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Kim Possible: Trophies

By LJ58

Part 4: In which Shego and Kim spring Drakken. But who is really in charge now?

"Damn," Shego spat. "And I liked that house."


"Someone came knocking," she told her even though she didn't have to tell her slave/pet a thing. But over the past weeks, she had grown used to speaking to her as a person again, and even started to like her. A lot. Especially when her red head was buried between her thighs. "That light," she pointed to the blinking indicator on the side of the console nearest Kim who now stared at it rather than the undersea landscapes visible beyond the mini-subs' thick ports. "Means someone tripped the defensive perimeters around my house."

"And," Kim asked curiously.

"And….it blew up."

"You domicile exploded," Anne gasped as Kim just frowned.

"Yeah," Shego sighed. "I'm going to miss that place. But if they found it, we couldn't too well go back anyway."

"We will miss it, too, Mistress," Kim told her. Ten weeks of blissful paradise was a memory she would enjoy keeping. She had even dreamed of going back even as they got into the sub that afternoon to leave it.

"Just proves I was right to get out of there," Shego told her.

"You know that if they found you," Kim began. "It implies they have satellite surveillance looking for us," Shego nodded, proving she was not without some intelligence of her own.

"Are you thinking again, Princess," Shego asked knowingly, taking the sub having been Kim's idea, since even her own jet would have been too easily tracked once they were airborne if the authorities were already looking for her in the area.

"Yes. I'll need to get to the lab, but with just a little effort, we can use the STS in NORAD's own computers to alter their orbits to ensure they never have a satellite near us when we're visiting…..a certain region."

"Even Blue-boy never thought of that one," the emerald-hued woman grinned. "You're a natural at this, Pumpkin. To think you wasted all those years chasing bad guys."

"But I like helping people," she whined.

"Well, now you're helping me," Shego pointed out.

"Yes, and that makes us happy."


"Yes, Mistress," they both answered for the first time in a while.

Shego grit her teeth. "What'd I say about the freaky voice thingy?"

"Sorry, Mistress."

"Sorry, Mistress."

Shego sighed.

"I guess I can't complain. I'm out of jail, and I have the world's smartest, and most efficient sex-slave doing things for me."

"I certainly wouldn't complain," Kim smiled at her from her seat.

Shego rolled her eyes.

Still, a part of her wondered if the cocky cheerleader she had known was really still alive in there somewhere. Because she had gone from hangdog misery to chirpy, helpful, and even protective as Princess now went out of her way to care for her. In a way, she honestly thought it was almost creepy. Still, Shego liked being pampered, and catered to by those around her. She liked that a lot.


"Is this what you wanted," Shego asked when she came back two days after they had first returned to the arctic lair to correct Drakken's corrections of her corrections of his mess.

Shego dropped from the hovercraft that Kim had put stealth tech on just to better serve her Mistress, and keep anyone from spotting her. That was after Kim spent last week programming Norad's STS to ignore them, or wherever they happened to be. Something even she should have guessed she should have thought of sooner, as then her island would have been truly safe.

She really missed that house. And the island. Apparently, so did Kim and Anne.

Kim eyed the equipment Shego unloaded to set before her. With close to three full months having passed by then, they had dragged out rescuing Drakken as long as they could. Anne said she would have liked another few weeks, because so far they had not yet noticed if Shego had fully bonded, or not. They were avoiding any circumstances or situations where they might inadvertently trigger her c'c'ry'ac until they were certain she was truly bonded. They did not even dare risk trying to contact her 'other side,' who had also been programmed not to make itself known until fully, and completely bonded, and given its first commands.

Another reason they were delaying as long as they could.

"Yes," Kim/Anne nodded as they picked up one of the new digital components, and carried it to the table where she was working without looking back other than to say, "Thank you, Mistress."

"No sweat," Shego grinned, coming over to see how she was doing. Unlike Drew, she worked steadily, didn't rant or wail, or whine, and actually seemed to know what she was doing. It made her reevaluate the word 'genius' in relation to her employer.

"In fact, with the new stealth hovercraft, and your anti-satellite shield, it was a cakewalk. I was there and gone before anyone even knew I was in the laboratory for a change."

"Mistress, if you are so capable, why do you tolerate that buffoon?"

"Why did you tolerate yours," Shego shot back, watching her screw a panel closed over a shoebox sized device that looked like an oversized taser more than a remote trigger for the big, inevitably phallic sonic disrupter that Drakken had designed for a change, rather than just steal.

"Ron was….is a friend," she said quietly, a look of sadness coming to her eyes for the first time in months.

"You miss him?"

"I miss all my friends. So, yes, Mistress. I miss him."

"Were you really dating him?"

"Yes. It was…just getting serious about the time I was….abducted."

Shego remembered the buffoon in the rocket. So desperate to get into space he didn't care about anything else. Let alone his own life. She didn't think Drakken would have tried half so hard if she had been taken. Still, he was still her employer. She was paid to care.

"So, Dr. Drakken is your friend," Anne asked now when their conversation lagged.

"God, no. Like I said before. Employer. The kind that pays well. The kind that knows to keep his grubby hands off the merchandise. You'd be surprised how rare those kind are out there."

"Merchandi….? Oh," Anne nodded in the same instant, which meant the girls were having one of those internal conversations that Shego had finally learned about, and that really freaked her out.

"So, is the remote done," she asked as she watched Kim slide in four, portable rechargeable power packs into the box.

"Yes, Mistress," she nodded, pointing at a much smaller box setting on the table a few feet away.

"Then what is that, which you obviously had me running across the country just to find parts for," she demanded, wondering if her 'girls' were as bad as Drakken after all.

"Well, Mistress, it occurred to me that planet's orbital differential might offset a remote coordinate enough to displace a precise hit."


"The pulse beam might miss over a large distance," Anne translated.

"So we built a portable sonic disrupter," Kim smiled, holding up the box.

"Wait, wait, wait. You put that," she turned to point at the huge, massive weapon. "In there?" Shego's finger pointed at the much smaller, compact box.

"No big. Of course, without an external power source, it's only good for four, maybe five shots. That's big shots, of course. If you use it for small bursts, it might last up to a dozen rounds."

"Define big."

"Oh….seven or eight points on the Richter scale," Kim shrugged.

