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Topsy Turvy


"Jasper! Oh! I thought you were somebody else!" Alice replied and my heart sank.

"Is there someone else?" I asked quietly. I needed to know, because I couldn't for the life of me figure out who she could be talking about.

"No, nothing like that, I just thought you were my father." She answered, and her tone was, a little off.

"Would that be a bad thing?"

"No, but that's not important right now. You saw me cliff diving, and you want to know if I'm ok."

"Yes, you scared the living shit out of me." I replied, trying to remain calm.

"I'm sorry I scared you, but I have to say, we're thrill seekers." She replied, will mild excitement in her voice.

"Thrill seekers, huh? You sure that's all? Because cliff diving is more than just thrill seeking." I knew I was pushing it, but I needed her to say it, to tell me what was going on.

"Yeah, well, I can't explain everything right about now. Jasper, the one thing I can tell you is this. I promise, you will know all about me, but it's going to take time, I mean we just met. Honestly, I don't want to rush this, because I'm not going anywhere." Alice said, and I didn't quite know how to respond.

"Ok, I get it, back off for a while. Ok, but just so you know, Alice, this is new to me as well, I've never had to try so hard with a girl before, so I'm just as unsure as you are. I want you to know that." I answered, terrified at my answer, wondering if I had put too much out there. There was a moment of silence before she responded.

"I get what you mean and thank you for telling me that, it means more than you know now. Listen, have to get going, I'll see you tomorrow at school, alright?" She asked.

"Yeah. Alice, can I take you out on a real date?" I felt my stomach drop to my groin, because I don't know where the question came from, again a long moment of silence before she responded.

"Yes, that would be fantastic." Was is me, or did she sound a little breathless? I hoped so, because I needed to know about this mystery girl.


"So are you going to call her?" Edward asked me.

"Not tonight, I mean Jasper has already stated he wants to call Alice tonight, I just don't think we should seem obvious." I answered.

"We won't seem obvious." Edward answered, his face slightly going red.

"I think we might, I mean we've been doing things altogether, maybe we should switch it up a little, get them to let their guard down. Billy already stated that when they're ready, they'll tell us. The three of us teaming up on them would come off as intimidating, and it's clear that they will travel in a pack, always together. Perhaps if we ease up, they will relax more as well." I answered. Edward looked at me like I was a genius or something.

"Hmm, perhaps you're right. Ok, we let Jasper have tonight for a phone call, ask him how it turned out and then we'll go ahead from there." Edward said. He still looked keyed up, not that I could blame the guy.

"When do you think they'll be open to telling us?" He asked suddenly.

"I think when they feel we can handle it. Honestly, I can wait for Rosalie to tell me all about it. This has to be the strangest experience of my life so far, and I know it's going to take some getting used to." I answered.

"Yeah, I already have questions, and Bella hasn't even said anything yet. I wonder, what is it exactly that mermaids do?" Edward asked, trying out saying that word out loud. I had to admit, I cringed slightly when he said it. It felt to, surreal? Is that the word I'm looking for?

"I guess we can look up mermaid lore and write down questions, so that when we're told, we can find out what's true and what's false." I suggested. Edward still looked out of sorts. I knew the feeling.

"Well, goodnight, I think I just want to hit the sack early." Edward responded and then left my room. I stayed up for a while, googling mermaids. I'm googling mermaids... I never thought I lived to see the day. What next?! Am I supposed to start watching episodes of "My Little Pony"? I guess this was going to take some getting used to. After reading a few things, I started to feel my eyes getting heavy and so I went to bed. There I had a dread I was a sailor turned pirate and my crew was shipwrecked and Rosalie came to save me.


I got up for school the next day, not quite sure knowing how to feel. The sight of Bella cliff diving had scared me shitless. How in the world, would I protect my girlfriend if she insisted on doing shit like that?

"Good morning sweat heart." Mom said as I entered the kitchen.

"Morning." I answered, grabbing a toasted English muffin and putting a sausage patty with cheese and egg between the bread.

"You look like you had a rough night." Mom said, I guess she got a real good look at my face.

"Thanks mom." I said sarcastically.

"Ah sweetie, try to get some rest. I'm off to Port Angeles, there's an estate sale there that I just can't miss." Mom was then on her way out the door. I waited until she left, and then I pulled out my phone.

"Hello?" There was the voice I had been dying to hear since last night.

"Hey there, how was cliff diving?" I blurted out before I could stop myself. There was a long pause.

"It was exhilarating?" Was she answering my question with a question?

"You're not sure?"

"No, I'm not. I will say that it was definitely thrilling, just not sure if that's good or not." She answered with a slight giggle to her voice. I smiled, because let's face it, I was totally into this girl.

"Ah, well, can you just warn me next time you do something like that? I'm not sure I could take any more surprises like that." I answered. Was it me, or did she gasp slightly.

"Ah, no more surprises. I'll try and keep that in mind."

