Edward's POV

I crept along the dark corridor, making sure I made no sound to alert anyone I was here. I stopped when the corridor ended leaving me with two options, left or right. I closed my eyes and tried to sense her, I focused on what he heart beat sounded like, her beautiful scent which drawn me to her like I was a sailor and she was my siren. I decided to turn right; I must have passed 6 closed doors before I heard a sweet voice behind a brown door

"Jacob please, I don't want this"

"We were always been promised to each other Isabella, always, I shall not let that beast corrupt your innocence"

"He has not Jacob, I loved you, truly I did, but god forgive me I love Edward, you were always my friend Jacob, please don't let me go down this path of a course I do not wish to take"

There was silence on the other end of the door, my hand rested on the door knob

"Please" she begged, I then heard a sound like a gurgle, someone choking and I realized he was choking her, I calmly entered the room and had to compose myself, the dogs hand were wrapped around her throat, her eyes wide with fear

"A gentleman should never force himself upon a lady Mr. Black"

He let her go but grabbed her arm; Bella choked slightly holding her throat

"A demon like yourself should never enter a holy place like this" he spat, saliva flying from his mouth, I saw his body shake and was immediately even move consumed for my love

"Jacob, you cannot control yourself around Isabella, let her go now, I ask only once" I edged my way forward but stopped as he retreated back

"Why should I let her go, so she can be returned to you? For you to turn her into one of your abominations?"

"Please Jacob, my arm" I smelt the blood before I saw it, Jacob's nails were transforming longer, to the shape of wolfs claws

"Jacob you do not love Isabella, maybe once upon a time but your love has turned to hate, you're hurting her Mr. Black"

Jacob looked down and saw the blood on her arm

"Let her go"

He seemed to be debating something in his head, I looked to Bella to meet her frightened gaze, I smiled and mouthed it's ok, she smiled but Jacob caught the smile and snarled, Bella whimpered as he held tighter to her bleeding arm


I sighed "Very well" I lunged forward and broke the arm which was holding Bella, he screamed in pain as he held it, I grabbed Bella and brought her behind me protectively

"Run, there is a carriage outside which your friend arranged, it will stop by the ship, Michel will be there for you"

"Edward…" she held onto my arm, Jacob's bone clicked back into place

"Run Isabella. I'll meet you soon"

She didn't move so I turned round and glared at her "Bella, you will die if your still here with me, go, I shall meet you later"

She nodded and kissed him once "Be careful"

"I shall" she ran just as Jacob had fixed his arm, he glared at me

"Now, which of us demons shall win?" I asked as he lunged towards me.

Bella's POV

I ran out of the church and saw the couch, I picked my dress up and ran towards up, debating in my mind if I should return to Edward, but I knew what he said was right.

"Isabella" I turned to see my mother running towards me, her forehead was pinched with worry and I saw the confusion in her eyes "What are you doing?"

"I don't want to marry Jacob mother"

"What? But…but then who shall you marry? Jacob has been good to you…"

"In front of your gaze but behind closed doors he is another person, he forced me here today, taking me away from Transylvania and away from the one person I truly love and who I want to marry"

"I forbid this Isabella" she spat "You will go in there and you shall marry Jacob, because if you leave you will bean outcast in our family, never again shall we speak"

I complemented the idea, loosing all contact with my mother, but it was bound to happen eventually, if I was to become immortal with Edward.

"Very well mother" the footman opened my door for me and I sat on the plush seats, I saw Angela standing at the church door she had a small smile on her face and I nodded, knowing it was her, the friend, to which Edward was talking about

"Isabella" my mother's heart broken voice brought me back to her she looked devastated

"I'm sorry mother, please know even though we shall never speak or see each other again, I love you, and father very much"

The carriage took off and away I went, away from London and my family towards my new home in Transylvania, all I wished was Edward be here soon.

