An angry customer barged through the door of his local movie rental store. He had a complaint regarding a DVD he had recently rented. He marched straight to the desk where the register was located which was also where the manager and his two kids were standing.

"What is this supposed to be exactly?" the customer asked angrily, holding up the case.

"That is DVD," the manager stated in his thick accent.

"Yes, I know that!" the customer said, "But I asked for High School Musical. When I went to play this for my daughter I did not see Zac Efron on the screen."

"Oh! No, no, no!" The manager's daughter explained, "You no ask for High School Musical, you ask for Low School Musical!"

"Low school… what?" the customer looked at them like they were crazy.

"Give us DVD," the son of the manager said, extending his hand, "We show you!"

The customer handed over the DVD and the son popped it into the player. The screen above the desk flickered and began to play the movie.


"Hello Gabriella," 'Troy' said. It was really just the manager's son in a cotton tank top. They had used red marker t write a 14 and the word 'Wildcats' onto it.

"Hello Troy," 'Gabriella' said back. She was just the daughter in a red dress.

"Let's audition for musical!" Troy said with forced enthusiasm.

"Yes! Let us!" Gabriella responded.

Troy held up a glass. "If we break glass, we get part!" he explained.

"Okay," she agreed.

"WE'RE BREAKING GLASS!" He half sang, half shouted.

"SCREECHING!" she...well, screeched in an extremely high pitched, ear piercing voice. It went on for a few measures, both Troy and Gabriella looking anxiously at the glass. Gabriella began to run out of air so Troy took the glass and hit it against the wall behind them. It shattered.

"We broke glass!" Troy exclaimed, "We get part!"

"Yay. Yay. Yay," they both shouted, though they didn't sound too excited.


The screen went blank.

"Wasn't that great?" the manager asked.

The customer was flabbergasted, "You call that great? That was just your kids trying to act!"

"We good, yes?" the girl said eagerly.

"No! You're horrible! I want High School Musical!" the customer shouted.

"But we only have Low School Musical," the son said.

"It's better! Much better!" they said in unison.

"I'm leaving!" he shouted. He chucked the DVD at them, "Take this, I'm never coming back!" He marched to the door and slammed it open. Then he was gone.

The manager then said, " He nice, no?"

A/N – We got the Amanda Show on DVD last night and one of the Blockblister skits came on while we were watching. That's when I suddenly got this idea. Tell me what you think and Review!!