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Feeling This

Written by Becks Rylynn

[3. Both, Closer]


she took my heart, I think she took my soul

-kings of leon, closer


Ruby's not really sure where she stands with Dean Winchester. Sure, there may have been a few incidents with their tongue's dueling in each other's mouths, a few times his hand has creeped up her shirt, and there's obviously something between them. That night in the motel room, that night she tries hard to forget, that night they both pretend never happened is proof that there is something. He makes her feel like no one else in the world. But, it's not like they're....together or anything. They're not nothing, but they're not really something either. They're....complicated.

Their little complication is beginning to give her a headache and she's pretty damn sure her life would be nothing but smooth sailing if it weren't for him and the strange crackling of electricity and heat making her skin itch. Yeah, her life would most definitely be easier without Dean Winchester. But she just can't seem to give it up. Him, their stolen kisses, the way he makes her feel, or their complicated tangle of a relationship. She's fairly certain he's the most dangerous poison out there and he's killing her slowly. She decides she doesn't care.

She hears about the case in the small Iowa town before the Winchesters do. It's just a simple case of possession, she thinks, but when she takes a closer look, she finds it's not just a simple case of possession. Not just foolish demons invading human bodies, trying to walk among the living. They're not like her. They're nothing like her. These demons don't go for the fully grown adult bodies. They like the kids. Small, innocent children who have no idea what's happening to them are being possessed by big bad demons. They're just kids and Ruby's startled and slightly shaken to find the thought of children dying makes her feel something that doesn't feel good. She's convinced it's all Dean's fault. He's the one that started this feeling thing and now she can't stop. It's appalling.

The boys come into the town on a rainy day, car rumbling loudly down mainstreet. She watches from the shadows as they slip into their business modes, dealing with the possessions like professionals. She doesn't leave the darkness behind, doesn't offer help, doesn't even let them know she's watching. Although, she gets the distinct impression Dean knows she's there, because twice he's looked right at her, twinkle in his eyes, smirk on his lips like he's looking right at her even though he can't see her.

Not all of the kids make it. She grimaces when she watches as black smoke leaves five tiny bodies and two of them crumple to the ground, eyes wide open and unseeing. The ones that do survive won't be the same, she knows that better than anyone. Sam takes it hard, she expects that. He wouldn't be Sam if he was totally fine and unfeeling. But he's not the one she's worried about. The green eyed Winchester has a tendancy to bottle everything up and she won't lie, sometimes he scares her.

Sam'll be fine, he'll deal. That's the difference between the Winchester brothers - one of many - Sam will deal with his emotions, he will face them. Dean will not. Dean will hide and keep everything locked away in a box in his chest until it all explodes resulting in something physical and dangerous, and she doesn't like the sound of that, so she follows him when he leaves Sam behind to go drown his sorrows.

She figures if she can't make him talk, she can at least keep him from giving himself alcohol poisoning.


oh, i'm gonna be wounded, oh, i'm gonna be your wound

-the word of your body, jonathan graff & lea michele


Dean's not really sure where he stands with Ruby. He remembers the touch of her lips on his, he remembers the feel of her smooth skin when his hand slipped up her shirt, he remembers that there is something strange and frightening that lives between them. He remembers the virus and the night he tries to forget. He remembers she truly is one of a kind. She has the ability to make him feel things he hasn't felt in forever. She's the one making this stupid, insufferable virus crawl under skin. But they're not together, he knows that. They're not apart, he knows that too. They're something, they're nothing, they're.....complicated.

Her blue eyes that see through all the crap he puts her through, that look she gives him like he's the only thing there is, all of the things she does....they're beginning to give him a headache and make his stomach jump uncomfortably. He knows that he should hate her. She's a demon. Maybe he should kill her, send her back to hell. Except the thought of never seeing her terrifies him like nothing else in the world. Okay, so he feels something for her. Okay, so he's not sure he'd work without her anymore. But he doesn't love her.

He doesn't remember how to love like that.

It's just a crush, just a physical attraction. It'll go away. He'll find someone else to obsess over, someone else to fuel that nasty little virus. Someone, anyone else will captivate him like she does. She'll be nothing but a distant memory soon enough.