Edward's POV

I grabbed Jacob's jaw as he snapped at me, as a wolf he was much stronger then I had anticipated, but I had the upper hand, I was the oldest of the old. I twisted his jaw making him yelp him pain but her didn't back down. I clenched my hand into a fist and punched him in the ribs, hearing a crack he stumbled backwards giving me an opportunity to stand up and fight properly, may god forgive me for fighting in one of his many churches. Jacob opened his jaw and tried to catch my arm but I moved faster then him. I grabbed his neck and snapped it quickly, he fell to the floor with a thud, I heard his heart beat slowing until it came to a complete stop. He transformed back into human form and I made a cross with my hands

"Rest in peace Jacob"

I quickly left the church hearing the voices in the main hall, whispering about the disappearance of Isabella, it won't be long until they find Jacob's body, when I got outside the carriage was gone so I raced quickly to the ship.

Bella POV

I paced in my cabin, waiting for Edward to come, I would jump at the slightest noise the ship would make. A knock echoed the room and I opened the door, disappointed to see it was Michael

"No word yet miss, I have to sail"

"Five more minutes, please?"

"I'm sorry miss, but we can't risk being here unannounced" he left quickly around the corner leaving me with an emotion with dread. Is he ok? Is he alive? I closed the door and sat on the bed thinking of the worst possible conclusions. I placed my head in my hands and prayed to god he would be ok. The door opened but I didn't look up

"This is the welcome I get?" I looked up and smiled brightly, he was here his green eye intoxicating me just like they did the first time I had seen him, I jumped myself into his arms

"You're alive"

He chuckled "Yes, my love, I'm here with you, now and forever"

Dear mother

I realize we had parted on bad terms but I write this to tell you what is happening in my life. I shall be getting married today to the man I love, I wish some time during the future we shall be able to talk again, I am sorry I have disappointed you in the worst possible way by abandoning you and putting our families name to shame. I wish things had turned out differently but what happened obviously happened for a reason. If you are willing to talk and meet my new husband would you be opposed to travelling to Transylvania? It is wonderful here when you get used to it.

I hope to hear from you soon, say hello to father for me



I placed the letter in the envelope and passed it to Angela, Angela had been a vampire for a few weeks and Edward is astounded with her self control. I'm glad we could still be friends still and not have the worrying feeling of she would be uncomfortable around me because of my blood. Angela had the ability to move things to different places in the world, she transported my letter to my family and I thanked her. She helped me with the laces of my corset as I tried to steady my breathing.

"You'll be fine, stop worrying"

"I'm just nervous, what if I fall, you know what I'm like"

"I'll hold you then, just relax" she chuckled

Edward's POV

I waited at the alter ready for Bella, there was only Ben and Angela here, I had asked a priest from a near by village come and make the ceremony real. He congratulated me and then went off to prepare.

"How are you?" I asked Ben who was fidgeting near by

"Good, very well sir"

I sighed again and ran my hands through my hair

"Stop fretting" Ben chuckled at me

"What if she decides it's a bad idea? What if she's having second thoughts?"

Ben looked to the end of the isle and straightened I looked where he was looking and felt my breath catch in my throat. Bella was being walked down by Angela who was holding her hand tightly; no doubt she fears she would fall over. She looked stunning dress in white with her hair curled down. She reached my side and met my gave with a beaming smile, suddenly my doubts of ever Bella having second thoughts washed away out of my head.

Bella POV

I was passed to Edward, my heart leaping as soon as we touched I couldn't contain the smile on my face as I realized I was going to be Mrs. Isabella Cullen

The priest started to speak but I was only looking at Edward, concentrating only on him, he smiled warmly at me

"And now the vows" the priest spoke to Edward

"Bella, I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you, you mean everything to me and having you stand there looking so beautiful, it is truly an honour for me to call you my wife. From the moment we met I was entranced by you and I knew I loved you but I needed to show you how much I love you, and for the rest of eternity with you at my side I vow I shall show you the world and how much my heart beats with yours"

Tears began to flow down my face and Edward gently wiped them away

"Edward, I love you and you make me feel things which I thought I would never feel. You are my whole world and I can't think of where I would be without you by my side. I want to spend the rest of my life with you and I promise to you I shall love you eternally and to be the best wife you deserve to have, you are my angel, my friend, and my husband and I will never leave your side"

Once the vows were spoken Edward swept me into a passionate kiss when we were pronounced man and wife.

