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I got up shakily from my bed. Another nightmare…. The same nightmare that had been my reality for two years.

Until today. Today, Zidane Tribal, the man I loved, came back to me, just as he promised. Even though he was a little late.

As I walked to the bathroom, I stole a glance at him. He was still sleeping peacefully. Good, I thought. He needs to rest after everything he's been through. I hadn't had the courage to ask him for details about the Iifa Tree or his brother, Kuja, yet. All that mattered right now was that he was back.

Then why does this nightmare still remain? I asked myself silently, as I ran cold water over a washcloth. I covered my face with it, removing the sweat from my forehead and trying to collect my thoughts. As I brought the cloth down, I gasped. Zidane was standing in the doorway, watching me.

"Sorry," he said, smiling in that way he does to make my heart jump. "Didn't mean to scare you."

"It's okay." I managed to reply.

He must have sensed my hesitation. "Are you all right, Dagger?"

I sighed inwardly; I've waited for two long years for him to call me by that nickname again. "Yes," I lied quickly.

"Then why does it look like you've been crying?"

I looked in the mirror. Damn, my eyes were red. Before I could react further, his arms were around me, and his chin was resting on my shoulder. I felt tears well up and pour down my face. "Zidane…"

He didn't say anything, but his arms tightened around my waist to show he was listening.

The words jumped out of my throat before I could even think about what I was saying. "You have no idea what it was like, waiting here for you. Never knowing if I would ever see you again…. And now that you have come back…I still can't decide if you're real or just a mirage that will disappear again when I turn around…"

"Dagger, I…" he started but then shook his head. "You're right. I don't know what that was like, but you have to know, it was hell being away from you for so long. The only way I got through it was thinking, knowing that I would see you again, if it was the last thing I did." He took the cloth out of my hands and turned me around to face him. "That and praying you weren't with someone else."

I smiled and leaned against his chest, listening to his heart. I felt his hand run through my hair. "Just do me a favor."

"Anything," he whispered.

"Don't let me live without you again. That's absolutely the worst nightmare, and I couldn't escape it, even during the day…"

I pulled back to look up at him. There was a new light in his eyes that I hadn't noticed before. He had grown up since he'd been gone.

Zidane brushed the hair back from my face before saying, "I promise." Then, he leaned down and kissed me with intensity and passion, just like he had earlier that day.

When we were back in bed, I laid my head on his chest. With his arms around me, my dreams were free of my past reality and sweet with my new one.