The news of a case had been a relief to him. He had been glad that something would take him away from thoughts of her. He had wanted a distraction. Didn't work. Halfway through the case his body went rigid and he felt familiar eyes on him. Even though he couldn't see her, he knew she was there. He had turned to the shadows with a smirk that said he was totally in control when really he wasn't anywhere near keeping control. He didn't say anything, didn't ask her to come out of her hiding place. The thoughts of her were paralyzing and he thinks now, if he hadn't been so wrapped up in thoughts of her maybe he could have saved those two children who didn't make it. He thinks maybe, just maybe he could have done something.

Even now, he knows he should do more, feel more for those children. He feels guilty that he doesn't. They should be the only thing he's thinking about. But she's in his head and she's in his heart and he can't get her out. Can't make her disappear. He just can't stop thinking about her, she's driving him crazy. But he does not love her. And he will keep saying that until his last breath.

After the case, he takes to a local bar, a real dive and tries to drown in alcohol. He's not sure what he's hoping the alcohol will do. Numb the pain, dull the fear, push away the grief, destroy the guilt, kill the...feelings he has for Ruby. Remember now, he does not love her. They're just feelings, doesn't mean anything. Whatever he wants, whatever he's waiting for, whatever he's drinking for, it ain't comin'.

He's pretty much convinced himself he's insane, when she shows up. He hears someone heave a heavy sigh and knows it's her without even looking up. It's frightening how he can feel her like she's part of him. A lot of things about her frighten him. She pulls herself onto a barstool next to him, their shoulders brush, his body tenses, a grin flashes across her face for half a second, but it's gone before he can even attempt to look at it again and check to see if it really was as feral as he thought it was. ''What are you doin' here, Ruby?'' He turns his gaze to her, somewhat hesitantly and finds those blue eyes of hers are piercing through every wall he's tried to put up.

She looks a little unsure of herself, odd for her, she never looks unsure. ''I....'' She pauses and struggles for the right words she can't find. ''I don't know. I think....I think I was worried about you.''

He quirks an eyebrow and shoots her a grin at her feeble answer. ''You think?''

''Dean...'' She closes her eyes and tries not to look at him. ''This is all very new for me.''


She opens her eyes, meets his and smiles, except it's a little lost and forlorn and it shakes on her lips, like she's not really sure what she's doing. ''Feeling.'' She answers his question in a low murmur and she almost blushes, but that's a little too human for her, so she pushes it away.

He thinks about that for a moment and tries to figure out how that makes him feel. He won't say anything, but....this is all pretty new for him too. ''I make you feel?''

She nods and lets a moment pass in silence before she reaches out and touches his cheek gently. He's not sure how this happens, he's not sure why her touch brings it all to the surface, but it does. He actually jumps at the strange feeling in his chest at the contact. A second passes, just one second, but it feels like eternity and then he leans into her touch like it's all that's keeping him from the edge. But he does not love her.

''Will you talk to me?'' She whispers.

He takes in a ragged breath and shakes his head, moving away from her touch and gulping down a swig of beer. ''Talking's never been my strong suit.''

She shrugs carelessly and crosses her legs primly. ''Mine either. But I'm trying, aren't I?'' He doesn't say anything and she has to swallow a strange aching in her throat as she stares down at her hands. ''You know, Dean...those kids...those kids are going to remember you as a hero.''

Dean scowls at the thought and can't look at her. ''They shouldn't.''

When he raises the bottle of beer to his lips she rolls her eyes dramatically and reaches out, snatching the bottle from his hands and letting frustration seep into her next words. ''Stop trying to drown yourself, Dean, it won't work. You can't escape this.'' She doesn't see his chest nearly still at her words because he thinks she's talking about something else. ''You can't do this everytime a hunt goes wrong.'' He breathes, she doesn't notice. ''If you would just deal with everything you're feeling inside - ''

''Everything I'm feeling inside?'' Dean lets out a bitter bark of laughter that would chill her to the bone if she wasn't who she is. ''You got about a year, baby? 'Cause that's how long it'll take to tell you everything I'm feeling inside. And you know what? It's not just about those kids. Don't get me wrong, they're a big part of it, they.....they had their whole lives ahead of them and they didn't deserve to die like that, no one deserves to die like that.'s so much more than that. It's hell, it's this damned deal, it's Sammy, it's me, it's you, Ruby.''


