Note: This takes place in the first year Nowaki and Hiroki are together.

"Dinner is ready, Hiro-san." Hiroki scowled as he heard the annoyingly pleasant voice chime out from the kitchen. He was so close to finishing his work, and that moron boyfriend of his picked right then to say dinner was ready. It was so typical.

"Fine, fine," Hiroki grumbled, hefting his laptop to the table with him. He continued to peck at it as Nowaki set a plate in front of him.

"Itadakimasu," Nowaki said.

"Itadakimasu..." Hiroki mumbled, ignoring his plate for the time being to fumble with his work a little longer. He finally turned to the meal, raising an eyebrow at it. "What the hell is this mess?"

"Nikujaga," Nowaki replied calmly.

"Eh? Who said we could have that home cooking crap?"

"Forgive me, Hiro-san," Nowaki said, his eyes crinkling into a smile. "I really wanted to have it tonight. It reminds me of Fujimori-san at the orphanage. She would make this for us when..."

Hiroki cut him off swiftly. "Yeah, yeah, don't get all nostalgic on me," he snapped. "I'm trying to concentrate on my work. Do you mind?" Nowaki shook his head, and Hiroki sniffed and turned back to typing, pausing every now and then to take a bite of his food.

It was when Nowaki was cleaning up the dishes that Hiroki triumphantly smiled and shut his laptop. "There! Finished. Now, what were you blabbering on about?"

Nowaki glanced back at him, then kept scrubbing dishes as he spoke. "Oh, I was saying that one of the caretakers used to always make nikujaga for dinner when it was someone's birthday. That's why I wanted to have it tonight."

"Hmm," Hiroki said, shrugging at what seemed like another of Nowaki's little quirks. Then he froze. "Wait a minute...why did you want to have it tonight?"

Nowaki smiled pleasantly. "Because it's my birthday."

Hiroki groaned and slumped forward. "Why didn't you tell me, you idiot? Arg, I would have done something for you if I had known!"

Nowaki just continued to scrub at the dishes. "I did tell you, Hiro-san. You must not have heard me. I just assumed you were too busy to do anything, so I made my favorite dinner instead."

Hiroki blinked a few times, then rubbed his forehead. "Well, um, you shouldn't have to do the dishes on your birthday," he pointed out, and stood up to approach the sink.

"I really don't mind," Nowaki insisted.

"No, you moron, just let me do them!" Hiroki shouted at him.

"Well...they are all done now," Nowaki said, setting the last dish in the rack.

"Aughhh! Why won't you ever let me do anything nice for you?" Hiroki complained. "Why do you have to be such a martyr?"

"It's fine, really, Hiro-san," Nowaki said, drying his hands off. "I'm just happy to be with you today." He smiled warmly, and Hiroki got an unpleasant feeling in his stomach.

"I'm such a jerk," he mumbled. "It's your birthday, and I totally ignored it; and even worse, I've been cutting you down and yelling at you about it. When it's my own stupid fault!" He clapped a hand to his face. "Why do you put up with me?"

Nowaki took him into an embrace suddenly, wrapping his long arms around him. "Because I love you, Hiro-san."

"Well, you shouldn't love me," Hiroki mumbled, his face pressed into Nowaki. "Only a moron would love a self centered guy like me! Argh...there I go again. I keep insulting you."

"It's okay," Nowaki said, pulling back to find Hiroki's lips with his own. "I feel lucky to be with you," he breathed, then pressed his mouth against Hiroki's.

Hiroki groaned softly into the kiss. He was the lucky one, really. Nowaki did almost all the house chores without a single complaint. He was agreeable to a fault, and never argued with Hiroki about anything. He bent his own schedule to Hiroki's whim, yet Hiroki still cut him down and got mad at him over petty things. He had to change that...if even just for tonight.

"Nowaki..." Hiroki whispered as he brought his lips away. "Let me do something special for you tonight."

"Hmmm?" Nowaki looked surprised. "What?"

"I don't know...anything you want."

"I don't want anything but you."

"Yes, you can have me...but is there anything special you want? I'll do anything."

Nowaki slowly shook his head. "No, I can't think of anything."

This aggravated Hiroki and made him revert to his old ways rather quickly. "Argh! Why can't you be more creative?" he shouted up at his boyfriend. "I'm giving you free license to dress me up in a frilly skirt or paddle me or even take nude pictures of me! And all you can say is I can't think of anything? What a -" He broke off, covering his mouth. "Ugh...there I go again," he mumbled.

Nowaki raised his eyebrows. "Do you want me to paddle you, Hiro-san?"

"No! But it's not about what I want, it's about whatever you want! It's your birthday."

"I don't want to do anything that would be unpleasant for you. You should choose," Nowaki suggested.

"That ruins the whole point!" Hiroki protested. "You pick!"

"But I don't want to pick something you won't like," Nowaki said calmly.

Hiroki took a deep breath to keep from shouting again. "How about you name things, and I'll tell you whether or not I want to do them. Okay?"

Nowaki nodded, and the two of them sat on the bed, where Nowaki leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees, and then his chin on his fists. He thought deeply for some time, until he finally spoke hesitantly. "Um...well...would, I can't ask such a thing." He frowned and looked away.

"Just tell me," Hiroki said, trying to sound encouraging but feeling rather impatient.