Shego had to gape. "Just when did you get so scary smart, Princess," she finally had to ask.

"I was always smart, Mistress. But Anne reordered my mind so I can think more efficiently. Remember? I told you….."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," she waved impatiently. "Well, I definitely like how you work, Kimmie. Now, let's go get Drakken."

"Yes, Mistress," she smiled, though she and Anne were a little disappointed they had not yet seen any sign of bonding yet. "Still, there is one more thing that might work in our favor."

"What's that?"

"My stealth battle suit," she told her. "We can sneak into my house, grab it, and it will make breaking him out of jail even easier."

"Oh, I definitely like how you think," Shego grinned. "Check your satellite thingy, and let's go. It's time we got back on the clock."


"What's the sitch," Kim grinned as Shego came out of the rebuilt Possible house with a small bundle in her hands. Not that Kim knew it had been destroyed, since she had not been part of the war, or the rebuilding, since she had been abducted at the school before it all began.

"Don't say that," Shego hissed. "Ever again."

"Yes, Mistress," she smiled from the cloaked hovercraft as if she had not given that order nineteen times over the past few weeks. At the least. Worse, she had said it again, in stereo.

Growling, she leapt up into the vehicle, and told Kim, "Just get us out of here. You would not believe the security those people have in there."

"Sure I would, Mistress," she smiled. "My dad's a rocket scientist, my mom's a brain surgeon, and my brothers are geniuses, too. Remember?"

"Swell. Just go."

"You don't want to….."

"Drive," she growled again, and Kim grinned, and launched the hovercraft straight up at five gees.

Shego's howl was the only thing that drowned out her simultaneous cursing.

Shego glared at her when the redhead had the temerity to giggle, and then put the hovercraft on a course for the federal maximum security prison were Drakken was being held. "You did that on purpose, you…you…"

"Princess?" Kim suggested.

"Pumpkin?" Anne offered.

"Bitch," Shego spat as she glared at her 'pet' who was getting more willful every day. And more daring.

"You said to go," Kim reminded her.

Shego glared as the air rushed over the canopy since the top was down just then, and she rolled her eyes, but quickly looked down. She hated looking at stars these days. For a lot of reasons. What really bugged her was having to go break into the Princess' house since she was still a bit leery of letting her go alone, finding out the family home came complete with security that made Fort Knox look like a piggybank, and found a freaking shrine to the girl awaiting her return.

She also found the stealth battle-suit where Kim had said it would be, but it was obvious that it wouldn't fit her. It was definitely made just to fit Kim. Which meant Kim would be the only one to wear it. So what was she planning? Was she secretly still planning on trying to slip away?

"Just what do you plan to do with this thing," Shego finally asked, holding up the white suit with blue piping.

Kim smiled. "I figure that by now, as I mentioned, their defenses are about average, instead of being on high alert. I let you sneak doing your ninja thing….."

"My 'ninja' thing," Shego drawled.

"Yeah. I've always really admired that stealthy thing you do. I'd love to learn how you do it, Mistress. Anyway, you get in, get ready to grab the Doc, and then I cover your escape with a very convincing earthquake that will have the guards looking everywhere but at you."

"Then why the suit?"

"Well, since it's a little harder for me doing the ninja thingy than you, I thought I would go invisible, and slip right into the prison to make a real big quake right under their feet. I'm guessing they'll be so busy flipping out they won't have time to even think of escaping prisoners for a time."

"Sure you aren't planning on running out on me," Shego demanded. "Tell the truth," she snapped irritably.

"Mistress," Kim said, her smile fading to be replaced by a hurt expression. A pout that made her look like a freaking little kid. A cute kid, but still a kid. "We told you. We belong to you now. We serve you."

"At least until someone beats you," Anne felt compelled to add.

"Which is unlikely," Kim told both Shego, and Anne who had made that statement. "Still, I can see you might not trust my plan, so if you want, I'll toss this away, and we'll find another way to make our getaway."

"You won't run?"

"Only to help you, Mistress," Kim assured her.

"Then get suited up," Shego told her as she took the controls. "We're only ten minutes out."

"One more suggestion," Anne said as she let Kim dress quickly in the battle-suit. They had reached an accord where they took turns controlling their shared body. It was, after all, only fair.

"Yeah," she asked irritably.

"Knock your employer out if you have to when you find him. The idea is to sneak in, and out, and not let anyone notice we've been here until we're already gone," Anne reminded her.

Shego thought about her employer's usual antics. "I think that's a very good suggestions, girls," she agreed with a grin.

"Oh, and be careful about tracking beacons. They're sure to have him bugged."

"Not for long," Shego grinned as they neared the prison, and the hover-pod went full stealth.


Betty eyed the photos, and looked at Will.

"Did I not say full alert? Well?"

"Yes, Dr. Director," Will grimaced. "We just didn't expect…"

"You're dealing with Drakken and Shego. You should know to expect anything."

"Except earthquakes dropping walls, and fences like a trained bulldozer," Will protested. "Of course, it was odd how the last quake opened a pit that just happened to catch the other escaping prisoners."

"All of them except Drakken," Betty replied bitterly. "Quite a coincidence. Don't you think?"

Will wisely said nothing.

"And your team didn't see anything? Hear anything?"

"Nothing. Unless you count the earthquakes."

"What of satellite imagery. Tell me we have got something to go on from those?"

"Nothing. The area satellites were out of range, and they vanished before another came overhead to even spot them."

"Another unbelievable coincidence," Betty grimaced as she eyed him with barely suppressed fury.

"Want another one? No one saw a thing. Not one shadow. Not one person who wasn't supposed to be there. The quakes hit, and when they were over, Drakken was gone," Will admitted.

"Internal security cameras?"

"Taken out….apparently, by the first quake."

"Yeah, I believe that one," Betty growled, her good eye narrowed to a slit in irritation.

Will sighed. "There is something I've been considering, too, Dr. Director."

"What," she grumbled as she studied the reports that sounded as if they came from spy school dropouts, rather than trained guards and agents.

"This breakout was different from the others we've known Shego to pull. It was…..slick. Precise. Obviously well-planned."

"In short, not Drakken or Shego's style."

"No, ma'am. I think we have to consider the possibility that Kim Possible is now working for them. Actively helping them. Loathe as I am to admit it, she does have some…abilities."

