Chapter 1 – Parents legacy

"Kabuto-san," the short, spiky blonde haired figure of Uzumaki Naruto gasped in confusion, "what are you doing here?"

"You know who he is?" the tall, bulky figure of Jiraiya asked him with a sideward glance.

"Yeah," Naruto replied with a vigorous nod of his head, causing his hair to shake all over the place making it messier than it had been previously, "he was at the Chunnin exams."

Before Jiraiya could reply to Naruto he was barged out of the way as Tsunade, the women that they had spent the best part of four days searching for, went rampaging forward toward the grey haired young man who stood just metres in front of them, her fist cocked back, a look of pure rage on her face as she closed the distance between them.

As quickly as Tsunade's attack had been launched it came to an end. Naruto's eyes had been barely able to keep up with what was happening, all he knew was that Tsunade had now stopped her fist mere inches away from Kabuto's face. Blood splattered across the ground as it cascaded around Kabuto's kunai which lay embedded in Tsunade's forehead.

"Blood!" Tsunade shrieked. It was the most terrible shriek that Naruto had ever heard; it was a shriek of pure terror that echoed across the desert like wasteland they stood in.

"My body finally started to move," Kabuto told Tsunade victoriously, a smug expression on his face as he slowly pushed his glasses back up onto the perch of his nose, "bet you hadn't expected that, huh Lady Tsunade?"

Naruto couldn't tell what was up with Tsunade but it was like her body had just shut down. Sure the cut that Kabuto had nailed her with would of hurt but it shouldn't have caused her to become unresponsive, taking advantage of her state Kabuto unleashed a vicious kick to Tsunade's chest sending her sprawling backwards.

"TSUNADE-SAMA!" Shizune screamed as she dove to catch her injured master. Everything was happening so fast, he didn't understand what was happening. Why was Kabuto attacking the future Hokage? Why was he even here?

"What the hell is going?" Naruto shouted as Shizune landed on the ground with a thump beside him, Tsunade unresponsive body landing on top of her.

"Your stupidity continues to astound me," Kabuto told his fellow genin, casually whipping Tsunade's blood from his kunai, "it's the reason you can never hope to compare to Sasuke-Kun."

Anger welled up inside Naruto. Who was Kabuto to tell him he couldn't compare to Sasuke, he had managed to get through in the chunnin exams…Kabuto hadn't even managed to make it into preliminaries. Sasuke hadn't managed to even beat his opponent in the third part of the chunnin exam…in fact he had defeated him instead!

"Look at his headband kid," Jiraiya said to Naruto, snapping him out of his thoughts and making his eyes snap up to Kabuto's hitai-ite. There, where Naruto expected to see the little leaf symbol that represented all Konoha shinobi was the symbol he had seen a few times during the Chunnin exams…the symbol of the sound, "he's Orochimaru's subordinate."

A smile lit up upon Kabuto's face a look of pride as he proudly proclaimed, "That's right, I'm a spy for Otogakure no Sato."

"W…what?" Naruto stuttered, was it true? Could Kabuto, the man who had helped his team through the forest of death, really be working with Orochimaru? Had he helped him brand Sasuke with that weird seal, had he helped him kill the Sandaime?

"You know what I have discovered Naruto-Kun," Kabuto asked Naruto. His voice still the same friendly tone that had drew Konohagakure no Sato's rookie nine to him whilst they where waiting for Chunnin exams to start, "I concluded that you, unlike Sasuke-kun, have no talent as a shinobi."

It hit him hard. He'd been told many times that he would never make it as a shinobi but he'd never let it get to him. He'd ignored everything that was said, ignored the taunts of being the 'dead last', he had graduated despite everything and was now a shinobi of the hidden leaf. His breathing had gotten short and shallow as he struggled to control his anger, every fibre of his body was telling him to show Kabuto just what type of shinobi he was.

A gentle hand gripped his shoulder lightly, Naruto's head snapped up to see the friendly face of Jiraiya smiling down at him. His weird tattoos crinkled as he smiled and his normally lecherous face transformed into a pleasant smile.

