July 7. Morning.

How much can a groom sleep before his wedding? Today I realized that my wedding night could be much more exhausting than I initially thought, because I only managed to sleep 4 hours due to my nervousness. I would be terribly embarrassed if I fell asleep during the night. I mean, it could be our dream wedding night, but it would still be embarrassing. Hey, why am I talking about this?

The preparations were done for our married life. From an economic point of view, I would win a lot because Yuki was very rich. Can you say "Instant money"? (Let's hope this doesn't affect the national inflation). We purchased a small house, and one with a garden! Hey, now that I think of it, that's what I wished for in Tanabata last year. Who would've thought? Still, I found myself somewhat uncomfortable because I didn't have to pay a cent. What kind of husband was I supposed to be?

Bah. Screw male pride. Yuki wants me to live with her, so that's what I'll do. And because the decision to get married was hers in the first place, she shouldn't complain, right? So let's get this money monologue out of our minds.

When I arrived at school, the first thing I noticed was that everyone began to congratulate me and express their envy. The official Nagato Yuki fan club, whose existence was unknown to me before today, were crying, and posted a huge banner on the school saying "Nagato-sama, we'll miss you!". Idiots, if they loved her so much why didn't they ever ask her if she was feeling lonely? I'm sure they only fantasized about screwing her and never really cared for her as a human being... because that's what I consider her to be. Alien or not, in my mind, she was as human as I.

"Hey, Kyon!" shouted Taniguchi as soon as he saw me entering the classroom.
"Taniguchi, Kunikida! How've you been?"
"Kyon, you lucky bastard! Why did you wait so much to tell us?" asked Taniguchi. "We hadn't found out until Haruhi began posting the news for your wedding all over the school!"
"That was last week, why do you keep complaining about that?"
"Congratulations, Kyon! I'm glad for you!" added Kunikida.
"So, Kyon", said Taniguchi. "I guess it was a lie all that you said about Nagato-san being anemic last year, when I found you cuddling on the floor, eh? You liar..." he said, nudging me.

I wondered if I should make another excuse for that, or tell them the truth. Well, maybe it would be fun. Why not?

"Well, the truth is that both Asakura-san and Yuki are aliens from outer space, and Asakura-san wanted to kill me to perform an experiment. Yuki grabbed her ray gun and disintegrated Asakura-san because she was not following orders."

Everyone stared at me and then burst in laughter. "That's a good one, Kyon! Why don't you try writing a science fiction tale the next year?"

"Maybe I will, Taniguchi, maybe I will."

The classes started. At the beginning of each class, the teachers would congratulate and applaud me. It was fine at the beginning, but when all teachers did it, I could noticed the boredom of my classmates. Needless to say, Haruhi kept cheering and applauding. Later, at class, Haruhi didn't stop poking my back with her pencil to give me tips for the wedding night. What's wrong with this woman, anyway? We're in class!

Finally, lunch time. I walked to the brigade room to say hi to Yuki, when I saw something that I shouldn't have. At least not until tonight.

"Sorry!" I shouted, closing the door.

"Kyon, you idiot! How many times have I told you to knock before entering! You're not supposed to see the bride wearing her dress before the wedding!"
"I'm sorry!" I shouted. Well, the problem wasn't exactly that Yuki was wearing her dress. The problem was that she was not wearing it.

"Um, everything alright in there?"
"Everything but you!" shouted Haruhi from inside. "Anyway, you can come in already. Yuki's already dressed."

I entered, apologizing for my rudeness. And to my surprise, the whole room was filled with wedding presents for both Yuki and me. There were presents from Taniguchi, Kunikida, Kimidori-san, the president of the Student Council, the Computer Research Society, Haruhi's new friends...

"What's all this?"
Haruhi rolled her eyes. "Isn't it obvious!? You've saved the world, traveled through times and different dimensions and still don't know what a wedding present is?"
"I KNOW what they are! It was a rhetorical question!"
"Well, I'll leave you two lovebirds to talk", answered Haruhi, taking a bag with Yuki's dress. "Just remember," she added, nudging and winking at me. "You must save some of your energy for the wedding night!"

I shook my head and sighed while putting my palm on my face. Yuki giggled. After Haruhi closed the door, Yuki walked to hug me. I kissed her softly.

"Did you sleep well?" I asked her.
"I almost couldn't sleep. You?"
"I love you."
"I love you too."