''Yes, it's you. It's the way you make me feel. It's confusing and scary and I don't like it. I don't love you, but I feel something and I shouldn't. I shouldn't feel anything for you.''

His eyes are empty, staring straight ahead and then....she roughly grabs onto his jacket and pulls him to her, lips inches away from his, eyes locking with his. She actually looks quite dangerous. ''Listen to me, you stupid, stupid man. I. Don't. Like. Watching. You. Do. This. To. Yourself. You think you're confused? You should spend a few minutes in my head. There's all these human feelings rushing around inside me and most of them are for you. Look, Dean,'' she softens and can't say anymore about herself, so she smiles and tries to help him. ''You can't keep running forever. Sam needs you. I...'' She pulls away and swallows hard, pushing blond hair out of her face nervously. ''I think I need you.''

At the words, he visibly flinches and leans forwards, dropping his head into his hands. This is bad. This is getting too serious, they're going too far, too deep. She can't need him, he's no good for her. She deserves more. She deserves someone like...someone like Sam. He looks up sharply and finds she's still there. She hasn't walked away, or given up like every other woman in his life. She's still here. And that is what sends him over the edge.

''I have to go,'' he stands, hands fumbling for a few bills he can throw down and run.

She frowns and shakes her head, closing her eyes briefly. Of course he's going to run. That's all he ever does. ''Dean,'' she tries, ''we were talking.''

''I know.'' She watches as he rakes a hand through his hair and arches a perfect eyebrow when she sees it shake. He clenches his hands into fists and tries to keep control. No. He does not love her. ''I just...'' If I stay, I won't be able to control myself. ''...I have to go.'' His heart tells him to stay, his fear tells him to run and soon, he's outside in cold air, away from her.

She swivels around to watch him go, biting down on her lip, irritation marring her pretty face. A moment passes, just one, and then she goes after him because like hell is she going to let him slip out of her grasp...again. ''Dean!''

''Not now, Ruby,'' he barks, and his voice is merely a frustrated grunt, but she thinks she might hear something else hidden deep.

''No!'' She stops to catch her breath and sees her breath hanging in the cold November air. ''I need you to stop walking away from this, Dean! It's all you ever do!'' She remembers she was afraid of these feelings for him once. She still is a little. But...they've won. She can't fight them anymore. It's too hard and she knows she'll never win. So there. She's given up fighting the strange, confusing feelings of something she has for Dean Winchester. They win.

Great. Now all she has to do is get him to stop running.

Easier said than done.

He stops in his tracks at her words, but doesn't turn around to face her. He can't look into those blue eyes and see everything. He just can't.

She takes a half step forwards, pauses, and then takes another. ''Dean....'' Her voice is soft and gentle, like music, and she's trying so hard to get through to him. ''Please tell me what's going on.''

''Trust me, Ruby, you do not want to know.'' He does not love her, he does not love her.

''Try me.''

There's something burning in his chest like a wildfire, the virus is pushing words into his throat and he snarls, whirling around to face her. She takes a step back at the look in his eyes, but he's too far gone to care. In two quick strides, he's crossed the distance, grabbed her shoulders, and...roughly slammed her into a wall. She makes a noise between a gasp and a sigh, but her eyes don't give away anything she's feeling. ''I....'' He pauses and tries to stop this, but he's not in control at the moment. He tries to tell himself that he does not love her, but it doesn't work. ''...I love you,'' he grinds out, eyes flashing between lost and angry. ''You stupid bitch.''

She doesn't even try to find words, she's too stunned to even think at the moment. Every time she opens her mouth to speak, her voice gets caught in her throat. Whatever. She doesn't know what she would say anyways.

