Title: A Pain in the Keister ch. 2

Disclaimer: Sadly, I do not own the boys, I just like to play with them.

Challenge Phrase: drag

Other Participants: Too numerous to mention.


As soon as the Lanacaine took effect, Dean watched as the doctor began to stitch up Sam's behind. Sam would have a hard time sitting for the next few days meaning they would need to get a room where he could spend most of the next few days in bed, which meant the days would drag by slowly.

"As soon as the doc's finished, we'll see about getting a motel room for a few days." Dean said as the doc tied up the last stitch.

"M'fine Dean, I can travel." Sam replied stubbornly as the doctor gave him a tetanus injection is his numb behind.

"Yeah, until that numbness wears off, then you'll be a big pain in my ass." Dean replied with a smirk as he ruffled Sammy's hair.

"Jerk" Sam stated as he stood and pulled up his jeans realizing he would be showing everybody his ass on the way out with the big hole that had been ripped into them.

"Bitch" Dean said with a smile as he wrapped an arm around Sam's shoulders and led him out of the clinic.