Just barely a one shot. . . Ha.

For all of you who might be here and have read one (or more) of my stories before . . . this is probably not what you're expecting. Namely, because I usually only write Neji/TenTen pairings. So, before you all eat me, let me explain.

This is Neji/Sakura. Yes, yes, I know. I really have no idea what my brain is doing to me lately, but I just got this idea and here it is. Maybe my subconscious self wants me to start branching out. :/

Anyway, NO this does not mean I'm abandoning Neji/TenTen. I still love Neji/TenTen more than any other pairing, so please don't draw conclusions. This is just . . . in existence. :D An experimentation, if you will.

Okay. I'm going to shut up now.

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Neji slowly walked the halls of the Hyuga estate.

He had just returned from the Hokage's office with a load of reports that contained numerous files on ANBU captains and operatives. Neji had to sort through and complete them by the end of the week. He intended to retire to his study for the afternoon and get a good start on them.

As he passed the bedroom he shared with Sakura, Neji looked in absently.

His pink haired wife was lying on the bed, facing the wall as she lay on her side.

Neji stopped and stared at her, a little confused.

It was the middle of the day. . . Why wasn't she at the hospital?

Neji stole another long look at her before hurriedly placing the stacks of reports in his study and returned to their bedroom.

He quietly entered the room, not wanting to wake her if Sakura was asleep.

Neji accidentally stepped on a creaky board.

"Neji?" murmured Sakura quietly.

She turned to look at him.


"Why aren't you at the hospital?" Neji inquired, moving to her side.

Sakura rolled her green eyes, and Neji detected some small defiance in that one action.

"Rin sent me home early. She said I needed rest."

Neji thought he heard her mutter as an afterthought, "What does she know?"

He reached out and touched his wife's shoulder.

"Can I join you?"

Sakura hid her surprise.

"Of course."

Sakura moved further across the bed, rearranging the blanket for Neji.

He shook his head.

"No, I'm fine," he said, pulling the fabric back over his wife.

Sakura shrugged.

Neji pulled Sakura close to him, his arm easily sliding over her hip to where his hand comforted her stomach.

Thoughtfully, Neji suspected he felt a bulge where their son (hopefully) was growing.

Neji kissed the underside of Sakura's jaw.

She uttered something illegible.

Neji watched as Sakura closed her eyes again, sleepily, and began to drift off into unconsciousness.

He brushed some of her hair out of her eyes.

Reluctantly, Neji moved to her ear and said softly, "I love you."

Sakura did not move, too deep in her sleep to hear him.

Slightly disappointed, Neji started to leave but something stopped him.

Sakura's hand encircled Neji's index and middle fingers in a vice-like grip.

Neji sighed and took another glance at his wife.

"All right," he told her quietly as he settled back into her again, "you win."

And he stayed.

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