Edward carried me to our room kissing me as he walked, I giggled when he kissed the sweet spot behind my ear. I closed my eyes and smiled to myself I still couldn't believe this was happening, I was nervous, I had heard the girls at my former home in London speak of the pleasure they had encountered with men but some said it hurt tremendously. Edward set me down and we looked at each other, I placed my hands on his hips and pulled him closer. His head tilted until his lips met my neck placing delicate butterfly kisses.

"You smell like Lavender" he spoke softly onto my neck, I shivered as I felt his breath on me. We started to move backwards until we were lying on the bed, his hands came up my body slowly, I arched my back as he reached my breast, I became annoyed I was still clothed.

He looked me intently in the eyes. I ran my hand down the side of his face, he looked at me and I kissed him deeply. He moved us onto the bed properly and I felt his hand behind me and began to untie the strings of my corset. My heart began to beat harder against my chest, he pulled away from my mouth as I panted hard, trying to get my breath back. The emotions I was feeling was incredible. I felt Edward's hand on my bare skin and I moaned into his ear his teeth grazed over my neck making me grasp his hair tightly. He moaned and pulled back to look at me

"After I have made love to you Bella" I knew what he meant, after we made love he would turn me into a vampire.

I nodded "That's what I want" I replied in a hush whisper

His long fingers trailed up my sides and back down again. I gripped the bottom of his shirt and silently pleaded with him to take it off. His eyes never left mine as he slowly peeled his shirt from his body and dropped it to the floor. He pulled my dress down, kissing each exposed part of my body. My hands were either side of my head and my eyes were tightly closed as I adsorbed every moment of pleasure he was giving me. My body felt like it was on fire as he reached my stomach I moaned loudly as his tongue came in contact with my stomach and began to make open kisses.

"Please" I begged

I felt him smile against my skin but he continued his path down my body until I heard my dress being disposed of onto the floor and I heard the ruffle of his pants join our disposed clothes. I opened my eyes and we both looked at each other we were now both fully naked. I boldly leaned up until we were both on our knees, I ran my tongue up his neck and along his jaw, Edward shivered and tilted his neck more to the side. I sucked his ear lobe gently into my mouth and bit it softly. I began to kiss his chest with my mouth and hands, learning each and every muscles of Edward. He was so beautiful. He brought us down onto the bed and the wetness of his tongue had a cool yet hot effect on my skin as he trailed his mouth over my collarbone.

Edward placed wet, open-mouthed kisses across my breasts and gently massaged them with his hands. My back started to hurt as it arched off the bed painfully. He moved down my body, over my stomach and across my hips, he took his time. His hands gently grasped my hips and slid his hands down my legs.

I brought my hands up to stroke his back and moved us closer so now I could feel every part of his body and he could feel mine. Softly, his finger moved over my thigh teasing me by making small circles up my leg I parted my legs in anticipation and leaned up to kiss his lips.

My breath inhaled sharply at the contact I had been waiting for. His hand cupped between my legs, moving torturously slow as he rubbed against me. I began to move my hips, silently begging him not to delay this moment we had both been waiting for. His movement brought me back into the first time he had did this to me in my bed at home. One slender finger dipped in between my folds. My eyes closed and my head tilted back at the wonderful sensation. His finger slipped out and then there were two fingers, massaging gently on my sensitive bundle.

I heard him hiss and his movements began to quicken, beads of sweat began to roll of my body .