We looked at each other's eyes for what seemed quite a long time, before I gave her another kiss.

"So, what are we gonna do with all these presents?" I asked.
"Tsuruya-san will move them later."
"Ah, I see."

Someone knocked the door.

"Yes, come in!" I shouted.

It was Kimidori-san. "Kimidori-san, how've you been?"
"I'm fine, thanks!"

Kimidori-san entered the room and hugged Yuki. "I'm so glad for you! This is a landmark in interstellar relations."
"I know..."
"By the way", added Kimidori-san. "The wedding is going to be presided by the Elder."
Yuki didn't answer. When I looked at her face, she looked completely surprised.

"Yuki, what's wrong?"
"The... Elder?"
"That's right. He also says he forgives you for last December, and that he's sorry for allowing you to go through so much pain."

I still didn't understand. Elder? Last December? You don't mean December the 18th, right?

Yuki hugged Kimidori-san and cried for a little. "Thank you, thank you!!!" she kept saying. She wiped her tears, and thanked Kimidori-san for the news. I waited for Yuki to explain to me.

"Kyon..." she said, sniffing. "The Elder... is the oldest member of our group. With billions of years old, his authority is supreme over all of us, and he's going to preside our wedding! I'm shocked..."

Then, she turned to Kimidori-san. "Why? Why is He coming personally?"
"To express our gratitude to you. Anyway, everyone's waiting for you two in the cafeteria."
"The cafeteria?"
"We have a lunch table reserved for you two."

Kimidori-san smiled, and bowed. "Please don't make everyone wait."

Wow, this day was full of surprises. We went downstairs and a wave of applauses flooded the entire room. Haruhi had reserved a table for us to eat our lunch, and there was a huge bento with the figure of a bride and a groom. As we took our corresponding portion, everyone applauded, and proceeded to serve themselves.

It felt weird, like if we were already married and enjoying our wedding dinner... breakfast.

The rest of the day was relatively normal. At least until the last class, when Haruhi made an unwelcome announcement.

"Hey, I'd like to make an announcement!" she said at the beginning of the last class. "I just purchased Kyon this DVD to give him an advise for the honeymoon!"

Hey, Haruhi, will you stop embarrassing me already? And in front of my classmates?
"What, it's not like it's a tabu!"
"Yes, it is!"
"Then with more reason you should read this! You wouldn't like Yuki to complain that you were reading the user's manual in the last minute, would you?" Everybody laughed at Haruhi's statement. Well, everybody but me.
"Haruhi, for the love of God, SHUT UP! I know that already, it's not like I'm ten years old!"
"But you can't know everything when you're a virgin!"
"Kyon, stop making so much noise, can't you see that you're interrupting the class?"


The students' laughter was finally silenced by the teacher clearing her throat. "Well, let's start the class", she said. Sensei, thank you. I turned around and Haruhi was still laughing silently, while her head was glowing with the same color of the Kryptonian sun. Haruhi, you did this just to annoy me, you... you... nevermind.

As soon as the class finished, one of the students shouted. "Hey, Kyon! Look at the sky!"

I looked outside the window, and the clouds had just formed a gigantic banner that said: "Yuki (heart) Kyon", followed by today's date. Seeing no airplane in the vicinity, I didn't need to guess who was responsible for the miraculous celestial decoration. I turned my head to look at Haruhi, who made an innocent face.

I smiled. "Thank you."
"Why thank me?" she answered. "Only a god could make that happen!"

After saying this, she smiled and left the classroom.

I was walking to the brigade room, when I saw Mori-san in the hall, carrying the last few presents for Yuki and me. When she saw me, she stopped.

"Ah, sir..."


"Your new house is ready. I'll be at your service from now on."
"From now on?"
"Yes, the Agency has appointed me as your new maid. For me, it's an honor", she said, bowing.
"Uh... thank you..."
"Your car will wait for you outside school."
"Oh, thank you." I answered.

Mori-san bowed to me, and left the hall.

I entered the brigade room, and Yuki was, as usual, reading a book. As soon as she saw me, she closed her book and ran towards me, before giving me a soft, warm hug.

I looked at her, and she was smiling like me. She gave me a kiss.

"See you tonight..." she said.

"See you tonight."

