I was glad we were all okay. Especially Kimmay, I knew I must have scared her quite a bit but at least she is okay. She smiled up at me, I gave a feeble attempt at trying to smile back.

"Were almost at the location where Terra and Onion Knight are.", Squall informed everyone. The other heroes of light nodded, as we trailed behind them.

While we were walking I still had that feeling in my stomach that something bad is gonna come our way soon. Hey maybe I was being paranoid, but whatever I still couldn't shake the feeling away. While I was in these thoughts Kimmay stumbled and had a mouth full of dirt.

"Grosss!" She spat out the dirt, rubbing her mouth vigorously with her sleeve.

"Yes, hello to you too, dirt." she giggled.

"…Did you really just talk to the ground?", Cloud asked looking pretty amused at Kimmay's little "trip".

"…No." I continued to laugh, heck even Squall cracked a smile. Well a smile in Squall terms. Sadly he shrugged it off and we had to continue forward. Damn

"Lets…just get going", Squall sighed tiredly.


We continued walking. While Kimmay was singing some random song about Sharks…I just zoned her out, I'm pretty use to Kimmay's random outbursts now.

"God how much fucking walking are we gonna be doing, I mean seriously I'm surprised my fucking legs haven't fallen off yet.", I thought, my legs near enough at the point of snapping in two.

"Please be silent.", I heard Cecil, softly tell Kimmay, I guess that song can even annoys paladins, who would have thought.

"Sorry…", she replied quietly, sliding over next to me. I began to notice how dark it was beginning to get, and to be honest I got a tad bit worried. Why you may ask? I'm terrified of the dark.

"It's getting darker.", Firion said interrupting my thoughts.

"No shit Sherlock…", I thought sarcastically. Yes I get a little bit cranky when I was scared but meh what can you do?

"I think Terra and Onion Knight will have to wait. We cannot have the girls getting too tired, they might die.", Squall said emotionless.

"What the hell die? Dude I know I'm not the most athletic person in the world, but im sure I wouldn't die just from walking…I think."

"Fine, we'll make camp here.", Squall sighed and stopped.

"Yes!", Kimmay cheered, and literally threw herself to the ground, I couldn't help but laugh at her reaction. After which I took a seat next to her.

"Well lookie here, Zidane is coming to join us…heh I bet Kimmay will like that.", I sniggered inwardly at Kimmay's reaction if Zidane was forward with her.

Zidane sat down just in front of us and grinned, "Its always fun to camp with Bartz and me.", he said.

I looked over at Zidane then Kimmay, wait…Why is she covering her hands with her jacket. Odd. Oh well whatever suits her, I guess.

"Doesn't this kind of camp only consist of sleeping. You know to regain energy and all that.", I asked, trying to make conversation, even though I sounded uninterested.

Zidane only continued to grin like a crazy person.

"It looks really pretty…", I heard Kimmay say softly, looking at the sunset.

"Kimmay your so easily amused.", I replied, smirking.

Kimmay only snorted and replied, "That right there, Jodie is mean."

"Man, was it fun carrying on with Kimmay."

"That right there, Kimmay, is why you're my friend. You love it.", I mimicked her snort, with a toothy grin.

She then began to burst into fits of laughter again. "Your right.", she continued giggling.

"I've built the fire.", a somewhat monotone voice, chimed in. Yup you guessed it, it was Cloud.

"That's nice.", she thanked him smiling. He just stared blankly at her, then looked it me…


"Dude stop looking at me…Dammit!", I screamed mentally, turning my face away from his penetrating gaze. Hah I have an idea!

"Hey, lets go over there. The fire looks warm.", I said hastily, grabbing Kimmay and making her sit next to me.

"Jode, why'd you just, get all shy and stuff?", she asked me curiously.

I tried to do a Squall glare, but failed miserably.

"Damn how does he do it?"

"Okay, not scary. Just tell me.", she continued to persist, damn she's nosey.

"I wasn't being shy. I just felt uncomfortable", I stressed the two words

"Yeah.", she replied plainly. The sarcastic tone evident in her voice.

"What? I was telling the truth. I wasn't shy, just…uncomfortable."


The Sun was completely gone now. All was dark and silent within the little camp site, that the Heroes of light rested.

Kimmay yawned loudly, leaning against me. I mimicked her action. It was pretty comfortable infact.

"I suggest campfire songs.", Kimmay suddenly said, she lifted her hands up. Almost hitting me in the face, luckily I moved out of the way in time.

Squall groaned loudly, showing he really couldn't be arsed with songs, "It's late. Not tonight.", he said dryly. Kimmay frowned, then turned facing me.

"Oh crap, why is she looking at me with puppy dog eyes…"

"Hey, you don't have to sing them if you don't want to. Jodie will sing them with me, won't you Jo--"

"No, Kimmay. I hate campfire songs.", I quickly chimed in. There was no way in hell I am singing. Fuck that shit.

Kimmay just raised her brow at me. "Fine. Miss Prissy Pants.", she said pouting. I just rolled my eyes at her, fail of a insult.