As if realizing what he's just done, what's he's just said, Dean pulls away from her and looks away. He waits for a moment, just a moment, like he's waiting for her to say something. When she stays silent and the only noise that breaks through the roaring silence is the sound of their labored breathing, he shakes his head, turns and walks away.

She doesn't follow this time.


wear me out, scream and shout

-sneaker pimps, 6 underground


Ruby bites down on her lip until she tastes blood and stares at the door in front of her until her vision blurs and she has to blink. The door in front of her looms like something in the dark that is coming to get her. Hesitantly, she reaches up, almost knocks and then sighs and drops her head into her hands. This is utterly ridiculous. She's afraid of knocking on a door. How pathetic is that? Honestly.

She's not sure what to say. This is a new situation, one she's never been in before. He...loves her. Her? Really? Why? No one's ever loved her before. Not someone like Dean anyways. What does she say to that? How does she respond? It's times like these she wishes she had a girl friend.

She takes a deep breath, closes her eyes and tries again. This time, before her hand can even come into contact with the door, it swings open and she holds her breath. Almost immediately however, she lets out the breath she's holding and her shoulders slump. ''Sam.''

''Ruby.'' Smirking, the younger Winchester leans against the door and crosses his arms. ''Sorry. I got tired of waiting for you to knock.''

''You knew I was out here?''

''You've been standing here for ten minutes.'' He leans closer, eyes twinkling with amusement. ''Did you think that door was going to do a trick?''

''Oh, shut up.''

''Hmmm, someone's touchy tonight. What's wrong with you? Didn't get your fix of my brother?''

She sighs impatienly and folds her own arms across her chest, eyes growing hard and cold and most definitely unimpressed by his careless remark. ''Ha fucking ha, Sam. Look,'' she rubs her forehead tiredly and tries not to glare. ''I need to talk to Dean.''


''Sam, I. Need. To. Talk. To. Dean. Don't make me kick your ass. You know I could.''

''Okay,'' he drawls slowly and blinks, smile fading as he watches her closely, like he's waiting for her to continue. ''So....go talk to him. Why are you here?''

She frowns and tries to look over his shoulder. Yeah, like that's possible. Even in heels, she's still way shorter than him. ''He's not here?''

Sam tilts his head to the side and regards her carefully. ''No. He went down to the bar on the corner. You don't know this?'' And the smirk's back in full force. If she didn't know better, she'd say he's drunk. It's very unusual for Sam to be so....less broody. ''Why, Ruby, I thought you knew everything.''

Growing annoyed with whatever he's trying to pull, she glares, lets her black eyes show and steps forwards, bringing herself inches away from him and...she stomps on his foot with her heeled boot. When he yelps and yells out a string of curses, she grins and turns with an overdramatic flip of her hair as she click, click, clicks down the hallway. She's halfway down the hall and she's just heard the door slam when she hears a familiar voice.

''You know, as dramatic exits go that one would have to be one of the top five.''

She jumps and puts a hand over her heart, turning around to face the green eyed Winchester. ''Dean!'' Her voice sounds obnoxiously loud and nervous and she swears she sees his lips twitch in amusement. ''Wh-What are you doing here?'' He smiles, she presses her lips together and winces. ''Oh,'' she laughs nervously. ''Right.''

Shaking his head in either amusement or weariness, he pushes himself off the wall he's leaning against and moves towards her, speaking in a perfectly pleasant tone. One she's never heard before. ''Is there something you needed, Ruby?''

''Uh...I....Yeah....I...I came to see you to - ''

''Why?'' His eyes grow blank and he works very hard to pretend he doesn't care.

''Well, I...'' She doesn't pretend to be good with words, she doesn't pretend to be an expert at this stuff, so her nerves shouldn't surprise her. But for some reason, they do and she can't manage to speak. No one has ever made her this nervous before. He really is one of a kind. ''I-I think we need to t-talk about what h-happened. About...what you...what you said.'' She pauses and swallows, looking at him through her hair, like she's afraid he's going to pounce on her. She's a strong, very powerful demon who could probably kill him with a flick of her wrist but at this moment, she looks more like a frightened little mouse than a dangerous demoness.