Sigh. I still can't believe this... I'm getting married tonight! I imagined myself with her, on the ceremony, and then I began to wonder how "The Elder" would look like. I felt a bit scared. Obviously, the Elder was a very powerful being. In theory, I shouldn't be afraid of him, but just the idea of being face to face with the highest rank above Yuki made my whole body shiver.

But I shouldn't worry about that. I mean, he's just going to get us married, right?

I shivered even more. I'm getting married!!!!

I said goodbye to my friends when Asahina-san met me.

"Kyon-kun, congratulations!!" she said, hugging me.
"Thank you".
"I'm so happy for you! And I'm so glad for being able to watch this with my own eyes again, now that I understand all that you went through."
"Eh? Oh... nevermind! Anyway, Kyon-kun, I just wanted to share how happy I am for you! Now, I have to go. I need to help Nagato-san with her stuff. See you tonight!"
"See you."

I scratched my head. What was that 'again' for? Whatever. If I ask her, she'll probably say 'classified information'. I better go to the car and get ready for the wedding.

When I arrived to the car, Koizumi and Arakawa-san were waiting for me. Arakawa-san opened the door.
"Oh, thank you." I said, getting in the car. After I closed the door, Arakawa-san got in the driver's seat and started the engine.

"So, Kyon-kun, how are you feeling?" asked Koizumi.
"Very nervous!"
"Haruhi is helping Nagato-san get ready for tonight. You're a very fortunate man."
"Thank you. But you know, I only wanted her to be happy."
"Yes, and this is why Nagato-san is a very fortunate woman."
"Koizumi... every time I see her smile, it's a blessing for me. I don't know if I could stand seeing her lose her emotions again."
"Kyon-kun, you shouldn't think negative thoughts on your wedding day."
"You're right."

When we arrived home, my sister and my mom already had the luggage with my clothes.

"Mom! Sis!"
"Kyon! My son, I'm so happy for you! Aren't you excited? Let's go eat."
Arakawa-san and Koizumi took the luggage and proceeded to put it inside the trunk.

"Kyon-kun", said Koizumi, smiling, "we'll take care of the rest. You just prepare for the wedding."
"Thanks!" I said, waving.

After I finished eating, I went to my bedroom and began to prepare my clothes. Let's see... the shoes are already polished, there's no dust on the tuxedo, everything's fine... the yukata for tonight....

The doorbell rang, and my mom answered the call.

"Son, it's for you!"
"I'm coming!"

I arrived at the door when I saw a beautiful teacher smile at me.

"Asahina-sensei! Come in, please!"
"Thank you! I need to talk to your mother for a while. Meanwhile you can prepare the letters."
"The letters? Oh, the letters! I nearly had forgotten! But please, come in."

I let Asahina-sensei enter before closing the door. I ran to my bedroom, and very carefully, I proceeded to put the folders in the briefcase that Asahina-sensei had given to me. I had nearly forgotten. I didn't want to think what would happen if those letters got lost in time.

As I was putting the folders on the briefcase, I sighed. I would miss being John Smith. But I'm glad that we'll be having our daily adventures with Haruhi. After all, I'm still a member of the SOS-brigade.

I closed the briefcase, and made sure that no letter had been lost around. Nope, everything's fine.

I hope I didn't take too much to give her the letters. But when I got to the hall, I saw Asahina-sensei being served some tea by my mom.
"Very delicious, madam", said Asahina-sensei. "Ah, this reminds me of my time at school..."

"Sorry to interrupt", I said politely. "Sensei, here are the letters."
"Thank you, Kyon-kun! Let me check."

Asahina-sensei took a small electronic device and put it on the table. She put the portfolio on top of it. After two seconds, the device beeped.

"Let's see... Alright, the weight matches to the micrograms. Don't worry, Kyon-kun, everything will go as planned. You don't need to worry about the past now."

I sighed. What a relief.

"Well, I must go now, madam. Oh, please consider my offer."

Offer? What offer?

"Yes, I will" answered my mom. "You're very generous" she said, giving a handshake to Asahina-sensei.

"Sensei... what offer?"

Asahina-sensei winked at me and smiled. "Classified information~!"

Later, at school...

Eventually, night came and we were already in the ceremony. It also took place at school before the Tanabata festival.

My parents were present, and so was my sister, who seemed to be excited at everything.

I was very anxious. Finally, the time came. I really hope I don't die of a heart attack. Great, I'm sweating again! Handkerchief, handkerchief... sigh.


