This is Eddie's flashback of how he lost his foot. I changed it up a little, hope you like =P. It is no where as good as Mitch Albom though!!

"GO, GO , GO!" Captain shouted.

I saw the place burning to the ground before my eyes. Some can say bombs had done this, but we all know it isn't true. War was a nasty place but you have to kill to live.

The small town we had invaded was now a war zone. We had to burn the enemy's fortress.

"Eddie!" My team called.

I hurried over to find them with some grenades. We had to burn houses down.

"Are you sure there is no one in there?" I asked to be sure.

"Of course there isn't!" Morton assured.

With one swift throw, one of them threw a grenade at the house and half of it blew up. Fire was everywhere. I glanced at the house. It looked like someone was waving in the window.

"Someone's in there!" I yelled.

"Don't go in there." Captain warned.

I wouldn't listen, I needed to save them.

"Eddie! Don't go!" He yelled.

"But there are people in there! I know it!" I yelled back.

BAM! BAM! BAM!! You could hear explosives going off in the distance. The enemies were coming.

"EDDIE! WE HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE!" Morton agreed. I turned away to focus on the barn. I could make out a small child figure. Someone was in there.

"HEY! COME OUT!" I yelled at it. No answer.

"WE WON'T SHOOT!!" I tried again.

Morton grabbed me.

"We have to go Eddie! We don't have time to do this!" He reasoned.

I shook my head.

"The is someone in there, we need to get them out, they could die!" I replied, I kept my eye on the child figure.

"There's nobody in there!" He screamed in my face. "We've got to move, NOW!"

I couldn't take this any longer! I felt my anger get to me.

"Stop Morton!" I yelled and punched him in the chest. I immediately felt bad, but I knew this was the only way.

I walked towards the house. I needed to save them. I stepped over oils and broken pieces of wood, through flames.

I wouldn't stop walking, my legs were working itself.

"COME OUT! WE WON'T SHOOT! WE WANT TO HELP! WE WON'T SHOO-" Piercing agony rose in my foot. I fell to the ground unable to do anything. I shut my eyes because of the intense heat. My back was burning.

I felt hands pull me and take me away. Then it was blackout.