"Bet that hurt," she smirked at his admission. "And I've already considered that. Wade and I both agree it is likely some kind of mind control is being employed. Considering that we still have no idea what, if anything Drakken brought back from space, we have to be ready for anything. Because if there is one thing we know, it's that….."

"Greetings, my future subjects," a blue face leered at her from every channel on the Net, Web, and security monitor around her in the GJ command center. "It is I, Lord Drakken…! Ahhhhh, Shego, this serum didn't work either," he howled as a bright flower sprouted up around his neck.

Will rolled his eyes as the man ranted at someone off-screen for several minutes as he tore off the yellow petals. He could not, however, remove the vine that was a part of him for over six months now. It was enough to make one laugh, if the circumstances weren't so serious.

"Oh, right," Drakken said to whoever was speaking in the background. "I know that," he hissed, and turned back to the monitor. "I have just finished my greatest invention ever," the blue man declared, which was accompanied by snickering off-screen.

"Will you zip it? Honestly. Now, you will pay me five….no, ten….no….two hundred billion dollars by noon tomorrow….. Ah, EST, I'm thinking," he paused thoughtfully before adding.

"Will you get on with it," Shego's bellow sounded from off-screen.

"Right. Right. "Two hundred billion, or I will use my new sonic disruptor to teach the entire world a lesson it will never forget. And if you think we brought the house down at the prison, wait until you see…."

The screen went dead.

"You think he had anything to do with that prison earthquake?"

"Not for an instant," Betty told Will. "But it's a sure bet, that mind-controlled, or otherwise, someone very bright did something while they were laying low."

She eyed Will, and nodded. "I never thought I'd say this, but…. Put out an Omega level alert on Kim Possible. And get me Wade….. Never mind," she sighed as Wade's earnest face now appeared on one of the monitors.

"Dr. Director. I hate to say it, but it looks like…."

"Yes, we know. I believe Kim Possible broke Drakken out of prison, and was probably behind the earthquakes."

"Well, yeah. But I was also going to say I noticed someone had tapped into the STS and moved NORAD's spy satellites around."

"Damn," Betty groaned. "How smart is this girl?"

"Actually, Dr. Director, she's probably almost as smart as I am. Remember, we are talking about a Possible here."

Betty groaned again.

"So, is there anything you can do to help us outwit her," Will demanded.

"Maybe. But I don't think we have to, Agent Du," the young genius smirked.

"Are you crazy? Haven't you been paying…..?"

"Will," Betty snapped. "Wade. Explain."

"Think about it, Dr. Director. First, she kept Shego out of commission well over two months. Nearly\y three. That's something in itself," he told her, and Betty had to agree. "She then apparently helped with the prison break, but managed to do it without anyone getting hurt. Then, too, not one prisoner in Max got out except Drakken."

"Do you have anything else?"

"Anything solid," Will muttered dourly.

"If you amp, and edit the footage, you'll hear Kim giggling, and making suggestions to Shego in the background of our loony friend's latest tirade. I think the satellites were more of a message than a ploy, too."

"What do you mean?"

"I think Kim is working from the inside out this time, Dr. Director. I think she's still on our side."

Betty considered that for a moment.

"If anyone could, it would be her. What do you suggest," she asked Wade as Will only gaped, eager to be the one that brought in Kim Possible, and locked the longtime nuisance that stole his thunder one time too many in the deepest, darkest cell he could find.

"Give her time. Stall Drakken, and give her time to do whatever it is she may be planning. Meanwhile, I'm backtracking the satellites to find out where they weren't when they got away. It might be able to lead us right to them."


"Easier said than done," Betty cut Will off. "Although the UN does a better job at stonewalling than I ever could, we're still dealing with Drakken. Meanwhile, though, I want you call in Ron. I want him, and Team Go standing by in case this gets ugly. And, Wade? If it does get ugly….."

"I understand, Dr. Director," the young man nodded. "All I'm asking you for is time. She's never let us down yet."

"No. She hasn't," she had to admit as Wade faded from the monitor.

"So, are you putting out an alert, or not?"

"We'll hold off for now," she told Will. "But if necessary, I want a team ready and waiting on standby."

"I'll get one ready now."

"This is a live capture missions, Du," she growled, seeing the look on his face, and knowing him better than he knew himself. He actually looked disappointed.


"Why didn't you let the others get away," Shego asked as they flew off after Kim had set off one last quake to trap the prisoners escaping in their wake inside the prison yard by creating a deep pit they couldn't climb out of without help.

"Mistress," Kim frowned. "If all those men got out, we'd have agents, cops, and bounty hunters out looking everywhere. One of whom might just stumble across us. Better to keep their attention focused, and thus easily guided," she told her as she grinned back at the unconscious scientist laying in the back of the hovercraft.

"That's actually pretty smart thinking. Here I thought you were still trying to still be a hero, too."

"Well, maybe just a little," Kim grinned impishly.

Shego couldn't help but laugh at her. Still, it didn't escape her that Kim had brains, and a stealth battle-suit, with a very powerful weapon, and she did not even try to get away. Or betray her. Maybe that collar thingy really had changed her.

"How hard did you hit him," Kim asked an hour later as they neared the lair, the top now back up since the frigid winds were pretty brisk after dark this far north.

"Pretty hard," Shego grinned, not admitting she had actually been tempted to leave him behind for a moment. Then he woke up, and saw her standing there, and opened his mouth. Knowing what was coming, she hit him. Hard. She had to admit that it felt pretty good. Besides, what was he going to do?

Fire her?

"So, you have any more plans?"

"Only to help protect you, Mistress," she told her. "That is our only purpose."

"Right," she murmured, and sighed. She could get used to working for her pet.

No. With her pet. Which was weird, because….wasn't she the one that was supposed to be giving orders?

Only it seemed that so far Kimmie had all the brains, all the answers, and the past few months had not been bad in her mind. They landed just outside the lair, and had to drag the hovercraft in since the door was too frozen to raise all the way by remote.

After they dragged Drakken into the main lair, where it was warmest, Kim went to the back of the lab to return to work on a private project Shego had mentioned more by way of a passing joke, and which Kim had taken to with surprising zeal. That project was another reason she had taken so many trips lately before going after Drakken.

