I do not own Kim Possible, or any other Disney character. I'm just borrowing them for my own view of alternative tales.

Kim Possible: Trophies

By LJ58

An AU telling of the events at the end of Season Four. Prepare for aliens, mind control, and general weirdness.


Kim and Drakken watched as Earth grew smaller and smaller through the single portal they had found.

They had managed to break free of their holding cell thanks to Drakken's weird flower mutation, but now they were being carried away into the depths of space by the Lorwardian ship as the other alien ships ravaged the planet below.

"Oh…..snap," Drakken said in an almost listless voice as they watched the planet recede from their view with alarming swiftness. "Now what?"

"I don't know, but I'm not giving up yet," she told the cerulean-tinged scientist.

"Oh, c'mon," he moaned. "When you're facing me, I can almost understand your annoyingly cheerful optimism. Almost," he clarified. "But an entire alien fleet of unstoppable might? You're just kidding yourself now," Drakken sputtered darkly as they felt the ship shudder slightly.

"I like to think that anything is possible….."

"For a Possible. I get it," the man groaned. "I got it the first five thousand times."

"You are so….."


They both tensed, and turned to face the nine foot, green-skinned alien sentry in almost immodest armor. All the aliens seemed to go for the 'less-is-more' style of dress, Kim noted.

"You should not be out of your cell. Come with me. I shall return you to your….."

The male was definitely male. He folded in half as Kim punched him directly in the groin. The massive, muscular alien growled, in pain, even as Kim grabbed Drakken, and dragged him after her, her cap and tassel left behind as her graduation gown ripped away when the Lorwardian still tried to grab at her despite his obvious pain.

"I must say," Drakken told her as he ran after her. "That was low, even for you."

"Would you rather try duking it out with a creature two….three times your size, who can body-slam Shego without trying hard?"

"I see your point," he agreed as the injured alien roared in fury, and his heavy footsteps now sounded from behind them.

"Quick, in here," she said, and pulled him into a small chamber she spotted, not bothering to close the door.

"Shouldn't you….?"

Kim clamped her mouth around his jaw, even she pulled him into a corner behind a heap of some kind of discarded equipment.

The alien ducked his head inside, studying the room, and then ran off.

"Clever," Drakken grinned as they rose from behind their cover. "But now what? They know we're loose. They'll be looking for us."

"True. But considering that they think we are beneath them, I don't think they'll look too hard just yet. They'll figure we're harmless, and trapped on their ship. Now, let's go."

"Go? Go where?"

"Duh. To find a way off this ship," the redhead said, dragging him out of the dark storage room.

Neither of them noticed when the door suddenly closed behind them, and a sucking sound emanated from inside just after they left.


"Garbage chute, huh," Shego muttered. "How do you even know that thing even has…. Oh," she muttered as the huge spacecraft began spewing rubble, and other discarded waste.

"What'd I say," the blonde teen grinned. "And it is the first boo-yah in space. Ah, booo-yaaahhhhh!" he exclaimed, pumping a fist in a manner that reminded her of a certain loopy guy in a blue lab coat.

"Just hang on," she told a grinning Ron as Shego aimed the rocket at the open vent. "Not to me," she roared even as something struck the cockpit, shearing the hull, and sucking Ron out into space.


"Damn," she spat. "I told him to buckle in. You okay, Stoppable," she radioed.

"Yeah. I….I think I've got this jetpack thingy figured out," he said as he began fumbling with his suit's controls. "Just keep going. I'll join you in a sec."

"Right," the woman drawled, and wondered how in the world Kim ever got anything done with that doofus along.

Ron kept his eye on the garbage vent, and finally got headlong momentum even as the bigger ship started to move.

Away from him.

"No," he wailed. "No, no, no, no! Kimmmmmm," he wailed all the more as the massive craft vanished in what seemed only seconds, leaving behind the invasion fleet that was still hammering the planet below as a sympathetic Rufus clung to his arm in his own small spacesuit.

Ron could do nothing but stare helplessly as he floated in space as Kim flew away, and he was left suspended over Earth with no way to help anyone.

"Ron? Ron? Ronald, what happened," Dr. Possible's voice broke into his moment of misery.

"Good news, and bad news, Dr. P. Shego got on the ship with Kim, but it…..took off. And I'm kind of stuck up here floating in space surrounded by a bunch of very unfriendly looking tin cans," he told him anxiously.

"Don't worry, Ronald. I have another ship ready. I'll be up to get you in a sec."

"You have another rocket?"

"I like to keep a spare handy," James Possible's voice drawled. "Never know when you might need one."

"Are you a rocket scientist, or a boy scout," he commented wryly.

"Well, I don't like to brag, but in my day….."