"So why the cliff diving?" I found myself asking, not sure if I should have asked that question yet. I mean I had a few guesses as to why, but I knew I would only get half the truth.

"Rose and Alice seem to think I need some excitement in my life." She answered and I could tell she was smiling.

"Ah, I'll see you soon at school, but I have one thing to ask you before. Can I take you out to dinner sometime next week?" I couldn't believe I was so nervous.

"Ok, but it will have to be on the weekend, I'm not sure how dad is about dating on a school night." She answered. Of course I smiled like a buffoon, but I had to admit, I was looking forward to lunch and to biology.


I was excited about school, because I would see Jasper and perhaps we could discuss date details. I knew I should be so excited, considering everything that was going on, but I was. I put on a fabulous outfit for school, consisting of low-rise jeans, with a creamy strappy camisole and oversized band tee-shirt and cute leather ankle boots. I wanted to look amazing.

"Alice, could you come down here?" That was Charlie. Figuring he wanted to still discuss our stunt from yesterday, I headed downstairs. Once I got the living, I stopped dead in my tracks. Rosalie looked apologetic and slightly shrugged her shoulders. Bella was nowhere in sight and Charlie's face seemed to say, "I told you so". I finally fully looked at my visitor.

"Dad, what are you doing here?" I was completely floored. Why was he here?

"Alice, you weren't returning my phone calls. I need to speak with you. You know, your grandmother was very upset when you left." I looked at my dad, and I saw that he had aged. His dark hair was grayer than I remember, especially at the temples and his handsome face looked haggard. His tall form seemed a little diminished, and he seemed frustrated.

"What do you want?" I asked, and I knew I was being rude.

"Alice, you have to understand that you weren't the only one hurt by your mother's death." He started, I noticed Charlie stiffen at this statement, and his face blanked.

"Everyone has felt the effects, we're all in mourning. Your grandmother was very hurt by the way you left Biloxi. Alice, I know that I've failed you, but there were things going on that you are too young to understand." I stopped my father right there.

"I understand and know what cheating is, don't treat me like one of the bimbos you fuck when you think no one is watching." I was incensed.

"Watch you language young lady!" Dad replied, raising his voice.

"Leave me alone and you won't have to worry about my language! I'm NOT going to patch things up with grandmother; she's a hateful old bat that doesn't like me! It's okay, because I'm with the family that I belong with, the Swans. Grandmother has little boy Brandon she can now praise to the skies." I answered back in a raised voice. I'm not sure what I looked like, but Rose and Charlie were signaling me to calm myself, and I tried, I couldn't afford my father seeing anything out of the ordinary. He didn't deserve to see that part of me.

"Alice, there are issues you don't understand," dad started again.

"Why did you marry my mother? You didn't love her, so why did you marry her?" I asked, I fought against the tears that threatened to come. My dad looked at me in dumbfounded silence, and that's when I saw it, the hurt in his eyes and his face.

"Alice, I…" But he just continued to look hurt. He sat down on one of the sofas and put his head in his hands. He looked broken.

"Please, dad, I just have to know. Why did you marry my mother and you didn't love her?" he didn't answer he just sat there with his head in his hands, and I didn't understand what was going on. I had never seen my dad like this before, and I had to admit, even though he is a jerk, he was scaring me.

"Alice, maybe we should get to school." Rosalie said, coming towards me and gently grabbing my arm and leading me away. I allowed he to lead me away and then I turned a grabbed my belongings for school.

"I'll drive today Alice, I think you may need to take a break today." I noticed how Charlie nodded towards Rose, agreeing with the idea. Before I headed out the front door, I glanced back, and I saw Charlie walking towards my father with a hot cup of coffee. Maybe dad was right; there were issues I didn't understand, because just briefly, I could have sworn I saw something I had never seen on my father's face before. Love.


Perhaps I was crazy, but there seemed to be a lot of avoidance and secret keeping between the adults as well as us teens. I'm not sure what I saw between Alice and my Uncle Brandon, but it was confusing as hell. It was clear we all thought one thing, but he felt another, and Uncle Charlie didn't seem too surprised himself. I hated to admit it, but another mystery was unfolding, and this time it was the mystery behind the marriage of Amaryllis Swan and J.B Brandon. Something was definitely off. I couldn't handle it, another mystery. I couldn't wait for Bella to hear this one. However I thought more about the dynamics between Alice and her father, and I knew, I had to get things sorted with my own mother. First, I would talk to Charlie, he would know the right things to say to get my mother talking. I really needed to know about the siren family and more about what happened when she saved Billy Black.


I slipped out early this morning, wanting some alone time. I drove down to first beach to watch the sun come up, and while there, I got a phone call from Edward. He asked me out, and I had to say I was ridiculously happy about that. After speaking with Edward, I decided I should head to school and get the day over with, when I noticed three people pulling upon the other side of the parking lot. They actually had a metal detector and some other equipment, and I couldn't help thinking that I would have found them kind of funny, if I didn't get a strange vibe from them. I didn't think anything of it, and I got in my truck and headed to school.

