Author's note:

Wow! Thank you for all the great reviews for my previous fan fic, Games Over Salad, Steak, Chips and a Rocky Horror!

There have been some demands for a sequel, so here it is! Hope you enjoy it all! Oh, and because Rose is making an extra effort to win the Doctor's heart, there shall be two chapters! Wooopdedoop!


As the games continue, it's the Doctor's turn to pick a restaurant. This surely means its Rose's turn to play her turn…?

Games over Caviar, Salad, Tofu and Truffles

The Doctor uselessly twiddled with wires within the cockpit of the TARDIS. He didn't really need to. At least it was something to do. Something to take his mind of the girl sitting opposite him.

Rose filed her nails. She didn't need to. At least it was something to do. Something to take her mind off the time lord in the cock pit, who was tinkering with the TARDIS.

The said TARDIS gave a reproachful whirr. They could both tell she was uncomfortable with the awkwardness between her passengers.

I know. The Doctor thought. Help me fix it. He pleaded.

He wanted to make it up. He wanted to treat her to a wonderful meal out this time.

And, more than anything, he wanted to kiss her.

The TARDIS deliberated for a moment, and then presented him with her idea.

He grinned, and leapt out of the cock pit. Rose started, startled slightly by the sudden movement.

'Got a present for you!' He announced to Rose, and bounded out of the console room, in the general direction of the TARDIS wardrobe.

She looked around her.

'What's he planning?' She asked. The TARDIS rumbled; a shrug, more or less. Rose deliberated for a moment, but could come up with no explanation of any sort, so abandoned it. She went to return to filing her nails, but found she just couldn't be bothered anymore. With a sigh, she flung the nail file aside and folded her arms crossly.

Why hadn't he been talking to her?!

Maybe that kiss shut him up. She thought slyly. That made her grin.

'Look!' Said a voice behind her. She turned around, and what see saw made her hands itch to try it on, coordinate it, and wince at the price tag.

For what she saw was a gorgeous ankle length dress, with white sequins running around it in a graceful spiral. These, along with the sky blue colour of the dress, made it seem as if it were a piece of the sky.

'Oh…wow…' She breathed as she got up to (Very nearly), snatch it from him.

'Thought you'd like it. I'm taking you out.'

'Where? We went only went out a couple of days ago.' Rose said simply, looking for his reaction out of the corner of her eye. Her words had the desired effect; his mouth opened and closed in the need for something to say, and red tinted his cheeks.


'Don't worry. I like the idea, though. I'll go and get changed, shall I?' She said sweetly, enjoying herself immensely.

'Err, yeah. If you…could…that would be…helpful.'

With a final smile, Rose twirled out of the TARDIS console room.

The Doctor stood there for a moment. Completely, and utterly, blown away.

It was a rare occurrence, to say the least, but from a girl?!

The TARDIS whirred at him, calling him back from the thoughts he had slipped into.


The TARDIS gave another rumble. This one was very precise.

She was rolling her eyes.

'What?' The Doctor demanded. 'S'not my fault, is it?!'

The TARDIS said nothing in return. This was because she didn't really need to, and that Rose had re-entered.

The Doctor reeled around. And then had to wonder how on earth he was going to try and concentrate on food that evening.

The dress hugged Rose to every perfection, and its sky blue colour highlighted the sheer depth of her eyes.

'What you gawping at?'

'Um, nothing, nothing! But you do look…well…'

Rose raised one eyebrow.

'Beautiful.' He finished breathlessly.

Something at the back of the Doctor's head seemed rather smug at this fact that it was Rose's turn to falter for something to say.

Compose yourself! Hissed a voice in Rose's head. He can't win!

'Right… Where're we going?'

The Doctor seemed a little disappointed, but perked back up again in a matter of seconds.

'We are going –…' He pulled a few levers. 'To-…' A few buttons were jabbed. 'The fanciest restaurant-…' Several whirrs sounded, and the Doctor grabbed Rose's hand. 'In the universe!'

The TARDIS shuddered and lurched forward, flinging her occupants to the left. Both Rose and the Doctor laughed out loud as their favourite method of transportation ploughed through space and time.