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I have a bad feeling about this…

It has been consuming my guts ever since we left the house, and as the moment of truth approaches, the feeling continues to grow even bigger and bigger… It has become by now this humongous thing that I can barely hold inside of me.

It's really stupid… I'm stupid!

But that is what I get for being the pessimist mofo that I am. I really need to change my ways… I bet life would be a whole lot easier without so many worries.

Take right now for instant. I just had a great weekend with Chris, and when I say great I think I'm falling short with the description, it was just extraordinary… just the two of us, a beautiful beach just a few paces away and a lot of time to enjoy one another.

I couldn't have asked for anything better.

So what's there to worry about then? Well, to be sincere nothing, there's nothing to worry about what already happened; it's what could happen from now on what is worrying me.

You see, Chris and I are in the airport… and no, I'm not worried about the flight, I've been in too many of them to fear the big steal bird, what I'm really worried about is the fact that while I'm taking a flight home, he'll be taking one to his other home…

Yes, that other home where his wife lives.

That's, what is worrying me.

He said he needs to clear thing with her… and I totally understand it, hell, I want him to clear things with her… but there's a big part of me that remembers what happened the last time we parted ways so that he could pick up the kids… yeah, he went back with her!

"What's with you?"

I look at him to see that he has put the book he had been reading down on the table and is now turned to his side so that he could face me.

"What do you mean?" I ask with a frown. I don't want him to know what I'm thinking because I don't want him to feel like I'm doubting him… thing that I'm so totally doing!

I don't want to doubt him, because over the last couple of days he has given me no reason at all for me to doubt him… this is just me being me.

"Jay… you have been staring off to space for the last twenty minutes" He says with a light chuckle.

I shake my head, trying to expel out of my system the thoughts that had been clouding my mind. "I was just thinking about Adam…" What a fucking liar! So now I'm not only an insecure, pessimist loser, but I'm also a big fat liar that drags his best friend into a conversation just to save his own ass!

He shifts in his seat and I wait for him to reply. He's still looking at me, but he's not saying anything… now I feel the urge to take back what I said.

"I mean… I feel bad about this whole thing with him…" Not a lie, I'm improving here. "It was a surprise for me to know that he has feelings for me… and all that"

Fuck… why doesn't he go back to reading his book.

He sighs. "I take a huge risk of coming as a total jackass with this, but what the hell… listen, the fact that one person has strong feelings towards another, doesn't put this other person in the obligation to reciprocate"

I turn to my side so that we are now face to face. "It doesn't?"

"Of course it doesn't. I mean, when it comes to the matters of the heart you have to be completely egoistical, it may sound harsh and cruel but that's the way it is"

I nod absently, taking in what he just said. He's kind of right… I have to be egoistic because at the end of the day is my happiness what's on the line…

"There's that and the fact that if you were to be with him instead of me you would alter the balance of the universe, bad things would start happening all over the world and life as we know it would cease to exist"

"Oh really?" I chuckle despite myself.

He nods, the shadow of a smile on his lips.

"But I'm only with you because you begged"

He laughs… this is one of life simple pleasures, making him laugh. "And you tell me this after you ate all my food, used my bed… and stole my clothes" He finishes by taking the edge of my shirt between his fingers. "And let's not forget how you shamelessly used my body"

Now is my turn to laugh. I did use that body of his, but let's just say that he equally used mine. Damn… as a matter of fact I want to use it right now… just the memory of him, tight and hot around me makes my blood boil in a very pleasant way… that's an experience that I'll love to repeat over, and over… I shake my head, trying to get back to reality.

"Call it being an opportunist… and by the way, this shirt is mine"

"I don't think so Junior, it was in my house"

"Doesn't matter, still mine" And it is, it's the one he put on in a confusion in Adam's place.

The smile is still on his face, making his eyes shine in amusement. I would kiss him right now, but we are in the middle of the airport's food court and I don't want to take the risk of someone taking a pic of us and post it all over the internet.