"Don't listen to him kid," The toad Sannin told Naruto giving his shoulder another squeeze, "he isn't a proper a shinobi…he is in no position to cast judgement on your skills."

"Even if you do make a scary face it doesn't change the fact that out here," Kabuto informed Naruto "you are nothing more than an out of place genin. You rely on that monster inside you but next to the Sennin you are nothing. And I won't hesitate to kill you if you try something stupid."

It was the final straw for Naruto. He gave a roar of anger and started to charge only to be yanked back by the strong arm of Jiraiya.

"See even a fool like Jiraiya knows you would die if you tried something." Kabuto smirked.

"Actually," the toad Sannin corrected "I just don't want Naruto to risk getting his clothes dirty. I hear traitor's blood is hard to get out."

"You haven't changed Jiraiya," Orochimaru hissed from behind Kabuto, his amber eyes shining with malice as he stared at his former team mate, "you are still as weak as always."

"One mans weakness is another mans strength." Jiraiya countered a slight nod of his head, his eyes staring at Orochimaru who barred his teeth and growled, "Shizune, you handle the kid in the glasses. I'll take Orochimaru."

"But Jiraiya-sama," Shizune whispered barely loud enough for Naruto to hear "what about…." She trailed off.

"Tsunade isn't in a fit state to fix her mistake; I'll just have to deal with it." Jiraiya returned with an equally low whisper before turning to Tsunade, who had sank to her knees and was shaking, her blood no longer on her body. Probably thanks to Shizune, "heal yourself with your Jutsu, Tsunade-Hime."

"What about me!" Naruto argued, if this pervert thought for one second he was just going to sit back and watch as they fought he had another thing coming.

"You stay here and guard Tsunade." The white haired toad Sannin replied.

"WHAT!" Naruto yelled.

"Look," Jiraiya explained to Naruto "their dangerous ninja. Orochimaru killed the Sandaime and Kabuto could give Kakashi a run for his money…there just too powerful for you."

"But my Kage Bushin!" Naruto protested his hands already performing the seals.

"It's useless," Jiraiya told Naruto slapping the boy's hands breaking the chain of seals, "with those two as your opponents you're just wasting chakra. Just…just make sure nothing happens to Tsunade."

In a blur Jiraiya demonstrated speed which no man his age should have been capable of, he brought his thumb up to his mouth, bit it so a small trickle of blood rolled down the edge of the digit before slamming his open palm down onto the dusty ground and shouting.

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu"

His actions had been mirrored almost perfectly by Orochimaru and Kabuto, the combined effort just a fraction of a second behind that of Jiraiya's. Two loud bangs echoed across the wasteland, two pillars of smoke appearing and quickly disappearing and revealing a giant snake in the place of Kabuto and Orochimaru, who had taken residence on the beasts head and beside Jiraiya a small toad barely ankle high.

The intense look on Jiriaya's slipped being replaced with a look of utter disappointment as the little toad looked around curiously.

"Your stupidity is still as apparent as ever," Orochimaru mocked, "I guess this means I attack first. I have always known of your lack of talent…but even this is poor by your standards. Perhaps Tsunade has hindered you? Perhaps she was prepared to sacrifice the fool for her loved ones after all."

"Dammit," Jiraiya grumbled.

"Pathetic." Orochimaru sneered.

"HEY!" Naruto yelled, his arm out stretched and pointing to the pale figure of Orochimaru, "Don't talk to Ero-sennin like that!"

Naruto mimicked Jiraiya's earlier actions, biting his own thumb till it bled before slamming his hand down into the ground. He could feel every set of eyes on him as he attempted to summon Gamabunta and teach this bastard a lesson.

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu"

The same bang and smoke appeared as with Jiraiya and once the smoke cleared the same look of disappointment appeared on Naruto's face as had on Jiriaya's as it revealed a chubby, ankle high toad. Jiraiya eyed the boy with slight disappointment as he failed to summon anything that could hope to challenge that giant snake in front of them.

