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Kyonko: The revenge of Kyon

Chapter 1

Ruined perfection

"Why?, why my life has to be so..., there is no word to describe it, is just plain..., well, it was perfect until this happened", Kyon was actually talking to 'himself' while walking to the apartment of a certain alien in the middle of the night, the first night of the summer vacation, however, he wasn't alone, "I know, Haruhi overdid this time, I hope Yuki can fix this, Oh! My great Goddess! Please have an answer!", a female voice replied to Kyon, it gave him the creeps, but he was fully aware, that it was himself replying, or finishing the sentence, "I hope Yuki still love me after this", both said at the same time with perfect coordination, and sighed afterwards identically.

Two months ago, Kyon decided to become more than friends with Yuki, maybe because she was the one with all the answers, maybe because she was able to solve everything, maybe because was practically invincible, or maybe because she looked so lonely and cute, but in the end, he fell in love with the alien, it didn't took a great effort to accomplish his objective, because she was actually in love with him too, thanks to the fact that Kyon was able to Blackmail the IDTE into let Yuki remain as herself, she wasn't able to nullify her feelings toward Kyon, she just was hiding them, to prevent further disaster.

For the last month, Kyon and Yuki were able to keep their relationship as a secret, having secret dates in Yuki's apartment, and looking to each other with supreme caution during the club meetings, they also formulated a plan to get rid of Haruhi (No, nothing about murder or stealing her powers), they decided to work the remaining 2 years into making her to like Koizumi (Ah!, revenge!, sweet revenge!), and then head together to an university as far away as possible from Haruhi, Kyon even took his time to further the blackmail with the IDTE, claiming that "If you even try to take her away from me after stop being important to Haruhi, I swear that I will make her use her powers to delete you and your race from the universe", after this blackmail, the IDTE agreed to permanently cut the direct connection with the interface known as Yuki Nagato, this gave her full freedom but hindered a little her skills, however, she couldn't be more happy, it was only a matter of time, 2 years was more than enough time, they were going to carry their plan, slowly, with utmost care, they even enjoyed the idea of turning against their friends.

However, right now, an 'unexpected factor' made act of prescence, and Kyon was at the verge of disspair, "How did this happen, what I've done to deserve this?".

That day after class...

The last day of school was coming to an end, they were supposed to go directly to their homes, but Haruhi insisted on having one last official meeting before vacation, just to give them the schedule of meetings during the summer, as usual, Yuki was already in the clubroom, but unlike the Yuki that everyone see, she was waiting for the only one who can make her happy, even if only by looking to each other while avoiding the gaze of Haruhi, she was waiting for the God Tamer, the Blackmailer of cosmical almighty entities, her boyfriend, Kyotachi Nagashima, who was addressed as Kyon by the rest of the population.

There was a knock on the door, at this Yuki held her breath, hoping that Kyon was the one to enter first, and wishing that he was alone, all while remaining stoic, the door opened, and Kyon enter, noticing that Yuki was the only one in the room, "Are you alone?", he asked while closing the door behind him, Yuki let her breath out while nodding, showing a happy and willing face, of course, this expression was almost invisible to the eyes of the normal people, only him, who had spent so much time with her, was able to notice, and by now, he was able to read her like an open book, he then approached to her fast and swift, she dropped her book to her lap, and their lips connected, such a bliss, just a great reward for him after a boring day of classes, an oasis in the middle of the desert for her after experiencing how the time seemed to last much more longer than usual just because he wasn't there, until the sound of the door's handle turning made them broke the kiss, jumping on a very well practiced act of 'nothing is going on here', the door opened showing a smiling Mikuru, she was greeting to Yuki (because most of the times she is the only one at the time she arrives), and found a curios yet not awkward scene, "So, Nagato, what book are you reading now?, is it interesting?", Mikuru saw Kyon asking to Yuki while apparently trying to read some of the contents, "Yes... it is...", Yuki answered in her usual monotone-whisper like voice, while lifting the book to let Kyon look the cover, after taking notice of the title, Kyon turned to greet Mikuru, who gave a heavy sigh while walking to the outfits, signal that Kyon took to temporary left the room.

