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Chapter Six: Unanswered Questions

Prue orbed into the storeroom of P3 and poked her head around the door. An angry man stormed out of the building while the blonde witch named Billie watched him go, trying to withhold a grin.

"Billie?" Prue called out, the girl turned round and smiled at the sight of Prue.

"Oh, hi. It's Prue right? You didn't really get the chance to tell me your name last time." Billie said, absentmindedly cleaning wine glasses.

Prue nodded. "Yeah, sorry about that. The elders wanted me to talk to my sisters before I revealed my identity to someone who knew them."

Billie nodded. "Oh yeah," Prue said grinning. "I'm taking over the management of P3 for Piper. So it looks like I'm your new boss." Prue smiled, when she thought about it, she was really glad she was in control.

"Sweet!" Billie said smiling. "You'll be a much better boss than Dominic."

Prue grinned at her enthusiasm. "So why did Dominic quit?" She asked.

Billie bit her lip. "Well," she said, unable to suppress her grin. "See, every now and then I have to vanquish a demon at work…"

Prue's eyes widened, shocked.

"Wait, wait, wait!" Billie said holding up her hands. "Before you say anything about exposing magic, keep in mind that I learnt from your sisters and they've drummed it into me pretty well." Billie smiled. "Oh, Dominic didn't actually see anything, he just was getting kind of freaked out by the scorch marks always turning up, and the odd sounds coming from the storeroom every now and then…"

Prue's eyebrows furrowed as she looked at the rambling girl.

"But don't worry!" Billie said "he didn't connect anything to magic, he's just kind of freaked, and now we have you as manager, which, believe me is so much better." Billie flashed Prue a grin and began to clean the glasses again.

Prue had a feeling managing P3 was going to be anything but normal.


Piper closed her eyes, her hands buried deep in soil and concentrated. A seedling burst forth from within the dirt and began lengthening as it made its way towards the sun. Piper smiled as the plant grew, small fruits forming on its branches.

"I did it!" Piper said smiling at her little sister Paige, who lifted her arm and plucked a fruit and brought it to her lips. "And the fruit tastes almost as good as your cooking Piper." Paige said through a mouthful of the magic fruit.

Piper picked two fruits and handed them to each of her sons, who grinned happily at their prizes.

It was mid afternoon in the park and Piper, Paige, Leo, Melinda, Wyatt and Chris were in their own secluded area, protected by privacy wards to alert the of an intruder's presence.

"You give your power a go Paige." Piper said encouragingly, pleased with her own success.

Grinning, Paige picked up her half eaten fruit in one hand and gently began willing small winds to blow beneath it. Gradually, the fruit began to levitate from her hand. Growing more confident, Paige juggled the fruit without making physical contact, until she could master the movement without faltering.

With a larger gust of wind, Paige propelled the fruit with a strong force until it smashed against a distant tree.

"Well done." Leo said, adjusting the hat upon Chris's head.

Grinning wickedly, Paige replied. "I'm not done yet." She looked at her sister and brother in law and smiled. "You see the kite that's caught in the branches of that really big pine tree?" Paige stood and dusted the grass off her jeans. "Watch and learn."

Carefully, Paige built up air currents beneath her feet, levitating her slightly off the ground. Gradually, Paige made her way through the air currents she created, climbing the winds up to the kite in the tree before slowly, lessening the intensity of the air currents, letting her feet return gently to the ground.

Piper smiled, looking a little bit terrified. "You do realise you could have easily orbed the kite to you?"

"I know, I know." Paige replied, waving her hand at Piper. "But where's the fun in that? Besides, you can practically feel the sheer power in using elemental abilities, it's pretty damn cool." Paige grinned.

"It's pretty damn dangerous." Piper replied, handing each of her sons a banana for an afternoon snack. "I'm trying to raise my three children in this environment, I just- I don't want it to go back to how it was before we fought the ultimate power."

Leo wrapped an arm around his wife's shoulder and looked firmly into Piper's eyes. "Honey, it's not going to be like that. All the endless demons aren't coming back; they're still trying to recuperate. Besides, Billie deals with any stragglers."

"I know, I know." Piper huffed, her hands, falling onto the ground, as the grass began to grow around her fingers. "After the Christy fiasco I just don't trust Billie around my children, I get that she's not going to hurt anyone, I get that. I trust her enough to work at the club, but I can't let her close to my family again. Ever." Piper looked up at Paige and Leo, longing for reassurance.

