Title: Chaos

Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy.

Summary: Vincent reflects on his relationship with Chaos.

Authors Note: I had to write a sonnet for my English class. Not even in my wildest dreams do I think that I am a poet, so I wont say that it is worth reading or anything. Just an assignment that I thought I might as well share. ^^


Invade my dreams, summon constant dark thoughts

Twist my existence away form the light

I feel you grow stronger and my hope rots

Within your gaze I loose the will to fight

Skin of leather, teeth like knives, eyes of gold

Suffocate in your grasp, you seal my fate

Chill me to the bone, kiss nothing but cold

The time to run has past, I am too late

Love and false promises fall from your lips

Comfort countered, red words and sharp lashes

Your lies are no stranger, my heart still rips

It wont be long before my world crashes

You strike against my wish for us to die

But soon, my demon, we will say good-bye.


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