"Hurry! If you don't find your jacket, we'll miss the auditions" I complained .I was all ready to get the part of Rosalie, and no doubt I will... It's just that I have to Bring Marie, my younger cousin along. She is only10 but some of my talent rubbed off on her too. So we are both trying out from a hott new movie coming to town called " Bottom of fire" .Its a breath taking event because if I get the part of Rosalie, I get to Kiss Taylor Laundrent!!! He's SOO cute. I used Adobe Photoshop to make a picture of me and him having dinner, we would make Hollywood's cutest couple! My chestnut brown hair and my baby blue's would look so cute with his midnight black hair and cutest brown marble eyes! "Come ON Casey! You're the one who said we would be late! » Yelled Marie "Oh yeah, oh Kay lets go!" I said as I started the car's engine. If only we could get some music! The car I have is like from the 70's! No radio no cd player... nothing! No wonder my uncle only got it for 300 bucks and no insurance! This car could break down any second now... I hope I didn't curse that!

"NEXT! Janice McCarty audition number 3861"» yelled the body guard dude. "OH-KAY... only two more people then I can really show the judges what I got... Oh no I can't do this... of yes I can... oh no I can't .. AHH!" I thought. My mind was spinning as if I just got beaten up by a bully, I could even hear the birds chirping around my head, oh my gosh how embarrassing.

"NEXT! Casey Fertansly audition number 3863" OH GOD... OH GOD OH GOD, just relax. «For I only try to make peace and congratulate all with faith. If you have nerve to speak with me you shall leave and never carry any peace with you or get caught crossing many lines in your life time..." I spoke with confidence. "What does this do?" Marie asked with a lack of manners just as I was about to finish my sentence. She had pulled a string that held together large bars for the stage props. In case you don't see where this is going: the bars where right behind me and not knowing what was going on, they tripped me and made me do a very strange flip. I landed doing a very painful split. "IM OK!" I screamed from under 50 metal bars that had tripped me, hit me on the head and held my legs apart.

"Marigold Selena Fertansly! You are turning 11 in two weeks! You know better than to touch things that aren't yours!!! Next time you ask me to take you somewhere you know what I'm going to say? : NO! » Boy was I ever mad at her! The calls for parts are going to be starting next week, but why would I even wait? I doubt I got it all thanks to Marie!