"So, you're not going to make any more plans?"

"Only if you wish it, Mistress," she told her.

Shego sighed, trying not to feel disappointed. She had to admit, Kimmie's plans seemed to go off without a hitch. Not like Dr. D's, who seemed to have a penchant for screwing things up even when they seemed perfect.

"Right. Well, Doc is back, so I'm pretty sure he'll be up and around soon enough. He'll probably leave you a lot to clean up before he's done."

"Probably," Kim/Anne agreed in their stereo voice.

"Will you two quit doing that?"

"Yes, Mistress," Kim smiled.

"Yes, Mistress," Anne agreed.

Shego rolled her eyes. "Why me," she asked, raising her hands. "Just go cook something for supper. Drakken will probably be hungry when he wakes up, and I know I am."

"Yes, Mistress," Kim nodded, putting down her welder to head for the kitchen.


Drakken didn't wake for supper.

He didn't wake for breakfast.

He woke for lunch.

Then refused to believe that Kim had made it, and stormed off to see just how badly she had messed up his lab. He was still glaring at Shego, unable to understand why the redhead was wearing a copy of her own battle-suit, when he knew Shego knew what that thing could do.

"Tinker with one thing, fruitcake, and I'm not fixing it," Kim shouted from her own place at the work table in the lab.

"Whoa. Kimmie, you're getting pretty gutsy over there," Shego laughed from her chair as she watched the pair in between reading her latest 'Villain's Quarterly.'

"I'm your servant, not his employee. He can't fire me."

"That's true," Shego allowed as Drakken glared at both of them.

"So, I guess we'd better see what he's doing now," Shego sighed when she realized Drakken had stopped working, and was looking ready to rant.

"So this is ready," was the basis of the question he had asked Kim earlier at least fifty different ways, about a hundred different times before he got the picture.


"Kimmie's a genius," Shego grinned. "She's the one that got you out without them even knowing we were there."

"Yes, but I distinctively recall you were there, Shego. In fact, I think I recall you hitting me. Hard," he whined. Truly whined.

"You must have been dreaming," Shego smirked.

"Yes, well, be that as it may…be, with the sonic disruptor fully repaired….."

"You were the one that broke it," Kim sniggered, stopping his rant on cue.

"Will you be quiet?"

Kim giggled.

"Never mind. I can now continue with my plan to blackmail the world for…for…for….."

"Obscene amounts of cash," Shego suggested.

"Exactly," he agreed enthusiastically, pumping his fists in the air.

"Right," both women drawled sardonically.

"What is it with you two lately," he complained. "Shouldn't she be sulking while you order her to do demeaning things?"

"Whatever our Mistress desires could never demean us, as our service to her is our reason for being."

Drakken shrieked. Like a girl.

"What's wrong with her? Why does she sound….? Sound…..? Ugh," he shuddered as he looked at Kim the way one might look at a real alien.

Shego sniggered, not minding Kim's weird voice echo for once.

"We are one," Kim/Anne told him in that selfsame voice.

"Save it, girls. He wouldn't understand. I'm still not sure I do," she added in a faint murmur.

"All right," Drakken recovered, and after a wary glance at Kim, returned to his own plans. "First, we contact the world through pirating the airwaves, and let everyone in the world know what we can do…to the…..world."

Shego's palm covered her face as Kim snickered.

"Just turn on the machine," Drakken shouted.

There was a soft whine, and the satellite feed was beamed to every receiver on the planet, across the internet, cable, and even private security monitors. They all showed a singular visage.

"Greetings, my future subjects," a blue, scarred face leered from every pirated channel. "It is I, Lord Drakken…..!"

He turned to Shego even as his flower collar returned, upset his last serum had yet to kill the thing, or the vine sprouting from his body.

"Aaaahhhhh, Shego, this serum didn't work either," he howled he tore at the bright flower that had sprouted up around his neck.

"You're still on, boss," she pointed at the blinking camera.

"Oh, right," he muttered, but spared a glare for Kim who had come up behind Shego sniggering to point at the camera when he still ignored it.

"I know that," he hissed, and turned back to the monitor.

"I have just finished my greatest invention ever," he declared, which was accompanied by more snickering from behind him.

"Don't you mean my greatest invention," Kim asked smugly.

"Will you zip it? Honestly. Now, you will pay me five….no, ten….no….two hundred billion dollars by noon tomorrow," he said, raising his demand every time he glanced at Shego who made a very curt gesture as Kim quietly suggested he was cheating himself by being so cheap.

"Ah, EST, I'm thinking," he considered thoughtfully, trying to calculate banking hours in the frozen arctic.

"Will you get on with it," Shego's voice bellowed in genuine fury as Kim giggled again.

"Right. Right. Two hundred billion, or I will use my new sonic disruptor to teach the entire world a lesson. And if you think we brought the house down at the prison, wait until you see….!"

The screen went dead.

"Why did you do that," he demanded of Kim Possible who had pulled the plug.

"Any longer and they would have traced your signal. That would have endangered our Mistress. We cannot allow any harm to come to our Mistress."

"Meh. Right. So….what about me?"

"You we would gladly pitch outside, and lock the doors," Anne told him cheerfully.

Shego laughed loudly at his expression.


"But it's so cute, Doc."

"It's weird. That's what it is. And who really fixed the sonic disruptor?"

"Hold it," Shego shouted, grabbing for the portable disruptor he had just picked up.

"Shego, let go, I'm just going to test it."

"That's not the remote. That's the remote," she pointed after taking the portable machine from him.

"Eh, then what's that?"

"It's the girls' portable disruptor. How do you think you got out of prison?"

"Girls? Shego, there is only one girl here. I mean other than you, and we both know you couldn't….."

"Watch it, Blue-boy," she growled.

"I'm just saying….. Anyway, how could she build a working portable disruptor. It's too far-fetched. The technology for such a small version would preclude its power. And that's another thing…."

"Drew. Shut up."

Drakken's jaw dropped.

"Did you….just tell me to…..?"


"Come on, Kimmie. I need to work off some stress."

"Oh, goody," the girl shouted gleefully as she bounced after the woman clad in green and black. "Play time!"

"Heh. All those hours in open space must have caused brain damage," he decided, and began to poke at the small portable box Shego called a disruptor.