Nowaki blushed, then continued. "Do you think I could...tie you up?"

Hiroki felt his face get warm, but he managed a little cough to cover up his embarrassment. "Yeah, okay..."

"Are you sure that's all right with you?" Nowaki asked hurriedly.

"Oh, yeah, it's fine," Hiroki said. He licked his lips slightly. "Actually, it sounds kind of fun."

Nowaki looked delighted. "Really! Oh, wow!" He was like an overeager child as he leapt to his feet and scurried over to the dresser, pulling out several of Hiroki's neckties.

"Whoa, you're a little too excited about this," Hiroki mumbled, but Nowaki didn't hear him. He just spun around, clutching an assortment of ties, absolutely beaming.

"Okay, are you ready?" he asked cheerfully. Hiroki nodded, feeling a strange mixture of fright and amusement. He had a feeling that this was going to be incredibly goofy, but he also had the nagging feeling that it might get a little more wild than he was anticipating. Nowaki advanced upon him, kissing him eagerly as he dropped the ties on the bed. Large hands fumbled with his shirt buttons, getting them open and then peeling the shirt back and off. Nowaki's mouth wandered to Hiroki's neck, kissing, sucking and biting as he went.

Hiroki moaned, falling back on the bed as his tall boyfriend layered himself over him. His pants and underwear were soon disposed of, and Hiroki lay on the bed, feeling very exposed and apprehensive as Nowaki pulled up to get the ties. "Face down," Nowaki said, and Hiroki was startled by the sudden authority in his voice. Well, the boy better not start getting a big head. He can't order me around...

"Face down," Nowaki repeated, lower and colder this time. Hiroki nodded frantically, and flipped over. He felt his hands being grabbed roughly, and a tie being wrapped and secured around them. Nowaki then laced another tie through the bond between his wrists, and tied that to part of the headboard. Hiroki struggled against the bonds just to test them, and swallowed hard when he realized he couldn't get out of them if he wanted to.

Mercifully, Nowaki left his legs unbound, and his hands went to Hiroki's thighs, parting them. "Yeah...get up on your knees for me," he said in a low voice. Hiroki complied, and then turned his head to look back at his boyfriend, who was undressing while staring at him with half lidded, lust filled eyes. Hiroki swallowed hard once again. What the hell had he gotten himself into?

Nowaki got the bottle of lube from the bedside table drawer, and popped it open, dribbling it directly on his erection. Hiroki eyes it nervously. It looked even more enormous than usual for some reason. But that must be my imagination, Hiroki chided himself. Nowaki tossed the bottle aside casually, and then moved up against Hiroki's body, nudging the tip up to his entrance. Hiroki gave a little whimper, and Nowaki laughed in a strange tone. "You like that, don't you?" he asked, his voice full of intent.

Hiroki swallowed and nodded quietly. "You'll like it even more when I ram it inside of you," Nowaki hissed. Hiroki was shocked; Nowaki never talked like that. He shuddered, half out of pleasure and half out of fear. "Oh, you're adorable..." Nowaki purred, as he moved his hips and began to penetrate him. Hiroki moaned at the sensation as Nowaki gripped his thighs and pulled him back against him. "Oooh, yes, cry out for me. I love that." Hiroki just gave a little whimper, and then his eyes bugged out as Nowaki slapped him hard on the ass. "No, louder," he insisted, and Hiroki squealed in surprise as his boyfriend quickly popped him again. "Yes, I like that. Do it again."

Hiroki began to moan loudly, both for Nowaki's pleasure and because the man had begun to thrust into him with force. He buried himself completely inside, pulled it out all the way, and then thrust deeply again. He then began making shorter, fiercer thrusts, and reached around to Hiroki's own erection, stroking it roughly. " like it...see how hard I've gotten you?" Nowaki growled, and Hiroki could only moan helplessly. It felt so wonderful...the fear mingling with the was so hot and unexpected to be dominated by Nowaki in such a way.

Hiroki's body tensed up as the feeling overwhelmed him. He couldn't believe he was already at the brink. As he began to gasp brokenly, Nowaki smirked with satisfaction, thrusting even deeper into him. He always could tell when his lover was close. "I'm going to make you come," Nowaki said, his voice deep and raspy. "Oh yes, you're going to come for me..." He stroked Hiroki quickly, and they both cried out as Hiroki exploded with pleasure, covering Nowaki's hand in his essence. Nowaki made a few shallow thrusts and then gave a low, animalistic cry as he spurted out deep within Hiroki's body.

They collapsed together on the bed in the aftermath, just breathing heavily and trying to recover. After a few minutes, Nowaki jumped up and wiped his hand off, then frantically began untying the restraints. "I'm sorry, Hiro-san! Forgive me! I got carried away!" Nowaki apologized, his voice back to its normal smooth, pleasant tones. "I was very inappropriate towards you," he said, sounding ashamed.

Hiroki rolled himself over with some difficulty. "Now, don't go apologizing now, you big idiot...that takes all the thrill out of it. Just shut up while you're ahead," he reproached him. He rubbed his wrists gingerly.

Nowaki got over him, kissing him and then pressing his face into his neck. "We're okay, right? You're not mad at me for all that?"

"Of course I'm not mad at you," Hiroki said. "Stupid."

And so, they went back to being the same as ever...