Those Who You Meet May Not Like You

Third opened his eyes. There was a foot in his face. He pushed it out of his way. Ah yes, he'd fallen asleep after he arrived and now there was a small, white-haired child glaring daggers at him!
"Who are you?"
"I'm a shinigami."
"Name?" Hitsugaya narrowed his eyes.
"That's secure information," Third informed him.
"Ach, let go of my foot." The other man on the couch complained, sitting up. "Good morning, Toushirou."
"Hitsugaya-taichou," he informed the man. "Gin, why are you here?"
"Ahh, I left Hueco Mundo. Ghosts, you know."
"Gin! I'm so happy you could come," Rangiku dashed into the room.
"Ran-chan! I--"
"You invited him?" Hitsugaya girmmaced.
"He needed somewhere to stay." Rangiku pouted.
"And what about him?" Toushirou pointed at Third.
"Never seen him before in my life."
"Ah, my apologies. I am the third seat of the third division."
"You are?" Gin's eyes opened for a second. "Ah,'re the guy who swept the floor!"
"I made tea, too," Third grunted.
"Kira didn't like him," Rangiku said wisely.
"He didn't. Said he was too...what was it? Lithe." Gin reached for his sword. "I bet that's why you killed him!"
"I didn't!"
Thankfully they were interrupted by a small pink-haired lieutenant.
"Who did he kill?" Her eyes were narrowed dangerously.
"Have mercy." Third whimpered.