"Unlikely," he growled, and went to plan his first targets. After he ensured that brain-damaged cheerleader had not messed things up.


"We have a sizeable shock wave emanating from….."

"It's Drakken's Canadian lair," Will cut off the scientist as he told Betty as he rushed in even as Wade was reporting his own discovery. The satellites had blatantly left a certain part of the Canadian tundra out of their tracking orbit. And they all knew Drakken had a sizeable lair in that region.

"Send Ron, and both strike teams in now," Betty told Will.

"No fatalities, Du," she shouted, and then leapt up, and ran after him without waiting for Wade to sign off. "I want them all alive."



"Wade," Ron murmured as he looked up at Team Go's monitor where he was still briefing the four heroes who had returned to fight as a team once more after the invasion.

"We have a credible sighting on Kim. Drakken's arctic lair was the scene of a massive seismic event," Wade reported. "We think he was testing his machine."

"On our way," he said as he nodded to Hego who all but leapt into the cockpit of the Go-Jet.

"Ron, so is GJ," Wade reported over his Ron-Com, "And I think Will Du wants to use the 'dead or alive' clause on Kim since they have an Omega warrant out on her now. As in preferably dead."

"Not with me around," he growled, and clenched his fist around the communicator as the jet blasted into the sky, and banked hard right before screaming over the city as it climbed every higher, leaving even the two powerful GJ jets in its wake for a moment.

"Looks like someone is trying to make his own reputation," Mego said grimly as he sat back in his own seat.

"Big-time," two voices spoke as one.

"You think he's going to try to kill Shego, too," Mego asked Ron who had put his communicator away.

"Not going to happen, boys," Hego stated somberly. "Like Stoppable said, not with us around."

"Then floor it," Wego said, pointing. "They're catching up."


"You moron," Kim screamed even as she shouted for Shego as the lair began shaking, the stone walls crumbling around them.

"What she said," Shego told him as she dodged a huge chunk of debris. "We have to get out of here before this place comes down on our heads."

"Not only that, the epicenter will be registered halfway around the world. GJ is probably already on their way," Kim warned.

Which was just when a muted explosion sounded not far off, and they heard very grim voices carry up the corridor.

"Too late. They're here," Shego groaned.

"Let them come," Drakken crowed. "We'll use my sonic disruptor, and….."

"Haven't you done enough damage?"

"I know what I'm doing," he told Shego. "I just had to make sure my repairs were properly calibrated before I programmed the targeting computer."

"You…didn't," Kim groaned, running to the console to study the readings. "You idiot. You didn't just test fire it, and destabilize the lab. You targeted the fault under our feet. In two minutes, we're going to be in the middle of a major quake."

Shego realized Kim really looked freaked.

"Time to go," Shego decided, and started down a corridor even as familiar blue suits filled that passage, and several agents pointed laser weapons at her.

Bullets she could melt.

Lasers…..not so much.

"No!" Kim shouted, knowing what might happen next. "Mistress, follow me," she screamed as more men poured through the other doors, grabbing Drakken, who shouted for Shego, who had started to turn back.

That had prompted Kim to call out to her. To her utter shock, Shego found her feet stopping, and racing after Kim.

"Don't let them get away," a familiar voice shouted behind them. "Take them down!"

Laser fire filled the corridor, and Shego did what she did best. She flung two huge plasma balls at the already unsteady ceiling, blocking off that way for good even as the quake rumbled anew beneath their feet. Then they were outside the escape tunnel no one had found yet, and running toward a camouflaged shape in the snow.

"Isn't that the…..?"

"The Lorwardian shuttle," Kim said as they ran out into the snow past the three remaining GJ agents guarding that ship. "I sure hope those finishing touches are finished, or we're finished. Now get in, and get us out of here."

"Damn it, Princess, why am I obeying you?"

"You know good advice when you hear it," she asked innocently as they tore through the three men as a multi-colored jet circled overhead prior to landing.

They ignored it as they scrambled into the alien ship's open hatch Kim exposed by shutting down the electronic camouflage, and remote-accessing the hatch.

"Shall we go," Kim asked her as they climbed into the ship, and she now activated the ship's barrier screens that had been repaired enough to hold off the small arms fire now aimed their way as men in blue uniforms came pouring out of the still crumbling lair to pursue them.

"Shego. Shego, do you copy," Hego's voice demanded over the receiver as she slid into her seat, and started the shuttle's engines. "You have to surrender. It's for your own good."

"Yeah, like I've never heard that one before," she snorted.

"Where to, Pumpkin," she demanded with a suspicious glint in her eye as Kim sealed the hatch before she took her own seat.

"Straight up, Mistress," Kim told her. "Even they can't follow us into space."

"This thing can…..?"

"I fixed it," she beamed proudly. "But you should tell your brothers to get out of there before this whole area becomes a crater."

She did. Which puzzled her. She never helped Hego any more. Okay, there was that thing with Aviarius. Then that nonsense with Electronique. But other than that, she was finished with Team Go, and her idiot brothers. So why had she warned him? Just because Kim said to do it. Just as she had told her to follow.

She put a hand to her throat, but felt nothing. "What's going on, Princess," she demanded as the spacecraft accelerated straight up, breaking free of the planet's gravity, and then settling into a wide orbit with the rest of the floating debris left behind by the Lorwardians, and yet to be cleaned up.

Kim sighed.

"Tell me what you did to me," she demanded, "And be honest. Anne?" she addressed that other personality now. "Talk."

Kim/Anne sighed, and they made their confession.

"You've been stringing me along all this time just to make me like you? Why? Were you planning on turning me into your pet as revenge?"

"No, Mistress," Kim and Anne both spoke as one, and sounded more than earnest. "We are sworn and compelled to obey, and protect you. Even from yourself. Or….."

"The idiots around me?"

"Exactly," Kim nodded as they now safely orbited the planet again without fear of immediate pursuit. "We just wanted to make sure we could safeguard you even against you own bad ideas if it came to that."

"Nothing is more important than protecting our Mistress," Anne agreed.

"Why? Kim? Why? Anne, if you want to call her that, I can understand. She's got that whole obedience thing programmed into her. Why do you care?"

"Because, Mistress," Kim said quietly as she looked over at her from her seat. "I love you."

Shego had absolutely no reply to that.


