Now I wish I never thought of that…


Jodie was quite a sarcastic and somewhat sardonic 14 year old kid. She was mostly the loner type, but wasn't heartless. She was quite mature for her age, and wasn't stupid she knew right from wrong. One day Jodie started making videos on Youtube, and through time made a great friend, Kimmay who would one day, join her on a grand adventure of mass proportions.

This is their story…


"Freaking Heck.."

Once again I was patiently waiting for Kimmay to get her butt online, we talked that much it was like a hobby. It was 5pm here she still isn't on…

I was about to give up then she logged in, I inwardly smiled.


"I don't know why, but it's awesome not having school!" Kimmay chirped into her microphone. She was always so excitable maybe that's how we got on.

"That's cool, I'm on Easter Break." I replied. Kimmay giggled, " Hey Jodie Wouldn't it be awesome not to have school?

That I had to agree on I hated school but you needed it. "It Would! But you know it would be even better if life was a videogame." I always had these thoughts what if life were a videogame, to me it would be freaking awesome.

"With Zidane! And with Cloud, Squall, and even Tidus." She exclaimed excitedly. She sounded like she was drinking coffee…again. And once again she mentioned Zidane, no surprises there she was obsessed with him.

"I wouldn't have guessed Zidane, Kimmy," I chuckled that was her favourite Final Fantasy Character.

"Well, he's awesome!" She explained into the microphone, nearly making me deaf. I chuckled again but then noticed a rather odd looking link appearing in our conversation.

"Hey, what's that link?, I questioned it was in a different language too.

"Er...that's weird. Why is it in like...a different language?", Kimmay replied sounding rather confused.

"I don't know, Click it." That was quite a dumb thing to do but I was curious to know what the hell it was.

"What if I get a virus?", Kimmay complained. " I don't know, maybe its not a virus. Just click on it.

"Click on it with me." Kimmay suggested.

"Sure…" was the only answer I gave.

So we both click the link and…nothing happened, what the hell?

What happened?" She asked me curiously.

"Nothing. I think," I answered, I was staring intently at my screen.

Suddenly, out of nowhere a new window appeared it was just a black screen. "Jodie, are you seeing what I'm seeing?"

"If you're seeing a black screen, then yes Kimmay, I am. And it's kinda freaking me out." It was weird crap maybe it was a virus I thought.

The black screen flickered for a moment, going a rainbow of different colours. What the Hell? I stared at the screen seeing if anything would appear. Then a strange voice rung out of my screen.

"Good evening. I am afraid I'm going to have to pull you from your conversation."

I flinched at the voice. "What the Fu-!?"

Then all I remember is darkness. An odd feeling of warmth surrounding me. Then it vanished.


"Ouch, my freaking head." The first thing that went through my head when I was awakening was, why was my head sore, wasn't I at the computer, like a few seconds ago. What in the freaking heck is going on?

"Dammit…" I groaned, trying to lift my head up.

"What happened?", I asked no one in particular. That's when I heard a very familiar voice shouting my name, then just when I looked up, I'm tackle glomped full force to the ground, once again by non other than…Kimmay?!