"I LOVE Campfire songs!", both Zidane and Bartz yelled in unison. Tidus' hand also flew up "Me to!", he exclaimed, with a grin on his face.

Kimmay then tried getting Cecil to join in, but fortunately declined.

"Fine then. Tidus, Bartz, come sit over with Zidane and I.", they immediately rushed and sat down next to Kimmay and Zidane.

"Oh Boy, this is gonna be one long night. Specially with those four…"

I visibly face-palmed at the sight, oddly though, I felt as if I was being stared at. Probably just me being paranoid as usual.

"Know any good campfire songs?", she asked her group, still grinning like a nut job.

Zidane then chirped, "Forty Years on an Iceberg!"

"Forty Years on an Iceberg?", I thought, quite an odd name…then again it is Zidane.

"Uhm, I've never heard that one.", She replied uncertainly.

"I'll teach you it!", he replied with a toothy grin.

"Me too, Zidane and I used to sing this one all the time. Bartz said, grinning.

Tidus looked just as confused as Kimmay did, which was pretty damn amusing.

"Forty years on an iceberg

Nothing to wear but pajamas

Nothing to do but slide

The wind was cold and icy,

Jack Frost began to bite

I had to hug my Polar Bear

To keep me warm at night, night, night, night…", Bartz and Zidane sang lazily. They were both swaying to some imaginary music.

Kimmay laughed. "That sounds fun, I think I remember the words.".

"Okay," Tidus chirped, "I think I have them too."

"Ready?", Zidane asked cheerily, all three of them nodded.

"Forty years on an iceberg

Nothing to wear but pajamas

Nothing to do but slide" I noticed Zidane put his arm round Kimmay's shoulders, I could see she visibly froze at his gesture. But she began to calm down and just swayed along with him.

"The wind was cold and icy,

Jack Frost began to bite

I had to hug my Polar Bear

To keep me warm at night, night, night, night…", All of the little troupe sang, it was pretty funny. I outwardly smiled.

"Sometimes, I don't understand that girl.", I said jokingly laughing, trying to start up a conversation of my own.

"There are many people I don't understand. That girl has been added to my list.", Cloud replied, with a very faint smile crossing his lips.

"What the…did Cloud just smile or am I seeing things?"

He then continued, " You know, I've also added you to my list.", He looked as if he was scanning me. Weird. I just laughed in reply though.

"Oh really, now? I fail to see why. I'm totally normal compared to her.", I added in jokingly, smiling. For some reason I found it incredibly easy to smile while talking with him, it was as if I couldn't help it…

I was quickly snapped out of my thoughts when he answered. "For various reasons, your rebellious, and adventurous. But I have noticed you're a little on the sarcastic and sadistic side.", he said slightly smiling.

"Okay now I know for a fact that he just smiled there."

I quickly shrugged off the thought, and continued with the conversation.

"Why, little o'l me would never be like that I'm totally innocent!", I laughed at the way I replied to his little comment.

"And I like that.", he said barely above whisper.

"Holy snapples! Did I just hear that correctly."

Okay that was awkward. I just tried to laugh it off. I suddenly started to get really nervous. The that's when it happened.

I felt something brush or touch my hand, I looked down and it was Cloud…

"Oh Shit!", I yelled falling backwards, and colliding with Kimmay. Who I did not know was sitting right behind me. After I landed I quickly sat back up, completely embarrassed.

I looked towards Cloud who looked surprised and confused.

"Well no fucking wonder…"

"What's wrong?", Kimmay asked concerned after getting herself back up. Everyone was staring at me like I was on crack or something.

"Ah-nothing.", I said with a nervous laugh, thankfully the heroes of light let it go. But Kimmay, not so much.

"Whatever you say.", she said with a suspicious look, basically in Kimmay language that means she wants me to tell her later. Damn.

I nodded quickly to her, then glanced towards Squall. "Where are we sleeping?"

"Oh, a moogle tent is over there for you and her.", he waved his hand behind him lazily, towards the tent a few feet behind him.

"Okay wanna head to bed, Kimmay?", I asked her plainly.

"Uhm sure.", she replied. And we said goodnight to the guys, and went to bed. But I couldn't shake off the feeling of being stared at.

"Freaking paranoia…"

We entered the tent, and I immediately turned to Kimmay.

"He touched my hand.", I said in a monotone voice, that would give Squall a run for his money.

She just stared blankly at me. "What?", she questioned.

Dammit I have to draw the picture out for her, don't I?

"Cloud. Touched. My. Hannnd.", I said emphasizing my point by waving my hand around.

"On accident of purpose?", she persisted.

"I Don't Know.", I replied honestly. How in the hell am I meant to know anyways?!

"Well, we'll think about it tomorrow. I'm Pooped.", she said tiredly.

"Fine. Goodnight, Kimmay.", I simply said and nodded, sleepily.

"Night", she said once more and ducked under the covers.

"Damn I didn't notice how tired I am."

I followed suit, and fell into a deep slumber, which I really needed. Especially after today's wacky events.