I turned around, and I saw Kimidori-san dressed as a bridesmaid. "Yes?"
"Just wanted to notify you. Don't get scared of Asakura-san if you see her. She's harmless now."
"Asakura-san? She's here?"
"Hello, Kyon-kun!"


Asakura-san sighed. "I know. I owe you an apology for trying to kill you a year ago."

Just an apology!? That's an understatement, miss!

"Anyway, I won't try to do anything weird now. But please understand, I was worried about us, and now that we're safe from any threat, you have my deepest gratitude."
"Are you sure you don't have a knife hidden somewhere?"
"No, but you can search me if you like", she said winking.
I stepped back. She chuckled. "Anyway, Kyon-kun... I'm serious. I won't try to harm any of you. After all, I'm under heavy supervision now. And I wouldn't get in the way of the Elder."

I turned to Kimidori-san, and she nodded, smiling. Her smile reassured me of my safety.

I heard a male voice behind me. "Well, I'm ready". It was Koizumi, whom I chose to be my groomsman. Taniguchi had complained that he hadn't been assigned as one, but if I had to include him, I would have to include Kunikida too, and three is just too much. But sincerely, they couldn't compare to Koizumi, who has had to support me by fighting those avatars in closed spaces. I'm sorry, guys, but you just belong to a different scale.

The ceremony begun, and as we were approaching the improvised altar, I could finally see Yuki's boss. His human form was of an elder man who wore glasses, with a huge white beard. When he appeared in his white robes (which looked like a mixture of Catholic priest robe, Buddhist monk robe and a science lab robe - I know, it sounds ridiculous, but that's what it looked like), Yuki and her bridesmaids knelt before him. And in my eyes, he emitted a glowing white aura. His very presence nearly made me faint when I first saw him. After that, I knew in my mind that this... entity... was at least dozens of millions of years old. And still, he "told" me that he was grateful to me and to the SOS brigade for gaining knowledge that had been unknown to him and to all the Integrated Data Sentient Entity for eons. Koizumi and I knelt before him, too.

"Please rise", the Elder said.

Koizumi left me, while Kimidori-san and Asakura-san left Yuki. Now it was just the two of us in front of the Elder.

He began to speak.

"It is an honor for me to preside this ceremony of Sacred Matrimony, whose data will reside in our memories until this instance of the Universe gets deleted, and even beyond."

Just hearing the words 'instance' and 'deleted' made me wonder if the people in school would think Yuki's religion was some kind of UFO cult. Well, technically, it was, but if we want to compare, I wonder what they'll think if they find out that Haruhi is some kind of god.

The Elder spoke. And for some reason, his words (and ours) were heard through the loudspeakers even when he wasn't using a microphone. I wonder how many of the people around noticed this tiny but significant detail.

"Do you, Nagato Yuki, take this man as your husband, until either your lives as mortal beings runs out?"
"Yes, I do."
"Do you", he asked me, calling me by my full name, "take this woman as your wife, until either of your lives as mortal beings runs out?"
"Yes, I do."

Then, the Elder muttered some words at an incredible pace. He put his hands on both of our heads, and something inside me changed. I still can't recall what was changed, but something was changed. But I'm sure of one thing: Yuki belonged to me, and I belonged to her. This knowledge was signed and verified by the Integrated Data Sentient Entity.

The Elder put his hands together, and said with a loud voice:

"By the authority transmitted to me, signed and verified since the beginning of this world, I hereby declare you, husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride."

I lifted Yuki's veil, and we kissed each other. Everyone applauded at us. Camera flashes were sparkling all over the place, and fireworks were launched from the school rooftop.

Wedding music was played, and the ceremony finished. After the Elder entered one of the school buildings, nobody heard of him later.

The people in charge of organizing the wedding moved the chairs and put tables together for the guests - which was the entire school. It took around 20 minutes for them to finish. More than enough time for us to change to our yukatas. Yuki looked just gorgeous.

The dinner had been paid for by the Tsuruya family, so there was no problem at all regarding the school funds. Next to our table, were my family's table, and there was a special table reserved to the SOS brigade - which, by the way, had been officially recognized as a school club. The supervisor was none other than Asahina-sensei herself.

In that table there were seats for Asahina-san, Asahina-sensei, Haruhi, Koizumi, and the newest member of the brigade: The mysterious girl who came from a parallel universe - and who was a personal friend of mine in that other universe.

