The Espada Study Guide

Hi! This is my second story in a day. Please like this, I'm just making it up as I go!!!!!

Las Noches is a desolate castle

There's many spirits that give

the traitors a hassle.

This is getting fun

Let's start with number 1

His name is Stark.

His fraccion's Lilinette

And he's afraid of the dark.

Barragan is next, the oldest of all

He's an old guy like Yama

And not very tall.

Halibel's third the lady with huge boobs

Her fighting skills

Make all the guys look like noobs.

Ulquiorra Schiffer is next

The stoic emo boy

Grimmjow teases him

And says he's Aizen's toy.

Nnoitra is fifth so let's move on

Tesla is his only friend and his

Number's on his tongue.

Sixth is Grimmjow

The so called Thundercat

He loves to tease others

Ulquiorra at that.

That's the most I could fit

I'm sorry to say

But I will be back

Later next day!!