"Oh, man. Just had to ask," he murmured to Rufus as the man went off on one of his stories.

"What was that, Ronald?"

"Nothing, Dr. P. Just looking forward to seeing something besides stars. And aliens," he added as he hoped they kept ignoring him.

"Right. Well, we're on our way."


Twenty minutes later, Dr. Possible met him in a sleek, small ship that easily ducked the firepower coming from the large alien ships.

"Annie," the scientist called out as he hauled Ron into the ship. "I've got him. Get us out of here."

"Yes, Dr. Possible," came a female voice.


"Oh, yes. A-N-I. Artificial Neural-based Intelligence. She's a prototype organic computer I programmed to be the best pilot in the world for our space probes. She certainly has an ego, though," James considered as the voice shot back, "I heard that."

"Programmed," Ron frowned as they moved from the entry hatch to the cockpit that had only two seats.

Both were empty.

"Annie, say hello to Ronald."

"Hello, Ronald."

"Uh, hello," he remarked uneasily as he looked around, asking, "Is this another of those robot thingies?"

"I, Ronald, am not a robot-thingy."

"Oh, heavens no. Annie is the most advanced sentient AI on the planet," James grinned as they buckled in. "I modeled her after the human brain. Okay, Annie, take us home," he said, James' smile fading as he looked out at the stars beyond the hulking spacecraft that dwarfed the much smaller ship.

Ron understood. And yet he didn't.

"We're not going after Kim?"

"Ronald, we don't have the fuel, air, or the coordinates. They could be anywhere, and it's a very large universe."

"But we can't just….."

Ron was on the verge of panic now, unable to think of being without Kim.

"Ronald, listen. First we have to figure out a way to beat these guys. Then we make them tell us where they've taken our Kimmie-cub. We'll get her back," the man said grimly. "No doubt about it. Besides, you can't underestimate my little girl," he smiled faintly again. "If there is something she can do out there, she'll be doing it."

"Heh, yeah, that is true," he smiled weakly at his best friend's father.

"Okay, Annie," James told the AI. "Take us down."

"Going down, Dr. Possible," the AI said even as they continued to swoop and maneuver around the laser fire now aimed their way as the invaders now deigned to notice them.

"Too bad we're not armed," Ron commented.

"We are armed," Annie told him.

"Then why aren't we shooting back," he exclaimed in disbelief.

"No one ordered me to shoot back."

"Well, I'm telling you. Shoot back."

"I'm not authorized to accept commands from you, Ronald."

Ron glared at the machine, and then looked at James.

"Shoot….back," he said grimly to the rocket scientist, and James blinked, thinking Ron's eyes looked as if they were almost glowing.

"Annie. Shoot back. Let's level this playing field if we can," James nodded as he and Ron strapped into the seats in the smaller, faster rocket dodging the bigger ships' destructive blasts. Then James added, "Can't believe I didn't think of that one myself."

Ron rolled his eyes as the small ships very powerful lasers cut into every target in their way.

"Boo-yah," he shouted as he saw one spacecraft actually start listing as they flew past it, smoke and debris coming from its side.

"Let's take out some more," James agreed. "The less we leave intact, the less can join the others on the planet."

"Understood, Dr. Possible. Switching from defensive to offensive modes."

"Uh, what's the difference," Ron asked.

Just before multiple nuclear missiles, and even more powerful lasers targeted every ship in range.

"Whoa," Ron exclaimed, staring at the devastation left in their wake as the small, faster ship tore through the armada of fifty alien vessels like they were paper boats in a stream. "And this was your spare?"

"Well, yes," James admitted. "We hadn't gotten around to arming the other ship, though," he realized. "And it didn't occur to me….."

"More shooting, and less talking," Ron shouted as a close call shook the small rocket violently.

"More shooting, Annie," James quickly agreed.

"Understood, Dr. Possible."


"Shego," Drakken and Kim both shouted when they found her.

Shego, still clad in her spacesuit minus her helmet, didn't react. It was hard to do anything when you were encased in what appeared to be a solid block of ice. A low, growling laugh sounded from the far side of the room as two massive shapes came into view.

"So, you actually managed to reach the bridge," the nearly ten foot alien male drawled as he stood beside an all-too familiar face.

"Warmonga? Why are you doing this," Drakken whined as he shrank back, his eyes locked on Shego.

"Why," the woman hissed. "Why? You dishonored me. Warmonga, hero of….."

"Don't start," Drakken moaned. "We get it. You're a big shot. You've proved your point. Now, how about dropping us at the nearest….ah, bus stop," he suggested.

"You are going nowhere, blue pretender," the male drawled. "As previously stated, you now belong to Warmonga and I. As to the women that aided you in dishonoring our great legacy, they shall become trophies that shall spend their days serving my beloved Warmonga. If I allow you to live," he added smugly.

