Finally, I get the chance to write a sequel.

If only he realized, that clearly that I truly hate him. But, oh no. All he ever wants to do, is to make my life like a living hell! Seriously, Leon if you can hear this or even read this. I CLEARLY and TRUELY despise you. Despite the fact that he's a completely repulsive jerk that can't afford a freakin' life! Damn, Delia if I were you i would've kicking Leon's butt off the team ages ago, no centuries ago. Him and his stupid inept self. He such a jerk, the stupid hamster killer! Oh, Lyra (That's just a name for Anya's dead hamster, oh and i've made it a her). You deserve to be in heaven, despite the fact that Leon killed you literally. CAN'T HE SEE I'M SUFFERIN' AND I'M IN PAIN?

Argh, Leon you can be so complicated.

And oh, self-absored, and and obnoxious twirp!

Short drabble, once again. I hope anybody can read this. People, you should start writting GS stories just to raise the rank of the popularity of this anime!\