Mikuru was almost done with her maid dress, when she tuned to talk to Yuki, "Yuki-chan, you like Kyon, don't you?", Yuki didn't answered, she just kept reading her book, "If you like him, you should talk to him, I think he likes you too", Mikuru only got more silence, "I can talk to him on your behalf if you want...", this time she got a glare from Yuki, it was like any normal time she lifted her face to look at someone, just faster and quickly fixed, not as deadly scary as the last one she got, but scary nevertheless.


"Hey Yuki-chan, I need your help, I really, really need your help this time, can you help me pretty please?", never ever before, Yuki has felt like this toward the time traveller, 'how did Kyon called this emotion?, oh yes, annoyance', "What kind of assistance you may need?", Yuki finally replied to Mikuru, who started blush and acting like daydreaming, "Well, I want you to help me and Kyon", Mikuru started to explain between giggles, 'Eh?, you and Kyon?, help with what?', "Can you help me to have a secret date with him in your apartment?", when Mikuru finished her request, the encyclopedia-like book that Yuki was holding got tored in two, and Mikuru got a glare that took away some years of her life, and made her run away for her life, even without being chased...


Kyon was just outside the clubroom, waiting for Mikuru to open the door and allowing him to enter, he was also making plans for the summer, "I could take her to the library to make her a little more happy, oh!, I remember now!, there is that cabin in the lake that we can use, yeah, only the two of us, hmmm...", Kyon was almost lost in his train of thought when the door opened fast, too fast, showing an startled Mikuru, "You can come in now!", she almost commanded, Kyon raised a brow to her, but went inside anyway, somehow, only when he was present, the room had a calm aura, well, until Haruhi arrives and turned it into the hell, the next minutes after Kyon sat at the table, were silent and peaceful, only the sound of Mikuru making her tea, the sounds of the turning pages of the book of Yuki, and the breathing of Kyon, that until the door opened and certain Esper came in, "Hey!, how had you been?", Koizumi greeted to all in the room, and proceed to sit in front of Kyon, for some reason, Koizumi was smiling more than ever, thing that gave the creeps to Kyon, "Kyon, my dear friend", Koizumi started to talk, and Kyon didn't liked the tone, 'Dear friend?, yeah, right, just wait until I put you into Haruhi's jaws, then you can call me however you like', "Huh?", was Kyon's reply, then Koizumi leaned closer to Kyon's face, "We need to talk, I'm in LOVE", 'GAH!, TOO CLOSE!, STAY AWAY YOU FREAKING GAY!', Kyon's face was filled with utterly disgust, and he backed away until he was against the wall with both hands lifted to defend himself from anything that Koizumi might do, however, Koizumi started to laugh at Kyon's reaction, "HAHA, not with you, you dummy!, not that I don't find you handsome, but is not with you", Kyon relaxed, and got back to his seat, allowing the Esper to continue.

The face of Koizumi was serious now, even Mikuru was listening intently, "Well, I'm in love with a girl, a girl that you happen to know very well, and is hard to deal with...", Kyon was now interested, this could be good, 'Oh!, I see, hard to deal, eh?, please continue', "I don't know how to approach her, and gain her attention, that's why I'm telling you this, in order to get advice from you...", 'Yes, yes, continue, this is getting interesting indeed', Kyon was connecting all the pieces of the puzzle, on his mind only certain girl was able to fill this profile, he only needed another hint, "Because, you know, she only hear your advice, in fact, it seems that she ends doing what you want or what you says...", Kyon was smiling widely by now, 'Hell yeah!, I'm gonna help you!, everything to get rid of Haruhi... er... I mean... to help a friend, I promise you that I will make her to like you!, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!', however, this train of thoughts was interrupted one last time for Koizumi, "I see you are happy for me!, ok!, then help me to get the love of Nagato!", before Mikuru could gasp for the revelation, the fist of Kyon was already at Koizumi's face, it was out of reaction, instinct, Koizumi got slammed against the wall, still shocked by the reaction of his friend, "WHY DID YOU HIT ME?!, OUCH!, YOU BROKE MY NOSE!, OUCH!, OUCH!", Kyon was standing up, when the door opened violently letting them know that the devil had arrived, "HEY BRIGADE!, TIME TO GET READY FOR THE SUMMER!...".

