*I have watched NCIS for awhile now, and have been struck with the idea of a Gibbs/Abby pairing! In spite of the age difference, I think she's a perfect compliment for him...

I'm assuming if you're reading this you have the same ideas...*wink, wink*


No Greater Love

An NCIS fanfic

Chapter One

The case had at first seemed routine. A young Marine Corporal had been found dead at a warehouse on the waterfront, however, not a sign of outward trauma was on the remains, and his clothing was, well, shall we say…conspicuously…absent.

"Well well, the old boy salutes you McGeek! Looks like he died trying to get some." Tony waggled his eyebrows at his younger colleague.

With an eye roll, McGee replied "Ha Ha. Let's just get the evidence smarty pants…it looks like rain coming in."

Tony glanced up at the bruised clouds gathering in the eastern sky. The morning was already blistering hot and humid. Sweat glistened on all their faces although it was only 0600. God, I hope the rain cools it off… He turned to McGee and snarkily replied "What are you waiting for Probie? Let's go! That storm will wash away valuable evidence! Come on…chop chop."

McGee opened his mouth to protest, caught Ziva's amused gaze, and shut it. She was right, it would be useless. Lifting his kit he followed them both to collect the evidence that would lock away the perp for life.

Ducky stepped back from the body of Corporal Lance Davidson and studied the face of the dead marine. "What did you get yourself into, son? Was it worth the pain you suffered?"

The doors to the morgue swooshed open to reveal Jethro Gibbs. "Talk to me Duck." His ice blue eyes met those of his long time friend's. "What have you got?"

"A whole lot of mystery my dear boy. This poor sap has had every bone in his body broken at some point or another. Look here…" he showed the healed fractures on the x-rays to Gibbs. "This one here…was most recent. It hadn't had the time to fully heal before he was killed." He gestured to a bone in the victim's right hand.

"Cause of death?" asked Gibbs quietly.

"A gunshot wound…here." Ducky pulled back his hair and exposed a small round hole with burns around the edges. "Small caliber weapon I'd venture to say. I sent the bullet to Abby for analysis."

"Thanks Duck." Gibbs turned on his heels and stalked out.

Returning to the bullpen he barked "DiNozzio, David…with me."

"Destination, Gibbs?" Ziva's quiet voice sounded right behind his left shoulder as Tony ran to catch up.

"Back to the crime scene, we need to find a murder weapon."

The warehouse was roughly 75,000 square feet of space to search. Tony looked at the building, then looked at his partner with a 'what the fuck' glance before reluctantly questioning his employer.

"Uh…boss? How are we gonna…" he gestured to the vast echoing area that spread out before them.

"You're gonna have to get your hands dirty, DiNozzio. Now…get started, or we'll be here all damn night."

"On it boss…" came at the same time as "Yes, Gibbs." And they both took off to search different parts of the structure.

Several hours later, Tony yelled out "Boss! Over here!" and both Ziva and Gibbs came running to the section where he was. Behind some old rags and pallets, lay a .22 caliber pistol.

Back at NCIS headquarters the evening shift was already getting underway, and unbeknownst to everyone, fate was beginning to weave her threads around the lives of those who fell within her path…


It was official…today was the most awful day in Abigail Scuito's life. Her beloved Mass Spectrometer gave up the ghost, in spite of the entire night she sat up babying it; the gun left in her care for evidence had disappeared at some point in the hours she'd been attempting to nurse the machine back to health, and Gibbs…

Gibbs had yelled at her.

Gibbs never yelled at her...never.

Blinking back tears she sat with slumped shoulders at her desk and tried to think back to when things had gotten so out of control. They'd gotten back from the warehouse district late, but she was still around having discerned that her beloved machine was sick and needed constant supervision that night…he's family, Gibbs! He'd brought her the small caliber pocket pistol to swab for DNA and epithelials then told her to go home and get some rest. As if I could do that with one of my babies sick…she'd stayed, catching some sleep on her futon in her office, and tried to nurse her spectrometer back to health. When Gibbs came down with a Caf Pow in the morning, looking for an update on the handgun…she couldn't find the damned thing.

Once again, she tore her lab apart looking for the weapon. How could it be gone? She looked in drawers, under file cabinets…wait, what was that noise? She froze instantly, before slowly turning around to find a man standing behind her, a strange half smile on his face. In his hand was the missing pistol.

"Oh dear God…" Abby breathed.

"There is no God." His voice was accented strangely, and his eyes…there was something wrong with his eyes.

She heard a strange popping noise and felt an ice cold sensation hit her belly with enough force to knock her to her knees. "Wha…?"

His face came nearer to hers and he spoke again, louder spittle flying. "THERE IS NO GOD!"

Her vision began to fade as she saw his features float away. Gibbs…help me…Gibbs.


If Abby was having an awful day, Gibbs' just downright sucked. He was kicking himself up one side and down the other for ripping her a new one over the missing gun. He knew better…she never lost evidence. That fact stuck with him all morning, making his stomach churn. If she never lost evidence then it stood to reason that someone in the agency gained by stealing it. And if someone would go so far as to steal it…his mind raced with a dozen scenarios and none of them had happy endings. Suddenly eager to see if Abby were alright, he went to the elevator to head down to her lab.

Standing and waiting for the elevator car to arrive he abruptly had the sense that something was indeed very, very wrong.


Taking the stairs he raced toward the Forensic Lab as fast as he could. Thrusting himself through her doorway he was brought up short at the sight of her sprawled and gasping in a pool of her own blood…blood that still gushed from a gunshot wound low in her abdomen. Her face that was normally pale, was nearly bloodless now…

"Abby…Abs…oh my god…" he dropped down beside her to press a clean bundle of cloth against her heinous injury and check her pulse. Dialing his cell with bloody fingers he barked out an order for a bus and stayed on the line so he would have somebody…anybody to be there for him, with him if the woman of his world…my girl…perished.

She let out a soft moan, "Gibbs…" her eyelids fluttered open.

"I'm here Abs." he leaned over her so that she could see him clearly.

Her tears fell, slipping out of eyes that held such pain. His chest grew tight with fear. "I…I'm so…sorry, Gibbs. So…sorry." Her breathing grew ragged as her lungs began to fill with blood.

"Shh. Don't please. Save your strength…don't die on me Abigail. Don't you dare die on me. That's a goddamn order! I'm sorry. I'm the one who should be lying here, not you." His voice was rough with emotion. He heard the commotion as the ambulance attendants were led through to the lab. "They're coming sweetheart. We're gonna get you all fixed up and you'll be back here in no time."

She looked at him with those heartbroken eyes and merely said "Don't apologize Gibbs. It's…a…sign…of……." And her voice trailed off as she lost consciousness just as the emergency crew burst through the laboratory doors.