He does not say anything for a very long time, he studies her carefully trying to decipher if this whole little lamb thing she's got going on is just an act. When he decides it's very real, he closes the distance and grabs her hands in his, smiling a wide and fake smile. ''Come with me.''

''W-What?'' She doesn't pull out of his grasp and allows herself to be led towards something she can't quite see just yet. ''Where?''

''Ssshh, don't ruin the surprise.''


dark blue, dark blue, have you ever been alone in a crowded room?

-jack's mannequin, dark blue


The fairy lights in the trees twinkle in the night air, lighting up the small park. This really is a storybook little town, isn't it? Ruby fights away a small scoff, tossing a disgusted look at the fairytale surrounding her. ''Dean, what are we doing here?''

''Shush.'' He sits her down on a park bench and she has to draw in a sharp and nervous breath when he sits next to her. ''I want to show you something.'' His gaze travels upwards to the stars in the sky and she follows his eyes. ''You see that star right there?'' Dean points to a star in the middle, silver ring on his finger catching in the moonlight.

Ruby nods and keeps her eyes on the star and off of him. ''Yeah.'' It's a beautiful star, not too bright, not too dim, and it sparkles like diamond, surrounded by pretty little stars like they're trying to protect it. ''I see it. Why?''

He smiles, but it looks tired and wistful, just a hint of grief in green irises. ''That's my mother's star.''

''Your mother....?'' Her face twists in confusion and she turns her gaze from the star, to him. He doesn't look at her, keeps his eyes locked on the stars above as he answers her unsaid question.

''When my father proposed to my mother, he...didn't have enough money for a ring so he got her a star and named it after her instead. He...'' Dean's lip twitch again, but he doesn't let himself smile this time. ''He really loved her.''

There's a second of silence, because neither of them know what to say next, and then she licks her lips and speaks, her gaze focused on her hands. ''Would you give me the stars, Dean?''

''Ruby...'' His rough, calloused fingers touch her smooth, pale skin, lifting her chin up, emerald meeting cerulean. ''I'd give you the world.''

She tries to laugh, but it gets caught in her throat and she has to close her eyes at the sudden burst of feeling that hits her like a train. She nods slowly and resists the urge to bite her lip. ''I believe you.''

His hand moves to her cheek and it stays there. He can't remember how to stop, he just knows he has to keep touching her or she'll disappear like every other woman in his life. She blinks open blue eyes and looks at him intently, like she's trying to see right through every mask he wears and straight into the things he keeps.

''Dean, did you...did you mean it? What you said?''

He hesitates and his hand falters on her cheek. Then he nods and smiles a half smile. ''I did.''

'' me?''

''I do. Do you love me?''

''I..I don't know,'' she has to look away, down to her trembling hands, because she can feel everything about to break. Sure enough, the tears come all at once and when she looks back up at him, there are tears glistening in her eyes like the stars glisten in the sky. ''What does love feel like?''

He has to think about the question for a moment, trying to find the best way to describe this terribly awful and wonderful feeling inside. ''It feels...It feels...'' Finally, after a little too long, he sighs and meets her eyes, answering the question the only way he knows how. ''...Like a virus.''

She blinks and raises an eyebrow. Lovely. ''A virus?''

She's smiling now, but he can't see, he's looking somewhere off in the distance. ''Yes, a virus. A deadly virus crawling in and out and poisoning you with all these stupid feelings inside. It makes you nervous and jumpy and so fucking angry. It's horrible and painful could be the best thing in the world if you love someone stupid enough to love you back.'' He snaps out of it and turns towards her, letting his eyes cloud with darkness, love and lust. She shivers under his unwavering gaze, but it's not all that horrible. ''That's what love feels like,'' he murmurs.

She does not say a word and he frowns, thinking he's scared her a little too much. Slowly, he reaches out and brushes a blond strand away from her eyes. ''Do I make you nervous, Ruby?''

She laughs, her mouth smiles, but all he can see is her eyes. ''You do. It's a strange feeling.'' She thinks for a second about all these feeling she has and tries to decipher one from another.

So...does she love him?

She thinks she could.