"You're right, honey, you're absolutely right," Paige said to her sister.

Leo grinned at his wife. "And that's exactly why you were made the Earth element, because you put your family before anything else, and because you're strong. Okay?" Leo wiped a tear from Piper's eye.

Piper nodded, a little embarrassed about her breakdown. "And what's with the god damn awakening thing, what's with this new powerful source of evil?"

Paige smiled, that was a question she couldn't really answer. "I don't know Piper, I really don't know."


That night, Phoebe's sleep was plagued with dreams, dreams that caused her to toss and turn all night. In her dream, she was in a large red room, the room was empty, but the heavy red colour of the walls hung around Phoebe like a cloak.

Suddenly, before her stood Cole, casually dressed in jeans and a black shirt. Phoebe looked at him, missing him.

"Come." He said, and turned away from her, walking from the red room and into black, suffocating darkness.

"Wait!" Phoebe yelled, as she stumbled after her old love. Then, Cole was behind her, his arms around her, embracing her. Phoebe couldn't decide if it felt right or not.

His hands pressed against her stomach, and suddenly, Phoebe could hear the sound of a small beating heart.

"I just wish she was mine." Cole whispered in her ear, his lips brushing gently against her neck, sending a shiver down Phoebe's spine.

"But Coop…" Phoebe said weakly, her voice fading out.

And then Cole was gone, and so was the room of red, and Phoebe was back in bed clutching her stomach, Coop fast asleep beside her. In a frenzy, Phoebe dashed to the bathroom and grabbed a pregnancy test from the shelf. Desperately, Phoebe paced the bathroom, impatient for the three minutes of waiting time to expire.

Biting her lip, her heart pounding, Phoebe glanced down at the plastic slip in her hand. A small pink plus sign stared up at her.

"I'm pregnant." Phoebe said, amazed. For so long she had longed to have the baby girl she had been promised, and she truly believed when she fell in love with Coop, that she would finally get the child she'd dreamed about. And yet, here she was, pregnant with Coop's child, with thoughts of Cole dancing around inside her head.

Phoebe moved across the living room and held the phone in her hand, dialling the number for the manor.

A very sleepy Piper answered the telephone. "Hello?"

"Piper!" Phoebe whispered into the receiver, in an attempt to prevent her husband waking up.

"Phoebe, Melinda just got back to sleep… why are you calling at four in the morning?" Piper said, her voice strained, exhaustion evident in her tone.

"Piper, I'm pregnant." Phoebe said.

"Congratulations Pheebs! I know you've wanted this for ages." Piper paused for a second. "How did you find out at four in the morning?"

Phoebe swallowed, "I found out in a dream…" Phoebe said hesitantly.

Piper let out a bark of laughter, "trust you to find out your pregnant in a prophetic dream Pheebs."

There was silence at Phoebe's end of the line for a second, before she replied in a hardly audible whisper. "It wasn't prophetic," Phoebe closed her eyes. "Cole told me, he came to me in my dream and said that he wished my baby was his and he held my stomach, and then I woke up and took the pregnancy test."

There was a pause, Piper slowly replied. "Cole? Phoebe, please tell me you're not still in love with him."

"No!" Phoebe replied hurriedly. "I don't love Cole, I don't know why he was in my dream, and I don't know if he was actually there, or if it was just my mind making it up. I guess after seeing him again…" Phoebe drifted off, not sure how to continue.

"Phoebe?" Piper said, urging her to continue.

"I don't know Piper! It was so weird seeing him again, after so many years. I love Coop, I do, it was just hard seeing Cole, it kind of brought up some old issues." Phoebe paused and looked into the phone. "I'll talk to you later Piper." She said hurriedly before hanging up the phone.

Slowly, Phoebe slipped back into bed. Coop turned over, his eyes slowly opening. "Hey honey," Coop said, reaching up and tucking a strand of hair behind Phoebe's ear. "Can't sleep?"

Phoebe looked down at her husband and smiled, Coop would always love her; her love with him would be easy, simple and sincere.

But would it be passionate? Phoebe couldn't help but ask herself.

"Guess what?" Phoebe said, brushing the unwanted thoughts from her mind as she looked back to her husband. "I'm pregnant."

The smile on Coop's face was beautiful as he leaned forward and embraced her. "I love you Phoebe, I love you more than anything." Coop said, holding her face between his hands.

Phoebe smiled, banishing all thoughts of Cole from her mind. "I love you too. Forever."

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