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"T-Tell me everything we need to know. Everything I need to know."

How did SpongeBob end up only inches away from Future Plankton with a laser gun? As he pointed it at the tiny creature's only eye, he tried to get his clouded mind to remember.

Patrick's plan had worked at unusual perfection.


SpongeBob cautiously looked outside the jail cell. The damp, zig-zagged hallways were free of any life or movement. It had been like this ever since a couple robots brought them down there, and since then no person or thing had returned. He glanced back at Sandy who had asked if the coast was clear, and nodded.

"Alright, go now! We don't have much time," Future SpongeBob said, walking around the jail cell anxiously. He told the gang that it was best if he wasn't the one to go and distract Future Plankton. He had explained that he had enough of this time period, and SpongeBob was the one who needed to find out essenial information. Future SpongeBob couldn't bring himself to tell the time travelers all the details on what exactly happened to them in the future. Especially Sandy.

SpongeBob, who was quite used to slipping through small spaces, went through the bars with ease. Looking around the hallways again, he stood there nervously. "Do you really think I'm the one to do this?"

Squidward, who was now out of his depressed mood, glared at him. "If you want to save us and the future, get going! We don't have all day. Frankly, I think we have even less time than that."

As soon as he heard this, SpongeBob took one last look at his friends before running off.

"He'll come back," Future SpongeBob said, as though he were saying it directly to Sandy. She stared at him, not quite convinced, then nodded.

'Uh, this hallway? Or could it be this one?'

SpongeBob stood in darkness as he stared at two different hallways. He couldn't remember which one Future Plankton's minions had walked them through. After a few moments of 'Eeny Meeny Miny Moe', he went through the right tunnel.

"Hey! I'm doing pretty good at this!" he said to himself as he quickly jogged through the passage way.

Shortly after he said this, he saw a room he didn't notice before. The sponge stopped, peeking inside out of curiousity. The only two objects he could make out was a dusty computer, and... a time machine?

"That's weird. Sandy has a time machine just like this." SpongeBob looked around, then went up to touch the metal box. It wasn't as dusty as the computer, (which looked oddly like Karen to SpongeBob) signifying that it had been in use recently. He pushed the nearest button, wondering what the machine was capable of.

The screen whirred and came to life after a few moments, and bright words asked him, 'what is your destination?' SpongeBob stared at the screen, not sure of what to do next.

His eye soon caught a nearby button that said 'PREVIEW'. "I wonder what this does." He pushed it as well, and the screen said, 'time?'. SpongeBob thought for a minute, and then typed, '5 years ago'.

Images appeared on the screen at an alarming rate, zooming past one another.

"Whoa, whoa! Not that fast!" SpongeBob pushed many buttons desperately, until the images slowed down and finally formed regular paced scenes.

"Sandy, slow down! I can't keep up!"

SpongeBob stared at himself and Sandy running on the screen, and decided to watch.

Sandy reluctantly stopped; her hands on her knees. She was breathing hard, as if they'd been running for miles. The setting was an unknown vast space of land: No houses or people as far as the eye could see. "I'm sorry, but we gotta keep movin'!" she replied, returning to a jogging pace.

The SpongeBob on the screen grabbed her arm to keep her from moving any farther. "Sandy, stop. There's no way we'll be able to outrun Plankton. He's got a giant robot and a laser, and well... all we have is our feet now." He looked close to crying, but he unusually stayed strong.

"And each other," Sandy said quietly, as if the statement was hard to say.

"That too." SpongeBob smiled at her despite the situation.

Sandy rubbed a cut on her arm awkwardly, then replied, "We better keep movin'. Plankton should be finding us soon."

"Sandy, wait!" SpongeBob slid his hand down her arm until it was intertwined with her suit glove. She stiffened at this, and stared down at him. He looked away, his face slightly flushing. "I've wanted to say this for a long time now, but... I never really had the courage or opportunity to say it. And since we're here now, and probably the only surviving people in Bikini Bottom, I think it's time for me to tell you."

Sandy looked at him hard, waiting.

"Sandy Cheeks, I lov--"

A loud crash was heard nearby. Both of them whirled around to see a giant robot coming in the distance.

SpongeBob tugged on Sandy's hand frantically. "Come on! It's spotted us!"

Sandy stayed in place. "No. There's no way we can run it out now. I'm gonna have to go stop it."

The sponge's eyes widened in fear. "Sandy, you know I won't let you do that! I can't lose you." He stared at her in the eyes desperately.

"I... can't imagine losing ya, either. But I have to stop it, or at least distract it for a little bit."

"Are you sure you know what you're doing?"

Sandy brought SpongeBob into a hug, embracing him hard. "I'm positive." The contact went as quickly as it came as she pulled away.

Before SpongeBob could say another word, Sandy sprinted off toward the giant piece of metal.


Static started to take over the screen, and the image blurred.

The real SpongeBob's eyes widened. "What?! No, no! I've got to see what happens next!"

A faint exploding sound was heard, and then the screen went black.

SpongeBob stood stiffly in the darkness, shocked. 'This is what happened to Sandy. Plankton... he...'

Anger overwhelmed sadness. SpongeBob's expression changed from shock to rage. "Plankton's got a thing or two coming for him if he thinks I'm going to let that happen again," he said through clenched teeth.


SpongeBob spun around to see a tiny robot minion in the doorway. It's mechanical arm was out, sharp and ready to harm anything. In another arm was a laser gun, pointing straight at SpongeBob's face.

He was able to dodge the laser that came out of the gun miliseconds before it happened. Although he was not sure how he did it, SpongeBob jumped over the robot's head and karate chopped its arms off.

Confused and defenseless, the robot whirled around the room. SpongeBob grabbed its laser gun and said, "That should keep you busy for a while!"

He then ran out of the room, ready to have a serious talk with Future Plankton.

"T-Tell me everything we need to know. Everything I need to know."

Future Plankton smirked in his floating throne, completely defenseless. SpongeBob had somehow destroyed all the nearby robot minions in his sudden rage. Now, he had made it to the original room that he was brought to with a laser gun pointed at Future Plankton's only eye.

Future Squidward was no where to be found. SpongeBob would have found this odd at the time if he wasn't blinded by the scene he saw earlier.

"SpongeBob, SpongeBob. Do you know why you saw that on my time machine?" Future Plankton asked.

"No! And it's not your time machine, it's Sandy's!" SpongeBob continued to keep the gun raised.

Future Plankton laughed. "Yes. After killing her in the outskirts of Bikini Bottom, I got some of my minions to search her Treedome for anything important. She is a scientist after all, and she had some inventions that could be put to good use. Including that time machine which started this whole rebellion."

"Shut up! I don't want to hear about your accomplishments! Let my friends go!"

"I let you come in here. I knew you'd try to escape if there wasn't anyone around, so I let just that happen. I knew your curiousity would give in and you'd start to push buttons like an idiot on my time machine. I then knew you'd come here soon after in rage."

SpongeBob gritted his teeth. "Why? Is it because you wanted to be killed sooner?"

"Not that, I'm afraid. I wanted to finish you off alone."

"Hah! You don't even have a weapon. You can barely stand up without that chair."

Future Plankton smiled, as if the situation was a daily occurance. "Not quite."

SpongeBob felt a soft tap on his shoulder. He spun around to see Future Squidward, who had some sort of laser strapped to his back.

"Hello, SpongeSlave," he spat.

"You see, if I kill you now, this whole little shindig won't happen again. You'll cease to exist, along with your copy in the dungeon. Poof! Gone. The sea will be SpongeBob SquarePants free."

SpongeBob's hard expression faultered, revealing new fear.

"Farewell, SpongeBoob."