12. Complications continued.

I have decided to finish what Stephenie Meyer started as she doesn't want to write Midnight Sun anymore. I think Edward is a brilliant character and Stephenie is an amazing writer. I obviously cannot write up to her standard but hopefully you will like it.
Ok so it starts where Midnight Sun left off, just as Edward has dropped Bella home after school. Here is the last few paragraphs of Midnight Sun.

Did it hurt her to leave, as it hurt me to let her go? The only solace was that I would see her soon. Sooner than she would see me. I smiled at that, then rolled the window down and leaned across to speak to her one more time – it was safer now, with the heat of her body outside the car.
She turned to see what I wanted, curious.
Still curious, though she'd asked me so many questions today. My own curiosity was entirely unsatisfied; answering her questions today had only revealed my secrets-I'd gotten little from her but my own conjectures. That wasn't fair.
"Oh, Bella?"
"Tomorrow it's my turn."
Her forehead puckered. "Your turn to what?"
"Ask the questions." Tomorrow, when we were in a safer place, surrounded by witnesses, I would get my own answers. I grinned at the thought, and then I turned away because she made no move to leave. Even with her outside of the car, the echo of the electricity zinged in the air. I wanted to get out, too, to walk her to her door as an excuse to stay beside her…
No more mistakes. I hit the gas, and then sighed as she disappeared behind me. It seemed like I was always running toward Bella or running away from her, never staying in place. I would have to find some way to hold my ground if we were ever going to have any peace.

I parked my Volvo in the garage and ran into the woods not knowing where I was headed until I noticed I was near the meadow, the pretty, dreamlike meadow. It was like my own personal heaven, apart from being with Bella. Having her here, with me would be…

No. I cannot let Alice's vision come true, I cannot bring Bella here. Well I have made up my mind now anyway; I am a selfish creature, selfish enough to put her at risk. I want her to enjoy this with me and show her what I really am. It's getting late, maybe it's time to go and see Bella, I know she won't be asleep yet but I missed her, the way her hair smelt of strawberries after she had washed it before bed. The way she…
I was standing outside of her house in the woods, Charlie was watching the baseball as usual. How is she getting on at school? Does she have friends she can talk to? She doesn't like to talk to me about most things. Does she have a boyfriend? I know she wouldn't want to talk about that! I wonder why she went to bed so early today…

The image of Bella sleeping in her bed appeared in Charlie's mind, that's when I was standing in the yard below her window; I heard her deep breathing which proved she was sleeping. I enjoyed listening to Charlie worrying about his daughter; it made me feel less insane as he cared for her nearly as much as I did, maybe not as much as I do but I can't help that. But what I enjoyed more than that was watching her sleep, her hair was twisted over her pillow, covering her face. I wanted to move closer to her and move her hair away so I could see the faint pink glow of her cheeks. I walked over to my usual spot, in the rocking chair, again I felt her scent burning my throat, it was getting easier but the fire was still there even with my extreme control. If I ever lost control with this beautiful, fragile human…

Bella was especially restless tonight, tossing and turning. Occasionally she would say my name, every time I heard her beautiful voice, even when unconscious the electricity pulsed through my body. The same current that made me crave to touch her this afternoon, I knew she probably wouldn't notice if I were to touch her but I fought the desires, just in case.

Just in case, that's all I ever thought about, worried about the risks of hurting her! How could I ever continue in this relationship with her, if it is even a relationship? I don't even know if she feels the same way, well she seems like she does but that could be my mind playing tricks on me. How can I keep her safe from myself when I want to be with her so badly?

Why was she so agitated? Maybe she has finally taken my warning. I doubt it; she hasn't taken anything I've said seriously so far so why start now? She is so fascinating, oh how I wish I could see into her mind!
4:00am and the talking has finally stopped. She can get some real sleep; but hearing her indecipherable conversations whilst she's sleeping is the only way I get to hear what she is truly thinking. Even if all I get to hear is my own name.

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