"Your so soft" he whispered in my ear

A chill ran down my spine and my body was on fire. I turned my head and crashed my lips.

He began to slow his movements which caused me to buck my hips to him again, I would have been slightly embarrassed by my actions if I didn't need him so badly.

He stared intently into my eyes "Are you ready?"

I nodded and brought my hands to entwine in his soft hair "I've been ready all my life"

He trembled above me and moved close to my entrance, he rubbed up and down against my folds. He placed his head into the crook of my neck before whispering

"I love you"

He entered me and I whimpered in shock, the pain was known to me by other girls but I didn't realize I would be this uncomfortable. He stilled above me

"Are you okay?" he whispered against me.

I nodded with my eyes closed, taking shallow breaths. Just like my friend in London said she did when it was her first time. When I had adjusted to him enough, Edward began to move his hips, sliding slowly in and almost out. I began to relax and enjoy the feeling of him being inside me. He captured my lips

He took my hands in his and placed them above me. Edward placed one hand on my hip and began to increase the speed of his hips. By now, I was moaning loudly and calling his name in hush pants.

My hips moved with his, meeting him thrust for thrust.

I could feel our bodies begin to shake and I moved my hands out of his to claw his back, he hissed and moved his hips quicker, I moaned loudly and buried my head into the crook of his neck.

I couldn't hold back the pleasure anymore "Edward," I gasped, trembling around him. I felt myself orgasm, around me and my soul felt like it wasn't with me anymore, I felt a out of body experience. I felt Edward orgasm too as he collapsed on top of me.

We held each other tightly for a while, not wanting to leave our positions. When our trembling stopped, he slid out of me and I sighed, missing the feeling of him I snuggled beside him bringing my arm over his stomach.

I felt his nose, lightly trailing my ear, he wrapped his arms around me

"You are amazing," he told me.

I shook my head softly "No, that's your title"

After a moment of silence between us I felt Edward's body turn to me, we both looked into each others eyes

"Are you ready" he whispered

I nodded "Yes"

I tiled my head to the side and he bent down, I felt his teeth graze my neck and I closed my eyes in anticipation

"I love you" he whispered before biting down.

"What do you think?" I twirled around in my new dress and looked at Edward as he smiled


I grunted "Can we not use this centuries term of vocabulary"

He chuckled "You know, we have been together for 85850 Days, 2060400 Hours, 123624000 Minutes and 7417440000 Seconds"

"Look at you talking romantic to me" I rolled my eyes at him, Angela was laughing before Ben took her out of the house, they were going on their anniversary date. They got married two years after Edward and myself. Mine and Edward's anniversary would be approaching soon and I couldn't wait.

Edward was the most sweetest, most loving, handsome man i had ever met and I loved him deeply. He had been right there by my side when i first turned, holding me and whispering sweet things into my ear, he had been there when my loved one's started to pass away. But at the end of the day he was just there for me no matter what, and I would be there for him no matter what. he was my whole world and I wasn't letting go of him. Because I loved him.

Edward's POV

The 21st Century, it was hard to digest. I loved Bella as each century passed us, her kindness has never changed and she has adapted well to her feeding. to me, Bella was still the sweet, kind, beautiful woman I had met all those years ago and I wouldn't know what would have happened if I hadn't of met her. she knew me better then i knew myself and had helped me in ways she didn't realize, she has been my soulmate from the very first day i had saw her and everytinme she tells me she loves me, I love her more.

We still lived in Transylvania but we travelled, but Bella never wanted to leave here. I had changed the good professor who thanked me profoundly and he popped in from time to time. Bella pounced on me now wearing nothing but her new lingerie, which I loved about this century.

"Thinking about me?" she asked sweetly

"Always" I pulled her onto the bed so Bella was straddling me "You're just so…" I looked into her eyes with a smirk "Awesome"

She screeched and began hitting me with the pillows

The End :)