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Renesmee POV

It had been two years since mine and Mom's 16th birthday party. We had a lot of fun during those years. It was now March, and we were in the middle of our senior year. When I said we I meant, my Mom, Aunt Alice and myself, along with my friends Sara and Cole, and my boyfriend, Nick.

The rest of the family had already graduated, again. They were all at some college in the city. They decided that, since we needed to finish school, they'd occupy themselves with college. They chose pretty useless majors. Like my father, he was majoring in Music. Which, for him, would be useless. And Uncle Jasper was studying History, even though he lived through most of it. Uncle Emmett and Aunt Rose were both studying mechanical engineering. At least they had all their classes together.

Meanwhile, Aunt Alice, Mom and I were enduring the torture that was senior year. The pressure to finish college applications, and everything else that came with that was driving most students crazy. I wasn't so worried. I wanted to go to college sometime, but I wasn't in a rush. Sara wasn't all that worried either. She wouldn't tell me why though.

Sara and I were inseparable. She all but lived in my house. She was having trouble at home, with her mother. Her father was barely home, because of his job, so he didn't know much of what was going on. She talked to me about it, but it still didn't make any sense to me. Mom kind of 'adopted' her as another child, treating her like her own daughter.

Her birthday was close. It was on the 13th of March, and she would be turning 18. My whole family was planning a huge surprise party for her. She had no idea of what we were planning, and hopefully Cole and Nick would keep their mouths shut. Cole and Sara were still dating. They were so adorable, and their relationship grew stronger every day.

Cole and Nick were partners in crime. They had become the best of friends. Actually, they were almost like brothers. They planned double dates all the time, just so we could all hang out together. They both joined the soccer team in school. Nick wanted to get a scholarship for college, but Cole just joined for the fun of it.

Nick and I were officially a couple. He promised me he would wait till I was ready, and he did. He asked me, officially, on our first day back to school, on my junior year. He had gone on a family trip during the summer, and said he couldn't stand being away for so long again.

Mom and I were still as close as ever. She had helped me get over the whole Jacob ordeal, and slowly, made me trust guys again. She was really patient with me, and I couldn't be more grateful. She had done the same thing to Sara. As I mentioned, Sara had had some problems at home, and Mom had been helping her the best way she could. By loving her, like she did me. She treated Sara like a daughter, and it made my heart warm every time I saw them together.

My family was still the same. Emmett was still a goof, Jasper was still the quiet guy, Dad was still overprotective. Mom said she'd talk to Rose, but that has yet to happen. But Rose wasn't really trying either, so. Alice was still a bubbly little thing, she liked to amuse Sara with her predictions. Grandpa and Grandma were still as loving and compassionate as you could expect.

Grandma Renée had passed away last year. Mom took it very hard, and shut down for a few days. The one that made her come out of the room, - which she had locked herself in – was Jasper. Not Dad, not Alice, definitely not me. Uncle Jasper talked to her, and he didn't even manipulate any of her emotions. He listened to her, and talked, like a real older brother. Grandma's death didn't hit me as hard, because I barely knew her, except for when Mom would tell me the stories she remembered from her human years.

The last semester of school is about to begin, and hopefully, everything would be perfect…

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