"We saw her," Ron told Betty as the woman arrived outside the now smoldering pit where lava was actually bubbling up out of the icy ground where Drakken's lair used to be.

"If she hadn't warned us, we'd have all been caught in that," Hego told her with a needless gesture at that hellhole.

"Someone want to tell me why we had them, and they still got away?"

"Probably because they bolted when Tex there came in shooting up everything in his way," Drew muttered sourly from where he stood nearby in heavy restraints, shivering from the cold despite the heat of the molten rock flowing up from the fault nearby. "Do you even know how much that place cost me," Drakkn demanded of Will.

Betty rolled her eyes. "Will, you're suspended from field duty pending an investigation."

"But, Dr. Director," the man protested.

"Get him out of here," she told the other agents around them as she nodded at a stunned Will Du.

"What's that," she asked as she noted Ron was holding something that looked like a metal shoebox.

"I was about to find out," he said, still holding up his communicator. "Wade? What did you find out?"

"It's a portable sonic disruptor, Ron. A powerful one with enough juice still in it for a few serious blasts. So be careful what buttons you touch."

"Oh, please. There is no way….."

"Shut up," Betty told Drakken.

"Now, which way did they go," she demanded of Team Go.

They all pointed straight up.

"They were flying an alien ship," Mego pointed out. "A small one. But it was definitely alien."

"Oh, that. The cheerleader managed to fix it after we crashed here. Who knew 'Miss All-That' really was all-that," Drakken huffed. "But I still refuse to believe she turned a fourteen ton sonic disruptor into a kiddy toy," he howled.

"Will someone get this man out of here," Betty demanded.

"A moment, please," Ron asked.

"What did happen to Kim, Drakken. No rambling. No ranting. Why is Kim helping Shego?"

"Meh. Can you believe she saved Shego? She left me for dead, and saved that green….."

"I can throw you back into your lair," Hego drawled, sounding very unlike a hero for a change as he grabbed the man by the back of his lab coat.

"All right. All right. I told them about that alien thingy-doohickey before, but no one believed me. It makes her do whatever she's told. Only…..now its somehow grown a living presence inside her, and she's telling us what to do, and fixing alien technology, and….and it's galling, I tell you, galling. To think that I, Dr. Drakken, should be upstaged by a….!"

"Get him out of here," Betty said as the man continued to rant when Hego just let him drop in the slush that was melting from the heat.

"Wade? You get anything out of that?"

"Well, it fits with his earlier claims about robotic mind-control," Wade responded immediately as Ron looked into the small digital screen where his friend was waiting. "Where the cloning comes in, I can't begin to guess. I suppose you'd have to know how his mind works."

"I'd be more worried about how Shego's mind works right now," Hego said quietly. "My sister isn't one to lay low after someone shoots at her. She tends to take that kind of thing personally."

"We know," Betty told him somberly.

"We were this close," one Wego sighed.

"I'm really going to have to upgrade the Go-Jet if we're going to stay in this business," Hego sighed when they looked at him. "It's fast, but your jets still beat us here."

"We're using new VTOL turbines that give added thrust," Betty told him wryly. "The time you spend building momentum, we're already in the air, and moving."

"We noticed," Ron drawled. "Too bad someone with sense didn't get here first," he added. "We might have been able to bring them all in."

"So," Betty asked Ron quietly. "What do you think we should do now?"

"Now? We wait on KP."

"Don't you mean Shego," Hego asked.

"No. I saw them running. Kim was leading. It's her thing," Ron told them. "Somehow, she's running the show again. Only….I don't know what she's thinking anymore," Ron admitted. "I just don't know what she's thinking."

"Neither do we, Ron, but I promise you, the shoot-to-kill order has been rescinded."

"It never should have been given," Hego stated flatly.

Ron said nothing to that. He knew how GJ worked. A slap on a wrist, a week without pay, and Will would be right back where he was all along. "You tell your trigger man that if I ever see him pull that stunt again, he will be lucky to wake up in a hospital," Ron told Betty quietly before turning back toward the Go


"Ditto," both Wegos said, and followed him back to the jet.

Mego said nothing, but shook his head, and went after them.

"This was not our finest hour," Hego told her quietly, and quite unnecessarily. Then he, too, left.

Betty turned to go to her own jet. She didn't doubt Ron's threat. He was a major power in his own right now. One that could and would step up anytime called. But Will had crossed a line. By the time she was finished, he was going to be lucky to even wear a GJ uniform. Targeting an unarmed teenager for termination?

Even if she was Kim Possible? This time, his uncle was not going to help him. She didn't care how many stars he wore. Will Du was done.



It was the only thing she could think to say after staring at the earnest, pleading expression fixed on her.

"I love you," Kim told her quietly.

Shego fell silent again.

"And….that's why you tried to turn me into another slave-pet-thingy like you," she finally hissed.

"No, Mistress," Kim told her. "We only wanted to ensure you did not risk, or injure yourself needlessly. We feared losing you, and so Anne and I decided for your own good to….."

"I heard you the first time," she thundered, and tore her arm from Kim's grasp.

"God, and I thought you were annoying when you were just an overly cocky little cheerleader drop-kicking Drakken's ass around the place."

Kim dropped her gaze, looking miserable again for the first time in weeks.

"We are sorry, Mistress," Kim murmured, and rose to start toward the airlock.

"Where are you going," she demanded as Kim kept walking, and didn't look back.

"We have disappointed you. Failed you, Mistress. There can be only one penalty for us," Anne spoke now, Kim unable to speak as she felt the rejection of the woman before her.

"You're kidding me? You're actually going to kill yourself…..? Selves?"

"If we die, no one will ever command you, and you may endanger yourself all you wish," Anne explained as she pushed the airlock button, and waited for the hatch to open.

"So….You're just going to…..?"

"It is expected," Anne spoke, and Shego knew it was her as the redhead stepped into the now open airlock. "We have failed you. You fear what we might do. We must….."

"Kim, stop. Now, turn around," she demanded as she stood in the airlock with her hand already reaching for the control panel.

Shego was surprised to see the tears flowing down her face.

"Is…..Is that thing making you do this? Are you really going to just…..?"

"We both agreed," Kim said quietly, shaking her head. "We obey you, Mistress. If we failed you, or you feel you fear us, then you must require protection from us, too. So we will leave, and that will keep you safe from us, too."