Just before dinner began, Asahina-san stood up and took the microphone to recite a poem. Like everyone else, she was wearing a yukata.

"Um... hello... everyone... I would like to um... recite a poem for the recently wed couple... um... and... this poem was written by Nagato Yuki herself."

Yuki began to blush, and gently squeezed my hand. Needless to say that she was both excited and embarrassed by the poem being read.

Eternal Tanabata
by Nagato Yuki.

In a night made out of tears
Orihime called her lover.
Hikoboshi, please come over;
it's allowed if it's our dreams.

This night would, from others, differ,
how could snow fall in the summer?
It's the tears shed by the princess
while she's waiting on her corner.

The gods made our bridge for this,
We don't need to fear their gazes
Altair, I beg, please give me a kiss,
Vega called through times and places.

The night Vega and Altair kissed
Tanabata was discovered.
Such a night won't be dismissed,
for our dreams will be recovered.

In a safe box they're well kept,
the dreams waiting for the wedding
the joys shared while they had slept,
the tears she'd been daily shedding.

In a night made out of tears
Hikoboshi met his lover.
Orihime, cry no longer;
You're now safe from all your fears.

Let's all dress in a yukata
To remember our first meeting.
Let all nights become our greeting,
our eternal Tanabata.

The public let out an "aaw" in chorus and applauded. And Haruhi, who was being hugged by Koizumi, couldn't stop crying. Even when she didn't exactly understand what it meant, she was deeply moved. But I understood perfectly the meaning of that poem. Besides the obvious fact that I was Altair (Hikoboshi), and that Yuki was Vega (Orihime), the safe box contained the encrypted memories of our shared dreams - the dreams where we could share the love we felt for each other, completely void from inhibitions.

It never occurred to me that Yuki would make such a beautiful poem about our nights together - much less that she would use Tanabata as a figure for this. This was our secret. Our Tanabata secret. I remembered what Yuki had told me - that it had been precisely on that night of Tanabata, four years ago, that I had met her for the first time. But I wonder, when exactly did she fell in love with me? I guess I'll ask her later.

The group ENOZ began to animate the dinner with their music. Since some of the members of ENOZ were no longer students of North High, they had been hired to play for us. Later I found out that Haruhi had traveled back in time to hire their services, so that they would have enough time to practice their songs for tonight.

As they were playing, I gave Yuki my wedding present for her. It was both a wedding present and a birthday present. She carefully opened it, revealing sphere with a beautiful winter scenery inside.

She looked at it, amazed at the art quality. "It's beautiful... thank you", she said, smiling at me.
"Oh, but you haven't turned it on yet."
"Turn it on?" she asked me, puzzled.

I chuckled. I couldn't believe she didn't know about it! Or perhaps she was feigning ignorance?

"Close your eyes."

Yuki closed her eyes while following my instructions.
"Now, shake it a little, then put it on the table, and open your eyes."

When Yuki opened her eyes and she saw that in the inside of the sphere it was snowing, her eyes began to look all glassy.

"This is... this is..."

How could I forget the poem that she wrote for the Literature club? About how she loved to see snow fall when she first came to Earth. The day after we dated, I purchased that snowy sphere for her, and kept it carefully until this day.

Seeing her eyes get wet with that crystalline liquid, I said, smiling:

"Happy fourth birthday, Nagato Yuki."

She hugged me, with her eyes closed. "Thank you!!! Thank you!!!"

Seeing Yuki's beautiful face, crying in joy, was the best present I could ever receive.

The wedding night.

The dinner had finished, and we proceeded to admire the Tanabata fireworks. All of the SOS brigade. Asahina-sensei was sitting next to Asahina-san. Next, the slider girl (whose name will be kept secret until today for security reasons). Next, Haruhi was holding hands with Koizumi, and I was holding hands with Yuki. She had her head resting on my shoulder.

The fireworks finished, and we knew that it was time to go home. Everyone began saying goodnight, and I said goodnight to my family.

Arakawa-san was waiting for us in the black cab. We waved goodbye to everyone.

I began getting anxious. Tonight... our wedding night... in our own home... only Yuki and I.

We were escorted by Arakawa-san to our new home. Mori-san was already waiting for us, and led us to our bedroom. The room had a wide bed, and the lamps emitted a soft light.