By the time lunch came around, my day was looking very different then when it had started. I noticed that we were sitting in a secluded table.

"What's with Alice?" I asked Rosalie, as I stared at my cousin. She looked a wreck.

"He father came to visit this morning." Rose replied. I did a double take, "Speaking of, where were you?" She asked.

"I drove down to First Beach to watch the sunrise." I replied pathetically.

"Yeah, things didn't go the way anyone expected." Rose explained.

"How do you mean?"

"Well, Alice was all ready to let her father have it, when it dawned on her that as usual, everything was not what it appeared to be in the Brandon household. She'll have to explain to you later." Rose said, filling me in. Alice looked up from her food tray and was about to say something, when she suddenly became very focused on me. Her eyes were intense and sharp.

"You've seen them, haven't you?" She asked.

"Seen who, they boys?" I asked confused.

"No, the Armitage family." Alice replied.

"No, I have no idea what they look like."

"Yeah, but your future has shifted, and it has something to do with you making some sort of contact with them." Alice explained, while Rosalie's head whipped back and forth like she was watching a tennis match.

"Has anything unusual happened today?" Alice asked, probing.

"No, I drove to the beach to watch the sunrise and to have little alone time." I replied.

"Did you see anyone or anything out of the ordinary?" Alice asked, even more intense. I was about to say no, when I remembered the three people with equipment.

"Actually, I did see three people with a metal detector and some other equipment and I did get the feeling they were a bit strange." I answered, trying to act calm. Alice's eyes widened as she leaned back in her chair. Just then Angela came up.

"Hey ladies, what's up? The Cullen brothers are looking for you three." She said softly, smiling. I noticed her smile didn't meet her eyes and she looked a little run down.

"Angela, what's the matter?" I blurt out before thinking, and I noticed Rosalie and Alice fully look at Angela as well. I was confused as to how to feel; elated to have some scrutiny off me, or bummed, because I just put Angela on the spot.

"Well, my boyfriend and I broke up, and I'm not sure how I feel about it." She explained.

"Wow, I thought you two loved each other." Rosalie said, stunned. I was picturing Angela with her boyfriend at the bonfire. They looked so happy, I guess that wasn't the case.

"I thought we did love each other, but we got talking and we both realized we wanted different things, and I had to admit to him, that I didn't feel as strongly about him as thought. I guess I'm hurt because I've just gotten used to him being my boyfriend. When I asked him if there was someone else, he said why should I care, since I never loved him. I feel as if my world is topsy turvy; it must be a full moon." Angela said, and Alice started at this comment and seemed to really look at Angela.

"Well, we're sure that it will all work out for you. Why don't you come by our house this weekend, we'll have a girl's night." Rosalie offered. I found that I was a little excited about this idea, and smiled encouragingly at Angela. Alice nodded her head slowly in approval.

"Wow, thanks that would be great. What time should I come over?" She asked, smiling more, this time, her smile reaching her eyes.

"How about eleven thirty, we'll make a day of it." Alice replied, smiling softly. The bell sounded and we all got up to go to our classes. I was still left wondering what Alice was going to say as far as the three strangers. I got the feeling they were strange, but I didn't see how they were a threat. I guess we needed to talk to Charlie about Alice's visions.


I guess I was taking my break up pretty hard, but I had to admit. I was into someone else and I felt that he could be the one I should be with. Ben Chaney was the most handsome boy in school, second to the Cullen's. Unlike the Cullen's he was quiet, serious and focused on his studies. I don't think I had ever heard of his even asking about a girl. If so, he kept it to himself.

Now I had a dilemma, how to get him to notice me, and would he like me?

Would he accept me for who I am? Shy and slightly awkward? I had my own issues to work through, now that I was single. The most depressing thought about this breakup was, that I wasn't even that upset, I was more depressed because I felt like I really hurt my ex. That's something I really couldn't afford to do. My parents were very supportive of my decision, and I think my dad felt relief. He felt that is was too early to tie myself down with someone. I shouldn't be paired off so soon in my life, he said. My mother however felt the same, but for different reasons. She said that the women in her family had longevity and so pairing up too soon could be a tiresome thing, and that I should get out and meet people and find out exactly what I wanted.

How does one know what they want? I was glad of the girls' night, and honestly I felt myself drawn to the Swan girls inexplicably. My parents were more than elated when they moved here, stating that maybe they would be good company for me. My dad was the most trusted man in Forks, being a minister, the only other man most trusted in Forks was Chief Swan, so naturally according to my dad, his daughter and nieces must be good company. My mother was happy about it for other reasons; she felt they could give me exposure to different experiences and culture, with the three of them being from different places. I wasn't entirely sure why I felt pull, but I suppressed thoughts. I had to really control them, as I had a secret ability that no one knew about except for my mother.

Most people think that past is just that, in the past. However, with me being a post-cog, the past mattered to me greatly, as it helped me shape my future.