Orochimaru said something to Kabuto, but they where to far away from both Oto shinobi to hear what it was, not that they needed to because shortly after the giant snake reared back before launching himself at the gathered leaf shinobi. Jiraiya managed to shove Naruto roughly to the side before leaping away himself leaving the snake to go hurtling into the ground, causing it to crack and splinter at the impact.

"Why are you running Jiraiya?" Orochimaru called as the snake regained its bearings, "Your opponent is me. Give up on the boy, he'll die eventually anyway…why not let it be at the hands of a shinobi of my calibre?"

Jiraiya turned quickly, his hands flashing through numerous seals at a speed that put the majority of shinobi to shame before stopping and shout, "Doton: Yomi Numa!"

Orochimaru's amber eyes went wide. The ground around the snake turned from the hard rocky soil into a deep, marshy swamp in a matter of seconds. The swamp constricted his snake not allowing it to move and keeping from attacking again.

With a single jump Jiraiya made his way onto the head of the snake, metres away from Orochimaru who seemed completely undisturbed by the close arrival of his old team mate, just continuing to stand there as if Jiraiya was nothing but an academy student to him.

Beneath the two sennin and on the ground Shizune and Kabuto where engaging in battle. No matter how skilled the young woman was at medical jutsu she just wasn't a battling shinobi, even Naruto could see that. She wasn't as proficient at using her medical jutsu as offensive weapons like Kabuto was. Shizune exposed her forearm, a weird contraption attached to it which promptly fired of several senbon at the Oto medical shinobi, all of which Kabuto avoided before charging at Shizune. His hand flaring with chakra, the dark haired apprentice barely managed to jump back in time to avoid contact. As she dove backwards she inhaled and spat a mass of thick purple fog out of her mouth toward Kabuto.

The fog cleared and Kabuto was no where to be seen, Shizune looked around for any signed of the man her eyes lingering a little at the motionless form of Naruto which still hadn't gotten up after Jiraiya pushed him out of the way of Orochimaru's snake. With a crack Kabuto announced his return to the battle, searing pain erupted in Shizune legs as she felt Kabuto's arm burst through the ground underneath her and grab the back of her calves.

"My legs!" Shizune gasped as she fell to her knees, her legs giving out underneath her. Off to the side and away from the battles Naruto stirred managing to sit up, shaking his head as he turned to face the battle.

He could see Jiraiya and Orochimaru fighting on top of the snake and even without the use of his arms Orochimaru seemed to be holding his own against Jiraiya and Shizune…well Shizune wasn't fairing well at all. Kabuto was stood over her as Shizune desperately tried to heal her legs, giving the short black haired women the same smile he had given Tsunade before kicking her, he delivered a punch right to the women's jaw. A sickening crack followed which made even Naruto wince.

Naruto watched with dismay as Kabuto walked towards Tsunade. Tsunade still hadn't moved from her position, she seemed almost catatonic with fear her shaking still not ceasing, this was the women he was supposed to protect…the future Hokage of Konoha. He wasn't going to let some worthless traitor touch her!

Getting to his feet, ignoring the pain that seared through his body as he did so, he moved at speed he didn't know he could, fully intent of getting between Kabuto and Tsunade-Hime and stopping that bastard Kabuto.

Naruto stopped in between Kabuto and Tsunade. Kabuto's fist already on it's way to connecting with Tsunade; Naruto had barely arrived in time to stop the fist and hadn't had time to intercept the fist instead taking the punch himself. His head snapped back at the force of it.

"Naruto," Kabuto growled "I told you you'd die if you interfered."

Naruto turned his eyes back upon Kabuto. His face contorted with anger, teeth bared in an animalistic manner, his strange whisker like marks on his cheeks seemed deeper and more pronounced but it was his eyes that had changed the most. His eyes had gone from bright blue to a cool metallic silver colour that covered the entire eye; concentric circles getting progressively larger marked the silver which covered where the whites of his eyes should have be.

"Your…." Kabuto stuttered "your eyes!"

