Chapter 12: Of Beginnings and Ends

Before I'm even through the common room door, James has whisked me away to the dance floor, holding me close.

"Why are we slow dancing to a fast song?"

"There doesn't always have to be an explanation you know, just go with it Lil." He says, smiling.

I do as he says, and I find it's one of the things I love most about James; his ability to just live. No plans, no rules, he just does what feels right.

I look around at the rest of our group and I see them having a great time. I smile at how far we've come in the past year and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I feel James' lips near my ear and I smile when he whispers,

"Come with me."

I follow him up the stairs to the boys dorm and I know where this is going.

This isn't the first time.


A/N: When I started this fic I knew exactly how I wanted to end it. With the line I started it with. 'This isn't the first time.' I had a different chapter 12 written, but in the end when it came time to type it I changed it and I'm much happier with this ending. I would absolutely LOVE to know what you all think of this final chapter, and of the whole fic itself. Thank you all so much for sticking with me, and thank you to MyMelo for betaing. In time, I'd like to start another multi chaptered fic, and I hope to see all you amazing reviewers again!

Thanks again, so much!