This is my first Harry Potter Story. It begins after the events of the fifth book and ignores book 6 and 7. I am sorry for any errors. I don't own the rights to Harry Potter or any of the characters. Thank you for reading this story

Chapter 1 An Encounter in the Park.

Harry Potter awoke to the hottest day of the summer yet. He looked out the window and wondered what was going on in the world. As usual he had heard nothing from his friends. His thoughts were interrupted by the screams of his Uncle.

"BOY, GET DOWN HERE AND COOK OUR BREAKFAST!" Uncle Vernon screamed as Harry walked down the stairs and headed into the kitchen and cooked them Breakfast. After cooking them Breakfast Harry was given a slice of bread and some water.

"I want to see the letter you're going to send to those freaks" Vernon told them as Harry handed his Uncle the letter. Vernon read the letter and handed it back to Harry.

Harry remembered the encounter his relatives had with the Weasleys and the others demanding that they take care of him. But the encounter had made it worse for him. The only change was they he had to write a letter saying that everything was fine every three days.

"Good. Now go to that bloody Owl of yours and sent that letter out. I will not Freaks like them tell good normal people like me what to do. GOT THAT BOY," Vernon screamed at Harry. "Yes Uncle Vernon:" Harry responded,

Vernon nodded his head. "And after you send that letter you will do some chores." Vernon saying handing Harry a long list of chores to do. Harry didn't mind the chores. It allowed him t keep his mind off what had happened at the Department of Mysteries.

Harry had watched his Godfather Sirius Black fall though the Veil and died. And with his death Harry believed that he had lost his last chance to move away from the Dursley's.

Harry went up to his room and opened the cage where his owl Hedwig was. She flew out of the cage and nipped on his finger in a playful manner. He then tied his letter to her leg.

"You know the usual procedure. At least you get the chance to be free." Harry said in a said tone of voice. Hedwig looked at Harry understanding what he felt before flying off into the sky.

A couple of hours later Harry was walking down the street toward the Polkiss. He was supposed to do some work for them. As he walked pass the park he heard his cousin Dudley and his gang laughing.

"What are you going to do cry?" Dudley said to a young Boy who Harry recognized as Mark Evans. A boy from the Neighborhood who was the most recent target of Dudley's gang. The boy said nothing but he was clearly scared.

"LEAVE HIM ALONE DUDLEY" Harry said walking up to them and just stared at Dudley. Piers Polkiss one of the gang members just laughed at Harry.

"What are you going to do Potter?" Piers said in a tone of voice that reminded Harry of Draco Malfoy. Harry walked up to Piers and punched him. "Your gong to pay for that" Dudley said as he and the others focused on Harry who reached into his pocket.

Dudley went pale as remembered what had happened last year." You can't do that. You will be expelled" Dudley said fearing what would happen if Harry took out his wand.

"I can do whatever I have to do defend myself Dudley." Harry said.

"Let's get out of here" Dudley screamed as he and the rest of his gang ran out of the park. He then helped Mark up.

"Are you all right?" Harry asked the young boy.

"I am fine thanks to you. You're Harry Potter?" Mark told Harry who expected Mark to look at his scar but Mark did not do that. "I have heard many stories about how I should avoid you. But I don't believe them" Mark told Harry.

Before Harry could respond a young couple ran up to them and stood between Mark and Harry. "Stay away from my boy." The woman screamed at Harry.

"He didn't do anything Mom. He rescued me from some bullies" Mark said defending Harry. The couple looked each other. They had heard the stories about Harry but they also knew that Mark always told the truth.

"Thank you for helping my son. I am John Evans and this is my wife Diana and you have already met my son Mark." John told Harry.

"Your welcome, I understand what bullies are like and wanted to help." Harry said noticed that John just stared at him.

"You live with the Dursley's right?" Diana said making it clear that she did not like them.

"Yes I do, and from the tone of your voice to dislike them as much as I do." Harry told her.

"At least I don't have to live with them" Diana said feeling much better about Harry. "Do you want us to walk you home?" Diana asked.

"No. I can walk myself" Harry said.

"If there is anything I can do to help you can come over anytime." Diana said before she, John and Mark started back home. When they returned home Diana looked at her son.

"Why don't you watch some TV before Dinner Mark?" Diana said as Mark rushed over to the TV. She then turned to her husband.

"Are you all right?" Diana asked her husband.

"I'm fine. It's just seeing Harry." John said.

"What about Harry?" Diana asked wondering why her husband was reacting so strangely to seeing Harry Potter.

"I can't explain it right now. I was thinking that we should go see Mom and Dad this weekend." John told his wife.

"I thought that we were going to see them on Mark's birthday?" Diana asked. She remembered how they had made plans to visit his parents then,

"I know but I need to see them as soon as possible. I can't explain why but you have to trust me on this." John asked his wife. She nodded her head in Understanding.

"I can start packing after Lunch if it's so important

"Thanks" John said as he put his arms and hugged his wife tightly.

After watching the family leave Harry continued on toward the Polkiss house. When he arrived at the house he started doing some chores for them. When Harry was finally finished Piers Father just stared at him. "That is a pretty fair job Potter. Why should I pay your Uncle for you doing such a poor job? Get out of here." The man said throwing Harry out.

Harry walked back toward the Dursley House. Nobody ever paid for the jobs Harry did in the neighborhood. They always made excuses which made Vernon even angrier. As he continued to walk he saw a car come up to him. John Evans looked out the window at him. "You need a ride back home Harry?" John asked him.

"No thanks" Harry said quickly.

"You look so tired Harry. Let me give you a ride home." John said.

"NO." Harry said quickly. He knew that the Dursley's would not react well to him being driven back home and that they would take it out on the Evans. "Please don't offer me a ride back home" Harry begged. The Evans looked at each other wondering what was going on. But they quickly agreed to Harry's request as they drove off.

"Something is wrong. Did you see how Harry reacted to us just offering him a ride?" Diana said.

"I know but we can't do anything about it right now." John told his wife.

Diana wanted to say something else but the look on her husbands face convinced her not to say anything.