General Grievous revenge:

This is my first star wars fan fiction. I had to write some action story because I'm actually quite blocked with my Romance. Hope you enjoy it. Story starts in episode three and takes place mostly during the galactic civil war.

Disclaimer: I don't own Star Wars or any of these characters.

Chapter 1:

General Grievous roared angrily and swung his electrostaff. He must admit that he underestimated Kenobi. The Jedi had not only been able to unarm the General, he also managed to seriously damage his body. Grievous heart and other remaining organs were now exposed and vulnerable. Fortunately for him the cyborg had been able to get his electrostaff back and throw Kenobi over the edge of the platform, where the Jedi still struggled to keep his grip on the save ground.

"Time to end this", thought Grievous and raised the staff to deliver the final blow on his enemy.

But suddenly, without warning, a blaster flew in Obi wans free hand. Before the General could react a laser shot blasted through the gap in his chestplate and hit his heart. Grievous cried in pure agony. His mechanic body was trembling and finally he fell. The last thing he could hear was Obi wans voice: "So uncivilized." Then everything went black.

One week later:

Three clone troopers emerged on the platform. "This platform wasn't investigated before. Search it for anything suspicious!" commanded the leader of them. One of the other ones growled and asked: "What are we still doing on Utapau anyway. The clone Wars are over. The Jedi order is destroyed and the ones who still live are on the run. It's useless to be here. I don't think anything can harm the Empire anymore."

"Still Emperor Palpatine ordered it" retorted the squad leader.

Suddenly the third trooper cried out: "Look, what I found here!" His companions hurried to his side. He asked: "Anybody wants a fried Separatist leader and Jedi- hunter?"

The others laughed as they looked down at Grievous motionless body: "I was already wondering where his remaining would be found."

"What are we going to do with the corpse?" asked one of the clones. Their leader repeated: "Just leave him. It's not like he can do any harm anymore. Let's go!"

As the three of them intended to abandon the platform one of them suddenly flinched.

"What now again?" asked the other soldier.

"I thought the body moved its arm" answered the clone.

"Nonsense, that can't be possible," stated the squad leader. Nevertheless they approached Grievous again carefully.

General Grievous was drifting out of the darkness and became aware of his surroundings again. He was gaining back control over his metal body. He could hear voices near him. Clones. So they must have taken in Utapau. How long did he passed out? The vicious cyborg

Slightly started to remember, what happened. Kenobi shot his heart. But luckily he seemed to have overlived the assault. The aching pain in his chest was gone. His heart was still beating and it has recovered from the wound. "Kenobi shall pay for it!" he thought.

Then the General opened his Eyes. The first thing he saw was a clone trooper, staring down at him. The soldier only hat enough time to jerk backwards. But he was to slow. Grievous cried out in rage and grabbed the enemy. The trooper shrieked in shock, as he was thrown off the edge of the platform by the deadly cyborg.

The General noticed two more clone troopers on the platform

"Dam you, he is alive!" shouted one of them and drew his Blaster. General Grievous mechanical reflexes kicked in and he came to his feet within seconds. His fist crushed the helmet and the skull of the republic soldier and the clone dropped down dead.

The squad leader reacted fast. But not fast enough. He drew his blaster and aimed at Grievous. But before he could shoot a cold durasteelhand grabbed him by his throat. He let drop his weapon and tried to remove it. Unfortunately for him Grievous was merciless.

"How long have I been out, scum?" asked the General.

"About one week", choked the clone: "And I think you … would… like to know, that… the Separatists lost the war…. All your troops and allies… are des..troyed. There is nothing…you can do… anymore. You… lost!"

The yellow eyes of Grievous narrowed angrily: "We'll see about that"

Then he broke the neck of the clone and the dead body fell to the floor. Grievous coughed shortly then turned to leave the platform. "Well, well maybe it's time to contact Lord Sidious", mumbled the Cyborg.


The droid General sneaked through the empty streets of Pau city. Except of occasional clone troopers no life sign was to be seen. Whether the Clones killed all the inhabitants of the town or they fled, Grievous didn't care.

Suddenly he heard the voices of clone troopers. A battalion of at least 20 warriors was walking down the road. The general hid himself in the shadows of a rock. The troopers passed by. Their leader commanded: "Faster! Something killed three of our brothers, not far from here. Search the area and destroy it. "

"Yes sir!" saluted his men, diverted into smaller groups and started to carry out the orders. Grievous moved on, as soon as all of them were out of sight.

"Disgusting clones! How could these morons win the war?" grumbled the former leader of the CIS. After a few more minutes he reached his former headquarters. Thousands of dead clones and droids lay on the floor and nearly everything was destroyed.

Grievous sighed annoyed and tried to find the holoprojector, with which he had been able to contact the Sithlord.

He found it. After all the clones didn't destroy it. Impatiently the general was programming the machine, so he could reach Sidious. After a while the transparent, blue figure of the Sithlord appeared.

The man with the black hood seemed angry: "Who dares to contact me without permission?" "Ah. Lord Sidious.", greeted the Cyborg and bowed before the dark cloaked figure: "I am here to follow your orders."

Darth Sidious frowned and looked down at General Grievous. Then he laughed: "General Grievous, you are still alive. I thought Kenobi killed you."

"No", sneered the general: "I'm invincible. Lord Sidious, we must search other allies. Together we can still beat the Republic. We can destroy the Jedi and kill Chancellor Palpatine. Then the universe will be ours."

The Sithlord laughed mockingly: "You fool; I am Chancellor Palpatine, or now better Emperor. The Jedi are extinguished. I used you and the Separatist only to weaken the Jedi Order and to have a reason for all the special powers I got. Now the Republic is dead and I rule over my empire. The universe is mine. And you are no longer of any use to me General Grievous." Rage was boiling up in the deadly cyborg: "What? You scum only used me and my army for your own selfish plans. You shall pay for it. Nobody messes up with General Grievous. I shall see you dead and if it is the last thing I do."

Palpatine chuckled evilly and replied: "You can never win against me. You are an enemy of the Empire and you must be liquidized. But you will not be able to do any harm to me. I doubt that you can even leave Utapau. My troopers are everywhere. So much about your invincibility."

"We will see about that!" snarled Grievous furiously. Then he crushed the holoprojector by hitting it with his durasteel fist. The hologram of the Emperor faded.

Suddenly the general heard a shout behind him: "There a droid! Blast him!"

He whirled around to see six clones entering the room and aiming their blasters at him. Fast as a lightning the cyborg drew his own Blaster, which he actually got from one of the three dead troopers, and shot. The first clone was hit in the chest and dropped down dead. The second one faced a similar fate. The remaining soldiers became more careful and dodged behind piles of destroyed droids and dead clones. Grievous fired a few blasts after them, but it was no use. He thought about going into close combat, but decided against it.

With an exposed heart the risk was too high. Instead he took cover behind the holoprojector. There he stared to rip open the floor of the former base with his hands, while still firing at the approaching clones. Shortly before they reached him the metal gave in and a big hole emerged in the floor. Grievous jumped to his feet and fired a last time. He hit one of the clones, whose head was blasted away. "So long suckers." Laughed the cyborg and jumped down to the lower levels.


Hope you enjoyed the first chapter of my star wars fan fiction. If you want to know if Grievous escapes just wait for the second chapter. All rewies are welcome.