So, here be my next story. This story takes place in Season 4 so there are some spoilers. Nothing too deep though.

Summary: Sam is desperate to change his destiny so he makes a deal. Dean is so not happy. Trouble ensues. Seriously hurt/limp Sam. Pissed/protective/more pissed Dean. Helpful as always Bobby. Throw in some Castiel/Uriel/Alastair/Lilith and a wee bit o Ruby. There you have it. The rating is for non-graphic, non-discriptive non-con, torture and language. THIS IS NOT A DEATHFIC!!!!

Disclaimer: The Winchesters nor anyone else you recognize still do not belong to me. No money has or ever will exchange hands. This is just for fun.


With One Kiss

The kiss was long and it was deep, but it lacked passion or anything else that would have made it enjoyable for both participants. As it was, only one was enjoying themselves and it wasn't the tall, shaggy haired hunter. The man and woman finally separated and the man wiped the back of his hand over his mouth in disgust while glaring at the woman with distaste.

"Oh come on Sammy. You came to me, remember?" the woman said as if insulted, her eyes flickering from deep blue to red in an instant.

"Just remember your part of the deal," Sam spat as he wiped his mouth again.

"Don't you worry about me lover. You remember your part Sammy boy. Ahhhh…I can't wait for you to fail so I can get my hands on that body of yours…" the demon purred seductively.

Sam couldn't stop the shiver that ran up his spine at the demon's words. He shuddered as he pictured the scene in his head but them tamped down the fear and revulsion, squaring his shoulders and jutting out his jaw.

"You'll never touch me bitch. I won't fail. I won't give in," he promised, his eyes never leaving the raven haired demon's face.

The demon chuckled and stepped up to Sam then planted her hand on his collarbone. She moved her hand over his chest then trailed it down his stomach, the toned muscles quivering with the unwanted touch. Her fingers moved over the waistband of his jeans then trailed over his hip as she walked around him until her hand came to rest on the small of his back. Sam watched her until she moved out of sight, holding in the shudder that threatened to quake through him. He just wanted her hands off of him so he could leave.

"My, my Sam. Where do you find the time to work out in between all of your do-gooder crap? You wear way too many clothes, you know that don't you?" the demon said, the heat in her words drawing out the shudder that Sam had valiantly attempted to hold in.

"Get your filthy fucking hands off me so I can go! I have more important things to do then stand here and let you rape me with your eyes," Sam hissed as he jerked away from the demon's touch.

"Okay…fine. You go do your important things Sammy. I'll see you in three days. Don't wear your good clothes. We wouldn't want them to get shredded, now would we? Hey, don't wear any at all!" the demon taunted.

"Go crawl back under the rock you dragged yourself out from bitch!" Sam shot, tired of the demon's game.

"Ouch! You hurt my feelings Sammy. I'll be sure to punish you when you're mine," the demon retorted before disappearing into the night.

Sam glanced around and upon finding himself finally alone, he walked to the Impala, climbed in and started the engine. He sat back in the seat and let his head fall back to rest on the seatback. He closed his eyes and willed his heart to calm it's frantic beat. His fingers grasped the steering wheel, his knuckles white from his death grip. He couldn't believe he'd actually gone through with it. Dean was going to go ballistic on him, but Sam knew he'd done the right thing. He knew that if he succeeded he would not only save the world from what he could potentially become, but he would save himself as well.

After several minutes Sam opened his eyes, lifted his head and put the car into drive. With one last look out his side window he pressed on the gas and drove away from the crossroads and back toward the motel. Back toward Dean, who Sam knew by this time would be worried sick and royally pissed all at the same time. Sam was not looking forward to the tongue lashing he would be getting for taking Dean's car without his permission, but that would be nothing compared to Dean's mood once he found out what Sam had done.

Sam decided that hell was going to be much safer than that motel room when Dean found out he'd made a deal with a crossroads demon. The fact that Sam could not reveal any details of the deal to Dean without sacrificing his soul to the demon just made it all the more worse. At least Dean would be safe no matter if Sam succeeded or not. Sam had made sure to make that part of the deal. Dean was to be left alone for the duration of the deal. No demon was allowed to touch him, breathe on him or cause any kind of harm. If Sam was going to go to hell, then he had made sure hell couldn't come to his brother.

Sam drove on, eventually pulling up to the motel, the door to his room looming before him. Sam turned off the ignition and breathed a heavy sigh. It was now or never. He pushed open the driver's door and exited the Impala, his eyes never leaving the room door. He stepped quickly to the door and slid his keycard into the slot then pushed the handle down when he heard the small click. He opened the door tentatively and peered into the room before stepping in. The room was dark save for the light coming from the bathroom and Sam glanced around trying to find his brother.

"Where the hell have you been Sam?" Dean's irritated voice sounded from behind Sam, causing the younger man to jerk around in surprise.

"Dean…I…" Sam started.

"Save your excuses Sam. I don't want to hear 'em," Dean spat as he came up and gave Sam a harsh shove to the shoulder.

"No excuses Dean. I took the car to go do something that you're not going to be happy about," Sam replied, his gaze intense as he stared at his brother's face.

"Are you hurt?" Dean asked, his eyes moving over Sam's body as he looked for any injuries that Sam may be hiding.

"No…I'm fine Dean…I…" Sam answered.

"Did you use your powers? Did that bitch Ruby make you exorcise someone? Is that why you stole my car?" Dean queried, his voice trembling with barely restrained fury.

"I didn't steal the car, Dean…I bor…"

Dean's fist connecting with Sam's jaw cut off the reply and Sam grunted with surprise at the sudden agonizing pain. Before he had time to recover, Sam was slammed against the door and he glanced down at Dean's rage filled eyes, swallowing fearfully.

"You promised Sam! You said you wouldn't use them anymore. I can't believe you fucking lied to me!" Dean hissed as he slammed Sam against the door again.

"Dean…I didn't use my powers. I haven't seen Ruby in weeks. I promise Dean…I didn't use my powers," Sam said softly.

Dean held onto Sam, his eyes staring deep into his baby brother's eyes as he looked for signs of dishonesty. Seeing nothing, he let go of Sam's jacket and stepped away. Sam moved from the door and took a seat on the end of Dean's bed. He glanced up at Dean, who stood a few feet away, his eyes full of questions.

"Dean, maybe you should sit down. I have something to tell you," Sam said, his heart pounding in his chest.

"I think I'll stand. What do you have to tell me Sam?" Dean asked evenly, a knot the size of Texas filling his stomach.

"I…I made a deal Dean. I made a deal and…uh…I can't tell you anything about it. I'm sorry Dean," Sam said, his wide eyes staring up at his brother.

"If you're not sorry now, you're gonna be," Dean hissed as his fist made contact one more time.


Alrighty then, that's the start. What do you think? What deal did Sam make? Why can't he tell Dean? These answers and more will be answered. Hope you enjoyed.