"The bathroom has already everything you need. There are robes and towels for each one of you. Good night, masters."
"Goodnight, Mori-san", we said in chorus.

She closed the door from outside.

The first one to go to the bathroom was me. Hey, now that I think about it, why don't I take a shower?

"Yuki... I'm going to take a shower. It won't take long."
"Go ahead."

Ah... such a nice bathroom. And what a refreshing shower. It was just perfect for a hot summer night. As I was showering, I began to wonder what would happen if I suddenly heard the curtains open. Would I be bold enough to look around?

But that didn't happen. I took my towel and bath robe and got out. Yuki entered the bathroom.

"My turn", she said, smiling.

As soon as I got on the bed, I began to get both anxious and embarrassed. What should I do? How should I look at Yuki?

I decided to calm down and turn on the TV.


"Ah, Kyon! Welcome to the Haruhi channel! To prepare you for your honeymoon, I have collected the following movies to prepare you for -"


The TV set got turned on by itself.

"Don't you dare turning me off!" shouted Haruhi. Ugh, this can't be happenning!

"Just kidding!" she said, smiling. "Anyway, Kyon, there are some interesting channels on the TV, with background music and nice panoramic views. Enjoy your night!"

After Haruhi winked, The TV set changed itself to a visually pleasing channel with background music. Ah, that's much better.

Finally, Yuki came out of the bathroom, wearing her robe. She sat down on the bed next to me. Touching my hair, she asked: "Would you like me to dry it for you?"


Yuki didn't wait for my answer. She moved her hand over my hair, and it was now dry.

"That's better", she said.

She looked at me, and I looked at her. She began to blush, and diverted her gaze to somewhere else. Oh, Yuki, how I love it when you do that!!

"I think it's time", she said.

I swallowed. Yes, it was time... but... I didn't know how to start.

"Let me start then", she said, before kissing me softly, with her eyes closed.

What happened later will be kept only between Yuki and me. I won't say whether I used the tips that Haruhi gave to me. But I can say that the love we felt for each other was orders of magnitude above what we had felt in our dreams.

The next morning...

It was a good thing that we didn't go to class that morning. We still had to study later to compensate for the classes that we skipped, but at least that day wouldn't officially count as an absence.

The first thing I noticed when I opened my eyes, was that Yuki was already awake. She had been looking at me with a loving smile that couldn't be expressed with words.

Wearing only the bedsheets above us, she said to me, smiling:

"Good morning... Kyon."
"Good morning, Yuki."

I took my hand and caressed her shoulder with my fingertip.

We smiled at each other. Words weren't necessary now to communicate. We stayed like that for around a couple of minutes. Finally, I felt the need to stretch my arms.

"How did you sleep?" I asked after yawning.
"Wonderful. You?"
"Wonderful too."
"What would you like for breakfast?"
"I don't know... fried eggs would be fine."

She gave me a quick kiss, and got up. Until now, I hadn't noticed how beautiful her figure was. She quickly put on her night gown, while I put on my pajamas.

Nagato grabbed the phone, and dialed a quick number.

"Mori-san... good morning. Please prepare the table for breakfast."

Then she proceeded to wash her hands. "Oh, Kyon!"
"Yes, dear?"
"Last night, your mother gave me a message for you."
"What is it?"
"To call her when you woke up."

Ah,mother... I just hope you don't ask me for the details of the honeymoon!

I proceeded to pick up the phone and began to dial home. Mom's home, I mean.

"Kyon! How are you doing?"
"Fine, mom, thank you."
"Just wanted to congratulate you for your wedding!"

I could hear my sister shout "Congratulations, Kyon-kun!!"

I chuckled. My mom kept talking.
"By the way, what religion was that priest? He looked kinda weird."
"Oh, it's a … rare religion, very ancient, but not well known."
"Ah, that explains it. How did you sleep? Everything went fine?"
I chuckled. "Yes, mom, everything went fine."

My sister began to shout. "Mom, I'm going to brush my teeth!"
"Don't forget to brush inside your cheeks!" my mom shouted.

"Son, your clothes are ready for the moving. Oh, guess what?"
"Well, last night, while we were getting dressed for the wedding, I noticed something curious. Nothing serious, but I just felt I just had to tell you."
"What is it, mom?"

I would never forget my mother's words through the telephone.

"Did you know your sister has a star shaped mole on her chest?"


Author's notes:


Thank you!