Naruto delivered a kick to Kabuto's gut which sent him stumbling a few feet backwards that gave the young Genin enough time to summon a Kage Bushin, momentarily pausing as his eyes where assaulted with multiple points of view making him blink in surprise before quickly focusing his chakra and letting the clone mould it into the spinning sphere of chakra that Jiraiya had been trying to teach him. As Naruto dove as Kabuto, the sphere of Chakra, spinning wildly in his hand Kabuto dodged it leaving Naruto to flying to a rock. The rock shattering into a thousand pieces as the ball of chakra hit it.

"You can't hit me Naruto," Kabuto sneered "you are a failure Uzumaki. A nothing, nobody, just a demon…"

"I'M NOT A DEMON!" Naruto roared as she got back up from his failed attack.

"That seal on your stomach says otherwise," Kabuto told Naruto "the only thing you'll be remembered for is holding the beast. Nothing more."


"I don't know what happened to your eyes," Kabuto told Naruto "Perhaps a side effect of the Kyubi…but it won't save you now. You'll be just another name on that worthless rock Konoha is so fond of."

Kabuto charged, his hand gripping a kunai. Naruto managed to create another clone before Kabuto got any closer, a plan formulating in his mind as Kabuto closed in on him with his kunai pointed at his heart.

"RUN NARUTO!" Tsunade screamed. Naruto's clone looked at the women in shock, the images of Tsunade no longer shaking in fear being sent back to the original Naruto.

It was too late however, Kabuto lunged forward the kunai resting between his fingers to make sure it would piece his heart, just as Naruto had hoped. Naruto at the last second moved his hand in front of his heart, the kunai piecing straight through the palm of his hand, his hand then closed around Kabuto's fist tightly gripping it despite his own injury.

"Until I become Hokage," Naruto growled between ragged breaths, "I refuse to die!"

Naruto stretched his free hand out and began to gather what was left of his chakra and the clone began to mould the chakra. The ball of chakra forming again, Naruto smiled in triumph as he saw Kabuto's eyes widen as he realised what was about to happen. Swinging his free arm the ball of Chakra hit Kabuto in the chest sending him spinning through the air before landing in the floor with a crack.


"Those eyes…" Orochimaru gasped in surprise as he watched Naruto send Kabuto flying through the air. He and Jiraiya had come to a stand still, much to his dismay, his old team mate's strength had returned much sooner than he would have liked.

"It can't be…" Orochimaru turned his eyes once more to Jiraiya, who he saw was watching wide eyed at the scene below them.

"You know those eyes?" Orochimaru asked breathlessly, his head cocked to the side as he tried to figure out how Jiraiya knew about an eye technique that he had never seen.

Jiraiya turned his attention back to Orochimaru, looking at him shock in those dark brown eyes that no longer held the ties of friendship that they once had.

"Every shinobi worth his salt knows those eyes," Jiraiya told Orochimaru with a hint of smugness, "its thanks to those eyes you're able to use Ninjutsu."

Could it be? Surely it wasn't possible? Those eyes, the eyes Jiraiya had alluded to, where nothing but a legend. A legend created by the shinobi, a myth, he had never once dreamt that they where real. But they where in front of him…he could see them with his very own eyes.

What powers did hold? It was rumoured they allowed the legendry Sage of six paths to master all of the elements, to master things no other man had even dreamed of. To think that those eyes had awakened in that child, the child already…advantages or disadvantaged depending on your view, over other shinobi but with these eyes he could become a force of nature. A god among shinobi, more powerful than anybody. He could not have that. He could not have somebody with the potential to threaten everything he had worked so hard for, no…he would not waste those years of research, those years of failed attempts and years of trying to master every jutsu only to be undone by some brat who bares the Sages eyes.

He was left with only one option. Nobody knew the true power of the Rinnegan, nobody still alive had ever seen the Rinnegan in action but if it's legend was true even a fraction true…then he had no choice. He had to kill the brat before he had started to master the power of those eyes. Yes, the beast would not leave this wasteland.

With that final thought Orochimaru dived of the still trapped body of his summoned snake suddenly, plummeting towards the ground at breakneck speed. His amber eyes fixed on the body of Kyuubi container he was so close, perhaps he had underestimated the boy, forget the Sharingan if he could get his hands on the Rinnegan he'd be unstoppable. A true shinobi force, to think such eyes where wasted in possession of such an untalented brat.