Swallowing hard, she looks down and tries to take a few deep breaths before she leans forwards and taks his hand in hers. His is warm, hers is cold. Like their personalties. He is light and she is dark, he is human, she is not. He is hunter, she is demon. Quite the pair, aren't they? ''Dean,'' she whispers softly and looks up to meet his eyes. ''I think....I think I love you.''

Silence lands with a crash and stays for a moment and then he searches for the words to break through. He settles for something stupid and so unbelievably Dean Winchester. ''So...what are you so afraid of?''

And maybe she's a demon, but she doesn't live in a cave. Rolling her eyes, she bites back another sigh. ''Oh, Jesus,'' she moans, weary and a little annoyed as she pinches the bridge of her nose. ''Dean, I am trying to be serious here.''

He grins a cocky grin and wraps his arms around her tightly when she tries to get away. ''Are you afraid of a love there is no cure for?''

''You are such a moron.''

''But you looove me anyways.''

She smiles, slightly wistful and not at all dangerous like usual. It's the most peculiar a virus...a lot like love. ''Yes,'' she whispers, and brings herself closer to him. ''I believe I do. How do you feel about that?''

He shrugs carelessly and tries to act like this is no big deal, when in reality, this is one of the biggest things that has ever happened to him. ''As long as I'm not in love all on my own.''

And it sounds so strange, so human, so normal. Unlike all the other human emotions that scare the hell out of her, she finds this one is slightly less scary. But only slightly. ''In love,'' she mulls over the words carefully and find they taste sweet on her tongue. ''That's a new one for me. I've never done that before.''

''Don't worry, darlin','' he deadpans, ''I'll be gentle with you.''

''Hmm...'' She has to pause to clear her throat because suddenly there's all these images of a future in her head. A future. Something she never ever thought she would have. ''Good. Wouldn't want to break me.''

(good luck with that. she really has no idea of what's to come, now does she?)

He smiles at her, an actual, honest to God, eye crinkling smile and not a smirk. ''So,'' he begins in a drawl. ''I was thinking I'd really like to kiss you, but I'm not going to push you into anything so - ''

She jolts forwards and cuts him off mid sentence by pressing her lips to his. She startles him and uses so much strength they nearly go tumbling off the park bench, but somehow manage to catch themselves. His arms wind around her waist, pulling her onto his lap and she deepens the kiss by slipping her tongue into his mouth. The heated lip lock that seems to be sealing the deal lasts for several seconds, close to two minutes and then they remember that their bodies require oxygen and they have to come up for air. Their eyes remain shut, like their intense kiss has taken all their strength and now they can't even manage to open their eyes.

''Ruby,'' he says, slightly breathless from the kiss, ''I love you.'' He says it just to hear how it sounds. It doesn't sound all that bad. In fact, it sounds pretty damn good.

''I know,'' she smirks and tilts her head to the side. ''I'm fairly certain I love you too.''

''Fairly certain, huh? We're going to have to work on that.'' He looks at her for a moment, like he's never going to see her again and all he wants is to imprint her face, her eyes, her lips, the light blush on her cheeks, in his head forever and ever. ''I wish...'' He trails off and swallows hard, closing his eyes for a second. ''I wish I had met you before.''

At his words, she smiles weakly and tucks her arm into his, resting her head on his shoulder. She doesn't say anything, doesn't respond, and he doesn't mention The Deal. Doesn't mention how much time he has left. It'll be the unspoken words between them, the elephant in the room for however long this thing between them lasts. They think - they know - they can cope. They need each other more then they will say. They sit in comfortable silence for a few moments and then she clears her throat and speaks, ''You should go back to the room and get some sleep.''

He heaves a sigh and tries to come up with some way to get out of going back to the room without her. He could ask her to stay, but he's pretty sure Sammy would not appreciate that. It is tempting though....

She stands with another one of those smiles that make his knees go weak and pulls him to his feet. ''Come on, short bus. Can't have you falling asleep when I find some excuse to come see you tomorrow.''