"You can't just….. You'll die," Shego croaked, her eyes fixed on that hand that had not moved from the control panel.

"You'll be free, Mistress," Kim/Anne assured her, and started to seal the hatch.

"No. Stop! Get out of there right now."

They stepped out. They did nothing else, though.

"Do you swear never to command me like…..like…..you know," Shego demanded.

"Mistress, we only wished to keep you safe. To make you happy. To serve you as best as we were able. We thought this was a way to do so, and keep you from inadvertently harming yourself. Or allowing others to bring harm to you."

Shego groaned.

"I made you a slave. A drone. How can you love me, damn it," Shego hissed as she climbed out of her seat to move toward them.

"I've always loved you," Kim told her quietly. "Anne just reminded me."

"What are you talking about now?"

"When I was seven, I saw you fight with Team Go."

"Oh, yippee. Good times," she said, twirling a gloved finger in the air.

Kim smiled faintly, but she did smile.

"I had your poster. Only yours. I didn't like your brothers much at that time."

"I still don't," Shego muttered.

"Then we found you at Drakken's lair on that mission, and….."

"Are you trying to tell me you fell in love again?"

"Not at first. I loved fighting you. I loved testing myself, and going against someone I knew was considered one of the best. Then, after a time, I found out I really loved you."

"Hello? You date boys."

"I was lying to myself. I mean, look at my track record. Anyway, Anne woke me up, and made me face my true desires."

"Yeah, I can see that," she grumbled.

"Actually, Kim woke me up first, and then I only helped reorder her mind so she wasn't so scatterbrained."

"I am not scatterbrained," Kim shot back with a glare. "You take that back!"


Shego stared at the girl arguing with herself.

"And I thought Drakken was nuts," she groaned.

"Should we terminate ourselves now," Kim/Anne asked when Shego dropped her head to slowly shake it at them.

"No! Not now, not ever. That's a direct order."

"Yes, Mistress," they chimed as one in their stereo voice.

"And quit doing that."

"Yes, Mistress," Kim/Anne said as one. The faintest of smiles on Kim's lips again.

The scream would have echoed for miles if they weren't in space.


"Any sign of them?"

"I lost them when they went suborbital," Wade told his waiting friends where they had met in the recently rebuilt Bueno Nacho. "There's still too much rubble up there to say if they're even there, or if they went someplace else."

"As in…..some place else," Bonnie suggested.

"If that ship could cross star systems," Monique realized, "They really could go anywhere. Couldn't they," she asked quietly.

"They won't leave Earth again," Ron said stubbornly.

"How can you be so sure," Felix asked, having decided to take time out of his own duties to join them as Ron mulled over the latest failure to find and free Kim.

"They tried too hard to get back," Ron told them. "Drakken aside, Kim's life is here. She wouldn't come back all this way, and then leave again."

"What if Shego told her to go," Monique asked, still finding it difficult to believe some alien bling was making Kim play bad girl.

"Shego won't leave either," Ron decided after a moment.

"Okay, how did you reach that conclusion?"

Ron eyed Felix.

"She likes luxury and comfort too much. She won't find much of that on a cramped alien ship headed for unknown space."

"He's got a point. Girl does like shopping," Monique remembered.

"So," Felix asked. "Where would they go?"

"Even Wade hasn't figured that one out yet. I'm just glad GJ took Du out of the field," Ron sighed.

"Yeah," Monique muttered, smoothing a hand over her dark, curly ponytail. "What was up with that whole trigger-happy thing you told us about?"

"Jealousy," the mostly silent Bonnie drawled.

They all looked at the newest member of their clique that often met at Bueno Nacho to celebrate just surviving the alien invasion. "Trust me. If K can do anything, it's drive people nuts with the whole 'I can do anything, but it's no big' thing of hers. He was big-time green, and couldn't stand it."

"I hate to say it," Ron sighed. "But Bonnie's likely right."

"For a change," Monique teased.

"Hey," the brunette grumbled.

"Don't fret, girlfriend," Monique told her, patting her hand. "You know I got mad love for the girl that saved my shapely butt."

Bonnie preened, but her look was made somber by the memory of her unlikely risking of her own life to pull Monique away from a collapsing wall when the aliens struck at their graduation. And how close they had almost both come to being crushed.

"And a very fine butt it is," Felix wagged his brows at her, ignoring Bonnie. Then he turned to her, and added, "Your's, too, Bon-Bon," he winked.

"I've got a boyfriend, thank you," Bonnie reminded him.

"And she's going to see him," Monique told the randy paraplegic. "Just as soon as he gets out of jail."

"Junior's not that bad. He's just….."

They all looked at her.

"I love him."

"Can't argue with the heart, Bon-Bon," Ron told her, still amazed that the two most shallow people on the planet actually enjoyed one another's company.

Or that was how he saw it. He was still amazed he was with the most incredible girl on the planet. If he could ever get her back.


"So, what next, Princess," the two naked women asked as they lay in the small bunk in the cramped cabin of the rebuilt shuttle.

"I suppose we have to go down eventually. We don't have that much food and air on board," Kim stated practically.

"Doy. Pumpkin, forget the science for a minute, and use that brain to think of something that will let us get back to Earth, and able to live in relative peace without getting shot at the next time we're spotted."

Kim sighed. Her gaze turned thoughtful, and then she smiled abruptly.

"I think I have an idea, Mistress. Only, I don't know if you'll like it."

"Tell me anyway," Shego sighed, feeling tolerant as she stroked her lover/pet's red hair.

"First, we turn ourselves in."

Shego gaped.

"Okay, I take it back. You're not a genius. You're really an idiot. Turn ourselves in," she exclaimed. "Gee, what do you think they'll do to us then?"

"Give us a medal? Or you, anyway."

"Me? A medal?"

"Think about it, Shego. You made Warmonga call off the invasion. Technically, you helped take out their big guns. You helped save the world."

"Ugh, when you put it that way….."

"Well, you did," the young redhead pouted.

"I was saving my own green ass," Shego replied mutinously.

"Well, you saved the world while you were at it. I should know. It's what I used to do."

"Used to do?"

"Well, now I just have to worry about saving you," she smiled, pecking Shego's nose.