"Please," Tsunade sobbed as she placed her hands on Naruto's chest, her chakra flaring suddenly as she tried to heal the young boy. He had fought so bravely for her, ignoring the obvious stress that his body was feeling to protect her, he'd beaten a shinobi who despite what Naruto had said earlier was closer to jonin standard than his rank would suggest. He'd risked his life repeatedly for her. She wouldn't let him die!

"Ha," Naruto managed to say as he coughed, blood trickling down out of the corner as his lips quirked into a soft smile. Tsunade felt herself getting lost in his almost hypnotic eyes, she ideally reminded herself to talk to Jiraiya bout this latest development before she felt a hand brush against her breast. Looking down she saw Naruto's blood soaked hand clutching at her necklace, "I guess Ero-Sennin was right," He coughed violently again "You really are a terrible better."

With that Naruto gave the necklace a yank the chain that held it around her neck gave way and fell onto his chest.

"You're going to make a wonderful Hokage, Naruto." Tsunade said quietly as Naruto closed his eyes, slipping once again into unconsciousness.

"Touching how a boy you didn't even know would nearly kill himself in to protect you," the unmistakeable voice of Orochimaru hissed, "touching but pathetic."

"I don't know what you want Orochimaru," Tsunade growled, standing for the first time since attempting to attack Kabuto, "but I wont heal your arms. You're wasting your time here."

"Oh I'm not after my arms being healed anymore Tsunade-Hime," Orochimaru informed her with a twisted smile, "There is one other way to get my arms healed, and no I'm here for something much more important."

Tsunade stood her ground protectively over Naruto. "Oh really, and what would that be?"

"His eyes!" Orochimaru hissed, his own amber eyes becoming merciless as he lunged at her, his mouth open in the most unnatural way, a snake appearing where his tongue should be hissing and twisting violently before opening its jaw and shooting a sword out of its mouth. He was aiming to kill her. Without her there he would have free reign on Naruto…she'd protect him like he had protected her. She'd die for him.

Orochimaru gained closer and closer. And with every step he took she braced herself for what she knew would likely kill her, Orochimaru didn't aim to injure he aimed to kill. This was no different.


Out of the ground barely a metre in front of her Jiraiya shot out the Rasengan fully formed and buried into the stomach of Orochimaru whose eyes where wide as both he and Jiraiya flew into the air. It appeared in his greed Orochimaru had become distracted and not paid enough attention to Jiriaya's whereabouts.

Jiraiya landed first and upon landing fell back beside her, flashing a grin at her as he had done so many times in the past. It was comforting in an odd sort of way, she'd spent most of her childhood trying to beat that stupid grin off of Jiraiya's face but now it was comforting to see such a familiar face…which was trying to kill her or Naruto.

Seconds after Jiraiya had landed Orochimaru followed landing feet away from them, his clothes ripped and exposing the torn flesh of his stomach which was bleeding heavily as a result of the Rasengan. The wound didn't seem to bother Orochimaru who continued to stare at both of them.

"Even I cannot beat you both," Orochimaru admitted begrudgingly "I am not stupid enough to try to, till we meet again old friends."

The ground seemed to swallow Orochimaru whose figure seemed to slowly sink deeper and deeper into the ground until nothing remained and it was like Orochimaru had never been there, a soft bang caught the remaining sennin's attention smoke had appeared where the body of Kabuto had laid since Naruto had managed to take him out of the equation.

"Tsunade…" Jiraiya said trying to get her attention.

"Not now Jiraiya," the women snapped "We have to get Naruto to a place he can rest. He's exhausted and I didn't finish treating him earlier. Shizune needs treatment as well."

"Ok," Jiraiya nodded in agreement, "back to the village you where staying in? It's the closest and the kid should be fine within a few hours."

"It'll have to do," Tsunade agreed "You get the Gaki, I'll heal Shizune."

Jiraiya nodded and moved towards the unconscious form of Naruto, turning his head over his shoulder saying, "Tsunade we have much to discuss when we get the chance…it's more important than you could imagine."