His fingers let go of their hold on my shirt and fall to my thigh for a brief moment before retreating to his lap. "Anyway, going back to the Adam conversation, I didn't know he was into guys… I know certain someone who's going to take an interest in that"

I frown, I'm intrigued. "Who?"

He smiles. "Just some charismatic enigma that we both know… Oh, I'm going to text him that he might have a chance…"

I laugh as he starts sending the message through his phone. "Jeff? Jeff likes Adam? How do you know this?"

He shrugs, still working on his phone. "He told me"

"Oh…" I try to come with an image of those two and shake my head. This is a strange reality we are all living, first Chris and I, and now the possibility of Adam and Jeff…

"Done. We'll just have to wait and see how Jeff works his charm on Adam" He says with a smile.

I shake my head; I can't believe I let him do that…

I look at my watch, its 7:20a.m., almost time for his flight, my apprehension renews itself. What if he goes there and realizes he wants to be with her instead? He said it himself, when it comes to the matters of the heart one needs to be egoistical… he won't hesitate in giving me the boot!

He mimics me and takes a look at his watch. "I better get going if I don't want the plane to leave without me… it wouldn't be the first time"

I nod, watching him stand up and taking his hand bag with him. "So, see you tonight?" I ask as casual as I manage to sound.

We have a show tonight, so it's a given that we are going to see each other tonight… I just asked for lack of something better to say.

"Of course…" He leans forward, just enough to be able to whisper in my ear. "I'm fighting the urge to kiss you right now, so I'll leave before my better judgment fails"

I smile, wishing that we where somewhere more private so he would be able to give me that kiss… but we are not and by now he is turning his back on me as he begins to walk away.

"By the way…" He says taking a last look at me. "We'll solve the matter of that shirt tonight" He says with a smirk and then keeps walking to his destination.

I just watch him, hoping all this turns out in my favor… because by now I wouldn't be able to know how to quit him.


I'm at the arena, already in my wrestling gear and sitting among the empty rows of chairs as I watch some of the guys practice in the ring some of their moves for tonight.

The doors will open for the public in a few minutes, so until then, I'll stay here, going over some stuff in my mind.

Chris is not here yet, as a matter of fact he's a little late… can't help but wonder what's wrong. I know I can call him, but somehow that doesn't feel appropriate.


I look at the owner of the voice and see that it's Adam. He's walking towards me with a grin on his face, and as he approaches I try to come up with something to say.

He beats me to it. "So, how was your weekend?"

I watch him as he sits by my side. He is smiling at me and it comes to my mind that he's better at this than me… when I was moping over Chris I wouldn't have been able to be so casual with him, in fact, all our encounters were painful and bitter.

"Well, I don't know if I should punch you or kiss you… I mean, dude, you tricked me!"

He taps his cheek with his forefinger. "I'll take the kiss"

I kick myself internally, those were the wrong choice of words… but he seems playful about it, so I playfully press my closed fist on the same spot he signaled me to kiss.

He doesn't know that I know I read that note, so I'll just try to act around him the same way I did before… only with a little bit more caution.

"It went great, thanks man…"

He waves me off. "It was nothing…"

"I'm sure it was… I mean, he was not in your favorites list last time I checked"

"He still isn't, but I didn't do it for him… oh but I warned him, sure I did! I think I even scared him" He laughs. "But seriously, one had to be blind not to see how much you are into him… and after talking to him I came to realize that he's just as much into you… so you know… I helped him just a little bit"

"Thanks man" I smile, hoping his efforts were not in vain and that Chris doesn't disappoint me this time.

"So I guess I'm out of a travel partner…"

"Hey guys!"

I look up to see Jeff lean in one of the chairs in front of me. He is actually kneeling on it, his hands resting on the edge of it as he looks at us.

"Hey Jeff" I say as Adam nods a greeting.

I smile; I don't think Jeff will manage to charm Adam so easily… I mean, ever since the whole deal with him, Amy and Matt those two are barely on speaking terms… this should be fun to watch… hell, I'll even contribute to the cause.