It's a little embarassing to admit, but it's been a long time since he's had a tomorrow with a woman. Usually his 'realationships' last one night and then he leaves them behind. Ruby's different. She'll follow him anywhere. And does that scare him more than anything? Yes. Is he willing to swallow hard and take that risk? Hell yes. She's worth it.

Strange, odd, unusual, but true.


now that we know it's time can we walk this line together?

-the kin, together


The parking lot, lit only by dim lights and the red, blinking Vacancy sign, is silent when they get back. It's only them all alone, her body leaning casually against his car like she belongs there. Maybe she does.

''So,'' she folds her arms across her chest and smirks, all control just like always, all signs of the girl from the park, nervous and trembling gone. ''You should get in there. Sam's probably worried.''

He smirks and lets his eyes glint with something she can't quite identify. ''Sam's probably fast asleep. Kid sleeps like the dead, you know.''

''Huh,'' she licks her lips and nods, ''that's good to know.'' Her eyes lock with his and she holds his gaze for a long time, lust shooting through both of them. She breaks the eye contact first and takes a breath, pushing herself off the car and moving towards him. ''Dean,'' she murmurs softly, reaching out and grasping his jacket in her fingers. ''Does this mean we're...together? Does this mean I' girl now?''

He chuckles lightly in response and his arms wind around her waist automatically. ''That depends,'' is his response, programmed into his head like all his basic instincts. ''Do you want to be my girl?''

''I...don't think it would be entirely awful.''

''Well,'' he smirks and this time it's the familiar dangerous Dean Winchester smirk she's seen so many times before. ''Okay then.'' He pulls her closer, holding her tight and she doesn't pull away, doesn't feel afraid of the so-totally-human emotions coursing through her, she doesn't even flinch. His eyes darken with lust, almost like their second kiss when he threw her against the wall. Only this time it's less fucking terrifying. ''You're my girl,'' he reaches up and twirls a strand of her hair. ''Does that make you feel?''

''It makes me feel a lot of things.'' Instead of listing all the emotions she's feeling, she brings her lips to his and kisses him with all the lust she has. His feet move, backing her into the car and his hands go on either side of her head, trapping her as her hands move from gripping his jacket to gripping his shirt tightly. It's a long kiss and they're both starting to lose control. One of them makes a sound and they pull away, eyes opening, breathing unsteady and erratic. She smiles, perhaps a little drunkenly and when she disentangles herself and steps away, she stumbles a little.

''I'll see you tomorrow, Dean.'' She leans up and brushes a soft kiss to his cheek before she starts to move away from him.

And he almost lets her go, almost lets her slip away again, but this time, he ingores the logic whispering, ''You can't do this, Sam's waiting for you. Relex, you have all the time in the world to be with her.'' And he listens to his heart that's telling him, ''Don't let her go. You don't have all the time in the world.''

He reaches out and grabs her arm before she disappears and spins her around to face him, eyes meeting.

One word.

One syllable.

Four letters.

One small word.

One big meaning.



where do we go from here
turn all the lights down now
smiling from ear to ear (I'm feeling this)
our breathing has got too loud (I'm feeling this)
show me the bedroom floor (I'm feeling this)
show me the bathroom mirror (I'm feeling this)
we're taking this way too slow (I'm feeling this)
take me away from here (I'm feeling this)

-blink 182, feeling this

AN: Yeah, I'm not really sure how I feel about this. It's not exactly what I was going for. I was going to try and keep them in character for once. I was going to try and make it physical and humorous and sarcastic and maybe even a little violent. The thing with the kids was supposed to have a bigger roll, which is why it may seem a little out of place and forgotten a little too quickly. I have no idea how it turned into this. Huh. Well, maybe if I have time some other time, I'll do a different version of this. For now, I just want to finish up this story because I really, reall need to work on getting Pace Yourself (another 'Silver Ring' story) written and posted. My goal is to finish it and have it all posted before season five starts. Back to this story. I just have to mention the Partridge Family reference. Of course the song that was referenced was I Think I Love You which Katie Cassidy did a version of because guess who her father is? David Cassidy. And if you don't know who David Cassidy is then you should come out of the rock you're living under. Anyways, hope this story was good and I hope I get some reviews.

Kisses, Becks