For 10 minutes, Haruhi tried to listen to Kyon and Koizumi, who were yelling to each other, not allowing Haruhi to understand why this happened, and at this point, she had enough, "SHUT UP ALREADY!!!!!", both boys froze, at some point the forgot that Haruhi's rage was a bad thing for the world, but they got surprised to see that Haruhi headed toward Yuki, then she took away the book that Yuki was reading, and started to speak in a very menacing way, "Yuki, you will never lie to me, right?, and, is not like you could even like one of these boys, right?", Yuki lifted her face to see directly into Haruhi's eyes, and gave something like a nod, "Good, now Yuki, please, tell me what happened here", Haruhi commanded, Yuki tried not to stole a quick glance to Kyon, who was sweating, he knew that Yuki wasn't the one to lie, but he also knew that she will do anything to protect him and their relationship, and the fact that Yuki was taking more than 3 seconds to reply was much more disturbing.

"...Koizimi's display of affection toward Kyon was unwelcomed, the last replied with an aggression that ended in the current situation...", Yuki gave her own faked version of the facts, however, Haruhi didn't had enough brain to fully understand the explanation, not that the rest of the Brigade were able to understand, "Huh?", was the puzzled reply of Haruhi, with all of the members shocked, Yuki was now able to look at Kyon, who nodded to her, just to know what she had on mind, "Koizumi tried to kiss Kyon", Yuki finally explained, the entire room went silent of an entire minute, and then Haruhi bursted on laughter.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, I KNEW THIS WILL HAPPEN ONE DAY, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, OK, NO ONE TO BLAME THIS TIME!, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, BUT REALLY!, HAHA, I WISH TO HAVE BEEN HERE TO SAW THAT!, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA", Haruhi Was now on the floor, holding her belly, unable to stop laughing, until Mikuru decided to stop this, "Ha-Haruhi, I-I think we need to take Koizumi-san to the infirmary, his nose is bleeding bad!", Haruhi stud up, still smiling and half laughing, "Yeah, you are right, ok, help me to get him to the infirmary, Kyon, you'll stay here for further punishment, Yuki, stay here too and make sure he does not go away!", after Haruhi, Koizumi and Mikuru closed the door, Yuki locked the door behind them and turned to face Kyon, who was smiling at her, "Smart move Yuki, really smart, now, how can I reward you?".

The day was now officially over, the meeting was over as well, it was a perfect day, Kyon was able to punch Koizumi on the face and getting away with it, Yuki was able to get 20 minutes of a making out session while Haruhi was away, as well as enjoy the plan of the lake cabin with Kyon, however, before everyone could leave, Haruhi turned to say some words to Kyon, "You know Kyon, I can't blame you, but, you could have been more nice to him, I wish that you could come in contact with your feminine side to be more sensible to others feelings", Kyon was shocked, he never spectated to see Haruhi so serious, until... "HAHAHAHAHAHA, A FEMININE KYON, THAT WILL BE AWESOME TO SEE!, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!", she bursted on laughter again.

It was midnight now, Kyon was finally falling asleep, Koizumi tried to call him several times but he never answered his cellphone, and now, he was getting into a pleasant dream about his beloved Yuki, then he shifted his position, imagining that he was hugging Yuki, moving his lips to try to kiss his dream, until he felt that his lips actually bruised someone other lips, at this he froze for a second, but he only opened his eyes when he heard a voice talking between dreams, "Hmmm..., Yuki..., you don't know when to stop, don't you?...", it was a female voice, moaning, moaning for his Yuki, wait a second, on his bed!, his eyes were fixed on the other face in front of him, and he noticed that he was looking at himself, but it wasn't himself, not with that voice!, suddenly the stranger opened 'her' eyes too, just to show the same shocked face, the 2 of them looked at each other for 2 minutes, until both sighed identically, "Haruhi... you are going to pay for this...", they said at the same time.

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