Great, nobody reads Gothic sports except for like a few people!

Just a little drabble, and Leon fluff!

Anya. She's beautiful. Everything about her is beautiful. I wish I could confess my feeling towards her, but no. Anya hates me. Hates me after the stupid hamster incident. God, she can really hold a grudge, for a long time. I dream about her every night, and day. Her soft lips, slim body - gah, damn hormones.

Doesn't she have any feeling towards me? Doesn't she know I love her with all my heart? Doesn't she have any other emotion towards me other than her wrath for me?

I hate life, and everything in it. Especially myself, if only I wasn't so stupid. Stupid enough, to jeopardize our friendship. Maybe Anya wouldn't be so mad at me, maybe just maybe she'll believe me.

I believe in miracles, but some people believe in luck.

Anyway it was just a little fluffiness!