I had left my love in the dreary corners of the streets of London. While I was on my way to the far side of Rome where professor D Pitt had found a discovery.

When I had arrived it was as I expected filthy, damp, black houses with twigs of some sort to form a roof, but one thing I did not expect was the look of people's faces. There faces filled with fear as if a black cloud was watching down on them. I knocked on the door with a smile on his face "Come in...come in" he said excitingly I entered the house, it was comfortable in a way the roaring fire setting the theme of warm and cozy but the walls stated differently the brown wallpaper dripping of the wall nearby his, assumed, rocking chair held a cup which held the water which was dropping from the roof.

"Now my dear I shall talk to you tomorrow about my discovery, but now you and I must rest"

Now looking at him I saw his forehead glittered with what I assumed sweat

"Professor are you ill?" I asked concerned

"No, no my dear just in great need of rest" he shook off with a smile

"As you wish, which room is mine?"

He had shown me to the room which was much nicer and held all of the items I accommodated

"Relax me dear" he told me before exciting my room

I dropped my suitcase near the wooden wardrobe I sat down at the desk and started my telegraph to Jacob, my fiancé

My dearest Jacob

I have arrived at Transylvania and I am missing you already, I have never been apart from you for so long and I am longing to see your eyes again.

The feelings I am getting here are dark and depressingly awkward. Just to hear you speak in my mind makes me see the light again.

I hope to see you soon again

My love


That night as I was dreaming I had dreamt that a man had come into my bedroom and whispered gently into my ear, 'I am your love, I desire you, I want you'. He kissed me softly on the lips and jumped out of window, and into the night.

I woke that morning feeling slightly dizzy. And slightly confused wondering of last night's dream I got out of my bed and started to dress. I wore my pink/ gold silk dupion with pearl-edged double sleeve flounces in silk and ivory lace. The lightly boned bodice has back lacing; and the skirt has pannier-style drapes. I wore my gold short heeled shoes underneath my very hot and uncomfortable dress.

I awoke to see the professor reading his newspaper along with a cup of tea

"You seem better professor" I mentioned

He looked up from his newspaper to smile

"Good morning my dear, and yes thank you I am feeling a lot better, may I say you look beautiful"

I blushed

"Please let's not lie professor" I chuckled "My dress is uncomfortably tight my hair is in this very tight bun and the hat I am to wear today" I shook my head and the professor laughed

"My dear you are beyond hilarious, that was a complement by the way" he said reassuring me

"I'm glad I amuse you" I replied smiling I sat down opposite him "So professor…"

"Dawson please Isabella" he said

"Ok, may you please call me Bella then, I think it's awful irritating to be called my full name unless I am in trouble" I chuckled

"Very well Bella please continue" he leaned back into his creaky light brown chair and allowed me to continue

"I was just going to ask what discovery you wish for me to know about"

"Ah yes my dear of course" he got up off the chair and grabbed his coat "Shall we my dear Bella" he asked having his arm crooked for me to lace my arm through his

"We shall" I replied he put my coat on for me and we walked out of the house and into the mudded streets

We were walking passed a locked iron gate when the professor told me more

"Well my dear you see many people on this earth are dying whether that is because they are sick or old or viciously attacked by a mad man"

I nodded and he continued

"Well my dear I have found a cure for all of these symptoms are you ready to hear this?" he asked his face smiling

"Yes" I replied

he leaned in "I have found a cure which could bring people to live forever"

I looked at him like he was mad

"Professor are you sure you're feeling better"

"Yes, yes I am perfectly well thank you my dear" he said with a hint of annoyance that I wasn't believing him "My dear in that house holds the key to our survival" he pointed towards the house on top of the cliffs it was hard to see because it was being shielded by the trees but I could see it was not only this gate which were forbidding us to set foot through.

"That house my dear holds a man who is capable of granting anyone he chooses eternal life"

"But professor if what you say is right, then you'll live eternity alone, forever seeing the destruction of the world"

"But my dear just think we'll never die we shall be healthy, forever strong and beautiful" he was holding my hands in his almost pleading with me to do something about his theory


"It's fine my dear" he spoke letting go of my hands "Let us return home where we shall rest again until the next day" I looked up towards the sky and saw it was dark and little drops of rain started to land on my face then I heard thunder "Come my dear" he led me by my arm towards the house.

By the time we arrived back at the house we were slightly wet

"Bella, go and wash up my dear while I set out our dinner for this evening"

"O no please allow me please"

"It's ok my dear I shall have to get used to cooking seeing I want to impress my wife when I return home of how much I've learnt"

I chuckled as did he "When I return can you tell me more of your life?"

"Of course, but so must you" he replied smiling

I readied myself for the bath grabbing my undergarments and nightgown from my room while the water was heating I sat down an wrote a letter to my beloved

My dearest Jacob

The weather here is as bad as London. I miss you dearly and hope soon I shall be returning to you.

The professor has told me of his discovery and I must admit it is strange he believes so much of the things he is led to believe.

How is London, how are you and my family, is my mother well and what of my father how is he with his job, not tiring himself out I hope.

With all of my love


"Bella dinners ready"

"Coming Dawson" I replied setting the letter into the envelope writing the return address along with Jacob's and sealing it with the red wax with my 'I' label.

That night I had another dream

The man had come into my bedroom again his dark eyes into mine he was breathing softly on my lips he whispered gently into my ear

'In time you will remember me, across the lands and sea. I have searched oceans for you soon you shall love me to. I had asked him what his name was and he whispered back 'I am your prince'

A flash appeared from no where I woke with a shock I raised to the professor's room only to find he wasn't there

"Your professor has gone" a voice from behind me spoke I turned to see a figure in the creek of darkness. I was not able to see neither his face nor his body per sa only the outline of him. My heart was pounding so hard I wanted to run but my legs wouldn't move it was like I was frozen towards the floor.

"Why are you scared of me?" he asked

"Why...Why are you in this house, you can't just come into my bedroom seducing me and kissing me" I spat

"I don't seduce I merely"

"Merely what? Take it upon yourself to go in peoples rooms, I can not tell Jacob about…"

"Jacob? Who's Jacob?"

"My fiancé" I replied my tone softening

"Ah, I didn't realize you were already taken Bella"

"How did you now my name?"

A flash of lighting came and the man was gone.