on the sharp blade of a flick knife held just below his jaw, the tip touching the soft point at the base of his skull. Ace couldn't recognise the figure at first, the lights made it hard to identify anyone, and his savoir was dressed all in black. Then he looked at the centre of the mans face, where 2 dark orbs pulsated in the flashes.

The assailant laughed, "He with you Siren?"

"Yes," the voice was flat, and drained of any emotional cues.

"Should have said something rabbit," said the man, getting off him as he did so. Siren removed the blade, moving it to point at Ace.

"Come with me," Siren smiled showing his pointed teeth. "Your about to disappear of the face of the earth."

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