"Not in this galaxy," Kim shot back.

"Defiant to the last, small one? Perhaps I shall simply make a living statue of you, too. Like your more attractive companion," Warmonga grinned cruelly.

"Shego's….still alive," Drakken asked incredulously.

"Of course," Warhok snorted. "Just because we are an advanced race of intergalactic warriors that conquer lesser species we encounter does not make us savages," he drawled.

"No," Kim grimaced. "Not you," she drawled as she stood in front of Shego, her lipstick laser slowly cutting into the ice surrounding the green-skinned woman as she kept Drakken between them to cover what she was doing.

"Exactly," Warmonga growled, not understanding sarcasm. "We shall allow you to live, and serve, as is your privilege. The same privilege we will grant to all those of your puny world that survive our assault."

"You're still attacking Earth, too," Drakken whined. "Why? You already have us."

"Do you think we brought an entire platoon of robot warriors just to take you two….well, three insignificant pests," Warmonga laughed.

"But I wanted to rule the world," Drakken shouted furiously.

"Get over yourself," a sardonic voice drawled as the crack and fall of shattering crystalline ice sounded, and they all turned to see Shego now almost free, and aiding in melting her own way out of the cracking ice as her plasma began to glow.

"As for you two Green-giant wannabes….."

"Foolish human," Warhok smirked. "Even your petty powers cannot harm a mighty Lorwardian warrior."

"Maybe not," Shego agreed, assessing his size, "But I'm guessing your mighty Lorwardian tin can isn't so tough," she spat in genuine fury, and launched two green fireballs at the nearest wide portal just behind the warriors even as Kim grabbed Drakken, and tugged him toward the door. Three seconds later, red lights, and shrieking sirens filled the corridors as the panel to the bridge slammed shut just behind Shego who ran out of the bridge just before a heavy hatch dropped to seal it off.

"Two less losers," she sneered. "Now, let's get off this thing before….."

"Ah, Shego, you do know we've left Earth," Drakken told her.

"So what. I do have a rocket in the garbage bay. We get on, and get off," the cocky woman grinned.

"Shego, she means we've left our entire solar system behind since we were picked up. We don't even know where we are anymore."

"Doy," she grimaced, and looked back at the sealed bridge. "And I really made a mess back there."

"Any ideas," Drakken asked the two women, utterly clueless himself just then.

"Abandon ship," the order echoed over the ship as an alarm began to blare.

"They use English?" Shego exclaimed in confusion.

"Eh, probably some kind of universal translator system that lets us hear….."

"Time to go," Kim told them as the ship shook violently.

"Do you notice how this all seems strangely familiar?"

"Doc, you can play deja vu later. Let's move it!"

Ten minutes later they found the garbage bay, but no ship.

"Oh, snap," Drakken grumbled, staring at the empty hold. "Does this mean…?"

"The aliens have to be getting off this tub somehow. Let's go hitch a ride," Shego told them.

"Oh, yes. I'm sure they'll just let us…."

"Come on, Drew," Shego fumed, dragging him after her as Kim rolled her eyes at the pair.

They raced down the hall, dodging laser fire from sentry drones still on watch, and managed to see a small shuttle flying away from the side of the ship not far ahead of them through a portal as the rumbling vibrations in the hull continued to grow.

"This way," Kim shouted, seeing several aliens running down a corridor too busy to care about the three humans behind them. They watched the aliens as they jumped into an open chute, and then the passage closed, and the dull whomp of a launching life-pod reached their ears.

"Here's an open one," Shego said, and all but threw Drakken inside.

Kim started forward, and Shego glared heatedly at her. Then swore, and nodded. "Get in, Princess. Even you don't deserve to get stuck on this tub."

They slid down a short duct, landing in a small, but roomy bubble that immediately launched even before they took one of the five oversized seats to strap themselves in as they rolled, and went flying away from the ship they could see on a small monitor was starting to visibly shudder just before it exploded soundlessly behind them, sending them flying away on a shock wave along with dozens of other escape pods.

"Okay, we're alive. Now what," Shego asked Kim.

"Why are you looking at me?"

"You're the hero, Princess. Isn't this kind of your job?"

Drakken dark brows rose slightly. "I could devise a means of….."

"No," both women shouted as he started to reach for the controls.

"Meh. You two have no appreciation for my genius. I happen to be….."

The pod suddenly jerked, and they realized something was pulling them now.

"Something's got us," Kim exclaimed as Shego looked at the now empty monitor, and tried changing the view by working some of the controls.

"No, you think," the woman huffed as she got the camera angle changed, and spotted a massive spacecraft that was even larger than the one that they had just escaped.