"We were just talking about Adam not having a travel partner… that sucks"

The younger man looks at Adam and shrugs. "He can travel with me, after all, Chris just ditched me to travel with you" He emphasizes the last word by looking at me, but then his eyes go back to Adam. "That's if he doesn't mind"

It's funny, the look on Adam's face is priceless, he didn't expect that… serves him right for tricking me. I can suggest that we all travel together and share different rooms, but as of now I rather see where this thing with them goes.

"I guess… that's fine"

"Great" The younger Hardy smiles and I have to smile with him. "Oh, and Jay… Chris is looking for you"

"He's here already?"

He nods, his eyes shining as he looks at Adam. "He's in the locker rooms bitching about forgetting to bring his title"

I smile… that he is looking for me can only be a good sign… or a bad one, now I'm not sure. I stand up. "Guess I better check what this thing with the title is" Yeah right, what I really want to know is what happened with Jess. "See you guys later"

I leave the two green eyed men behind and make my way towards the locker rooms. I walk as in a trance, it's like the walk of doom, I want and don't want to know what happened… and I don't really want to doubt him.

I get there and find him rummaging into his bag and mumbling under his breath. He really looks pissed, and I hesitate before approaching.

"Hey" I say taking the chance of sitting at his side. At the sound of my voice he stops talking to himself and looks up at me.

The severe look on his face softens the sightless bit, but it's still there…

"I left the fucking title! I don't even know where I put it" He snaps and goes to kick at his bag… I can see that he's really in a foul mood.

I bring my hand up to the back of his neck and give him a little massage there, hoping it will relieve some of his tension. It works, because he relaxes a bit under my touch and lets out a tired sigh.

I'm just glad he didn't brush me away, because Chris in a foul mood is not a pretty sight to see.

"We'll figure something…" I say to reassure him. It's not really a big of a deal, so he left the title, he can use another one… it will be just for tonight, no one will notice.

"Things with Jess went pretty bad, it was awful" He says closing his eyes as my fingers keep working on his neck. His tone is softer now, almost distant. "She freaked out, she cried… you know, the whole nine yards"

I wish I had something to tell him, but I don't. I just hope he doesn't end this conversation by saying he went back to her out of guilt… that would suck… for me at least.

"I told her everything"

My hand drops from his neck and fall limply at my side. "Everything like in… everything?"

"Everything" He breathes out.

I nod, feeling rather bad for her. I mean… that's sure some news to take… wait! Does this means he didn't go back to her? God I know I sound as an asshole… oh I'm such a bad person, but I hope this means that he and her are done for good… and least, romantically involved.

He opens his eyes and looks at me; I try not to appear to be ecstatic. "If we are going to get steady its better that she learns it from me and not from some tabloid site on the internet… that's if it ever leaks out"

I sigh. I don't know if it will ever leak out, I prefer it doesn't, because this whole thing is pretty much new for me and I want to figure everything out before having to deal with everyone questioning us… especially my mother!

Or his… I know his mother…

But who cares about that right now, Chris is staying with me! We are going steady… does that mean like we are a couple?

I bit back a grin and try to understand his mood; after all, the man had just told his wife that he's going out with another man! I hope she doesn't hate me because I actually like her… and it's not really my fault, they were going to divorce way before we began with this thing.

"You know, a wise man told me once, that when it comes to the matters of the heart, one has to be completely egoistical…"

He chuckles. "What a jackass"

"Well, he is a jackass, but he's the sexiest of them all" I lean into him and kiss him right where the corner of his lips borders his cheek. We are alone here, so I don't have to worry about anyone seeing us… even though, I refrain from kissing him properly because I don't want to come out as insensitive here. "In fact he's a self proclaimed sexy beast"

He smiles a full smile, and I'm glad I had somehow lightened his mood. "So what do you say if we find a way to take care of the title thing?"

I get up to my feet and extend my hand for him to take. He takes it and stands with me, giving me a brief squeeze as we begin to head towards the door.

I was really stupid for doubting him… I won't ever again do that. From now on I will not indulge in more self pity and I won't worry myself for anything! The future looks bright, the possibilities are endless and I think it will all turn out for the better.

I mean, how could it not?


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