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After rocking her 8 week old daughter Maddie to sleep, Abby Gibbs decided to go find her husband and talk him into some R and R for the afternoon. Who knows…maybe it will finally lead to something…she thought. Hearing the shower turn off in the master bath, she pushed open the door, only to stop…and stare.

Abby leaned weakly against the bathroom wall, what was it about him…particularly him naked…that made her go all dizzy with lust?

Jethro stood before the sink, a simple white towel slung low on trim hips, and the mere sight of his broad, muscular back got her wet…so wet that she was almost embarrassed…NOT. As though aware of her silent regard, he turned suddenly, and she squeaked in alarm. A slow, sure smile played over his lips, and he began to stalk over to her…a slow, predatory gait that had her nervously backing up a few steps. They hadn't been intimate in a long while…what with her health problems, the kidnapping, and Maddie's birth…they hardly had the chance.

All she knew is that her body was telling her that she was ready NOW…and needed no preparation…no foreplay. He swept his eyes up and down her small frame, tongue darting out to trace his bottom lip. Her heart rate soared. God, she didn't know if she would survive whatever it was that he was thinking of doing to her, she just wanted him inside her right now! He circled her, not touching only telling her how much he wanted her and everything he planned on doing to her, and she'd nearly begun begging.

He dropped suddenly to his knees and dragged her shorts and the lacy bit of material she wore beneath them to the floor with his teeth. Gasping for air with nearly useless lungs, she collapsed against the wall, and he gazed intently up at her. "I am going to taste every single delicious inch of you this night…" he promised in a husky voice that sent shivers of delight cascading over nerve endings. And he did.

As she stood there he nipped and nibbled using lips, teeth and velvety strokes of his tongue to make gooseflesh patterns on the tender flesh of her delicate inner thighs, hot open-mouthed kisses ordained her shapely round hips, and not an inch of skin was left untouched by his sweet adulation. One hand then pushed her trembling legs apart and his silver head was between them. When his wicked tongue swept over the tiny nub nestled within the soft, damp folds there, she grabbed onto his silver hair and collapsed weakly onto the wall.

"Keep standing Abigail…if those perfect knees go out, and you come down to the floor, I will fuck you right here." She barely concealed her laugh as she let her knees buckle.

"Goddamnit Abby, I wanted it to last!" Jethro wasn't all that put out, it got her right where he wanted her…flat on top of him. But Abby couldn't wait one moment more, so she wriggled around until she was right where she wanted to be, with his large erection nestling exactly where she needed it most. She began to ride him, ah…god…just a few more rubs should do it…

"Oh no…" he said, knowing her intentions instantly. "you will not be getting yourself off lady wife, not if I have any say about this! I want to be inside you!"

She was panting by now. "Then I would suggest you stop talking and HURRY UP!" he gave a great joyous laugh and held her tight, whispering his love words into her ear.

"I will never get enough of you, Abby Gibbs…never…" and he rolled so that he was on top, spreading her legs wide with both palms and resting between them. She murmured his name restlessly, and he dipped his head to capture her lips with his, nipping playfully as he distracted her from what his hands were doing. Dipping his finger into her heat, he tested her readiness and swore, dropping his forehead onto hers when he felt the warm cream ooze around his digits. Unable to help himself, his hips thrust involuntarily and she moaned approval. Lining the silken head of his sex up with her channel, he slowly breached her opening, and took her inch by agonizing inch. She whimpered when she felt the unfamiliar stretching sensation and he soothed her…

"It's alright love, it has been a while for us. Relax, your body will remember." Relentlessly he rocked and rocked and rocked his hips until he was seated at the hilt. He kissed her tears away and slowly began to move, subtle shifts of his hips that hit just the right spot…and she went wild.

Throwing back her head to give him greater access to her neck, she grasped his buttocks and held on for dear life. Jethro pounded into her, pulling her legs out, up and back…and she gasped at how exposed she felt…and how wonderful it felt. With every pass, he rubbed a certain area within her quaking sheath that had her eyes crossing in pleasure…and the tension built…and built…until she was straining for…

He reached a hand between them and touched the nub hidden within her folds. She broke into a thousand pieces, each one calling out his name, each one crying out her love for him, each one knowing…knowing…that this man…this man was indeed her one and only love.

For there was none greater than this.


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