"Oh…..Snap," Drakken rasped.

"This just keeps getting better, and better," Shego sighed.

Kim swallowed hard, and asked, "Do you think they're more Lorwardians?"

"Is it really going to matter at this point," Shego asked her.

Kim smiled weakly.

There was the clang of metal on metal. A low humming followed by the hiss of air. Then the pod opened, and all three humans gaped at the smirking faces of Warhok and Warmonga, and a dozen more green giants. All armed.

"What's wrong, humans. Didn't you know Lorwardians can live up to ten minutes in a vacuum. It was child's play to reach a hatch, and then climb into our own escape pod."

"Indeed," Warmonga agreed with Warhok sourly. "But I'm very upset you damaged my private yacht."

"Yacht? That was a yacht," Drakken exclaimed in disbelief.

Warmonga glared at him.

"Take the females to the kennels," she told four guards who stood behind her. "I shall deal with the blue imposter myself," she stated coldly.

"You got any ideas," Shego asked Kim as they were led off by four of the huge aliens as Drakken shouted for help that wasn't coming.

"I'll let you know the moment I get one," Kim admitted as Shego chose to go quietly. Even she couldn't manage four of these monsters with weapons since she was still wearing nothing but a dress, and a torn graduation gown, having lost her laser along the way. She might be stubborn, but she wasn't stupid.

"I was afraid you were going to say that," Shego grumbled.

They were led into a large chamber that looked more like an alien version of a palace harem with all the pillows and cushions lining a padded floor, and one of the men pointed. "You will change, and refresh yourselves in the bathing chamber," he pointed to a closed panel. "You will then await your mistress in the kennel."

"Uh, where is the kennel," Kim asked as Shego studied the luxurious room.

"Are you blind, human," the man spat in contempt. "You're standing in it," he said before they left, locking the door behind them.

"They call this a kennel? I can't wait to see what they call a jail. Doy, and I can't believe I just said that," Shego admitted when Kim stared at her as if she were just a little crazed.

"Well, if we're going to be stuck here for the moment," Kim said, eyeing the door the man had indicated. "I'm going to see what I can do about freshening up," she said, picking at her shredded graduation gown, and ragged dress.

"You're kidding," Shego demanded.

"I'm dirty, my clothes are rags, and whatever occurs next, I don't want to smell when it happens."

"You've got a point," she agreed, tearing off the space suit as she followed her into the bathing chamber, as it was called.

Ten minutes later, they both came out of the 'bathing chamber' completely naked.

"I cannot believe that," Shego hissed as she tried very hard not to blush as badly as Kim was doing.

The door had barely closed when the small chamber began to hum, and some kind of sonic device erupted all around them. Not deafening, it still eradicated every scrap of cloth on their bodies. Apparently simultaneously cleaning them. Their hair now hung straight, and smooth, as if washed and conditioned, but their clothes were simply gone.

With no other sign of clothing in the smaller room, they walked out to find there were no clothes in the 'kennel' to be found for them either. Shego considered a pillowcase, but the cushions, while some were huge, were not the kind with casings. They were stuck naked in a room the aliens called a kennel.

What else could happen?

Which of course, was when the door hissed, and they both looked over to see five other huge bodies crowding the open passage. Warmonga walked in without warning, and threw something at Shego as she smirked at the naked woman.

Before Shego could react, the object struck her throat, and wrapped around her neck to form a seamless metal band that Shego tried in vain to pull off. Even her glowing hands couldn't melt it, which left the band firmly stuck in place.

"Heel," the nine foot alien snapped, and Kim gasped as she saw Shego go to all fours, shapely backside in the air as she bowed to the woman even as Warmonga's hand moved again. Kim just managed to duck the silver band thrown at her. She watched it slap against the wall, wrapping around a small, attached lighting fixture, but the green woman smiled coldly as her cautious glance.

"You have a choice, little monkey Take your place beside this treacherous creature as my trophy of this campaign, or I'll have my men throw you out the airlock, and I shall content myself with this one."

Kim swallowed hard. There were now four more aliens in the door eyeing her with very male smirks. She looked down at Shego, seeing the desperation and fear in her eyes, and realized that while the collar must control her body, it apparently did not control her mind.

"All right. You win," she said, and dropped her guard as she stepped forward.

"Warmonga always wins," she smiled coldly as she pulled the band off the light fixture to place it against her throat.

"Now, you will live out your days as my most loyal pets. Heel," she commanded.

Kim yelped as she felt her body drop so fast her head all but bounced off the floor as she bowed to the woman beside Shego. Things, she was thinking fearfully at that point, just could not get much worse.

She hoped.

To Be Continued…..