"Oh, no," she shook her head, seeing things she didn't want to see just then. "Oh, no. No, no, no, no, no. You…..You….."

Shego sighed, and let it drop.

"So, how the devil do you think this is going to work out? If we show up, the first thing they'll do is shoot at us again. The second thing is try to lock us both up. Me in prison. You in some lab."



"If I'm in a lab, I'll have everything I need to escape, and break you out again."

Shego groaned.

"Don't you ever quit?"

"Should I, Mistress," she asked.

Shego just glared. "I suppose you could just order me to give up if I don't agree with your plans?"

"Never, Mistress. We would never do anything against your will. Unless it's to save your life. Like when you were about to die back at the lair."

Shego sighed again, listening to the two distinctive voices she now knew quite well.

"Am I going to start doing that?"

"We can't say, Mistress. Every host-form is different. Yours might not even achieve true awareness. I only learned how to communicate because Kim was so very determined….."

"Naturally," Shego muttered, rolling her eyes.

"And kept trying to understand me."

"You sure I can't just burn this thing off again," she asked, running a hand over her throat, still unable to even feel the thing it was so slight, and yet she felt its grip on the edge of her consciousness. It was there. She just couldn't see or feel it.

"It's melded with you by now, Mistress," Kim told her. "Once it does that, it becomes a part of you, so you cannot melt it off any longer."

"I remember. It was….."

"Rhetorical," all three spoke as one. Two of the voices in tandem.

"Aaaaggggghhhhhh! Stop doing that."


"Dr. Director," a familiar voice murmured.

"Hey, Bets," another drawled more sardonically.

Betty all but leapt up from her bed, staring around her dark bedroom as a green glow lit the darkness. It wasn't a nightlight.

"Relax, Cyclops. We're here to chat. Nothing else."

"That's right, Dr. Director," Kim nodded, standing in front of her in her battle-suit. Her now green and black battle-suit.

She looked from one to the other, and sighed. "I'll make tea," she sighed.

"Make it coffee," Shego growled.

"Please, and thank you," Kim smiled when the weary agent looked her way.

Definitely the real thing, Betty decided. No one else sounded that….perky.

"We were told you were a robot, or a clone, or a mind-controlled robotic clone. Or some variation of the above," she told Kim as she pulled on a robe, and led them through her small apartment to her kitchen.

"It's complicated," Kim smiled. "But Mi….Shego and I really want to talk to you about that. In fact, you owe her a lot of thanks."

"I do?"

"The world does," Kim nodded earnestly, and proceeded to give her a quick, dirty version of their misadventures in space.

"I get the feeling you left out a lot of details."

"Oh, yeah," Shego nodded. "Like my meltdown. Her…..heroic efforts to save us all," Shego said with a faint smile. "And the fact we wouldn't have made it back at all if it weren't for her."

"All right," Betty murmured as she sat down at the kitchenette as the coffee brewed. "Let's talk. Starting with the reason you broke into my apartment at two in the morning to just talk."


"Ron," Kim shouted, and rushed to hug him. "I saw you while we were in space. You don't know how mad you made those aliens by fighting them off they way you did."

"No big, KP. In the end, they just kind of gave in, and took off."

"We know," Kim grinned, and turned to look toward the office where Shego was still inside with Betty after an all night debriefing in her apartment that ended up in another official debriefing in GJ headquarters.

'No promises,' the woman had told them, 'But if I can do anything, I will.'

"If you can't, we'll just leave again," Kim had assured her blithely.

Betty didn't doubt her. Not for an instant.

Ron, however glad he was to see her, felt something was off.



"It's over, isn't it," he realized. "Us, I mean."

"It's not you, Ron," Kim told him. "You're a really sweet, wonderful guy. I just realized….I was holding you back. And I'm not meant for you."

"Is Shego really controlling you?"

"No one really controls me now, Ron. Trust me. This is for the best. You're still my BFF, but….that's all. Is that all right," she asked with a very familiar pout.

Ron sighed, thinking of Yori, and how close they had gotten over the long months.

"Yeah, KP. So….I guess you finally figured out you loved her?"

"Well, Shego and I…. You knew," she squeaked as Ron smirked at her shock.

"Hello? BFF forever? I've been watching you drool over that crazed woman for years, KP. Do you know how long I've wondered it would be before you just took off with her someday?"

"Oh. Well. I hope we can still all be friends."

"You and me, KP," he hugged her again. "Forever."

Rufus scrambled up his shoulder to nod his own agreement.

"Now, as for Shego," he began.

"What about Shego," the woman herself demanded as she walked out of Betty's office into the lobby just then.

"Uh-oh," Rufus muttered, and dove for his usual sheltering pocket as the woman came out of the office.

"Mist….? Shego," Kim asked. "How did it go?"

"Well, there's talk about provisional pardons, some remunerations, but….the crazy bitch actually gave us a job," Shego told her in a bemused voice.


"Us, Princess. She wants Team Possible under GJ authority. You, me, and the monkey-master."

"You're kidding," Kim and Ron both exclaimed.

There was a tiny confused squeak from around his thigh.

"What did you say," Kim asked quietly.

"I told her it was your choice, Kimmie," Shego told her as she stood in front of her. "It's going to be dangerous."


"Full of all kind of risks," Shego nodded.


"No telling what might happen."

"Yeah, that's true," Kim agreed with a nod.

"So… Can Kim and Anne handle…..?"

"Let's do it," Kim/Anne shouted as one.


"Whoa! What was that," Ron exclaimed in genuine shock as Rufus just stared. "Who was that?"

"I'll tell you on the way to our first mission," Shego hugged Kim, and gestured for Ron to follow. "Seems the Seniors broke out of prison two days ago, and are trying to tap the Hawaiian Islands as a new source of real estate. By making new volcanoes."


"Kim. Anne. What did I say about that?"

Ron was left behind staring at them. "What did I miss?"

Rufus shrugged, still peering out of his pocket at the pair.

"D'know," he admitted.

"Hey, wait up, Kim," he called. "How do you do that? Why do you do that," he demanded as he chased them down the hall.

Betty came out of her office to stare after them as the trio left on their first official mission for GJ.

"This," she said to her secretary-aide, "Is going to be interesting."

The woman just nodded.

Not the End…