This is just a quick story to fill in the moments between updates for What's In A Name - there will be at least one more chapter, and it was inspired by Kaze. Enjoy.

Hermione Granger
Year Six

Dear Diary,

It happened today. What I've been dreading since the day I realized I loved him. He chose her.

It was after his quidditch match. Well, rather, their quidditch match. Gryffindor had pulled in an amazing win, and everyone was excited about it. Even I was excited about it. Until, of course, it happened. I had just finished congratulating some other members of the qudditch team, when I turned to find everyone staring at Harry and Ginny in the center of the common room. I remember everything as if it had happened in slow motion. I began to walk towards Harry to congratulate him again, when I noticed the look in his eye. It was different and alien. It was something I had never seen before. I followed his gaze to Ginny. She shared a similar look. I stopped in my tracks - it was then that I knew.

I felt the color drain from my face as I watched Harry wrap Ginny in his arms. He pressed his lips against hers. She kissed him back. The common room went wild. I know it only lasted a moment, but it seemd like an eternity. It was then that Harry spared a short glance towards my direction. I couldn't let him know how I felt, not in the wake of his new happiness. I quickly plastered on a beaming smile. It seemed to be good enough for him. I didn't follow his eyes after that.

Is it selfish of me to feel so angry towards Harry and Ginny? After all, they are happy now, and in these trying times, happiness doesn't come easily. If you think about it, it's truly a love story for the ages. A boy who grew up without love, a girl who grew up infatuated with a boy she thought she'd never meet. What other choice was there for them to get together? It did seem perfect to most people.

But not to me. I still love him. I've loved him for so long. What I mean is, I've been the one to stick by Harry in his most difficult of times, and not because I expected anything in return, but simply because I knew it was right. And because I loved him. Doesn't that deserve love in return? But then....maybe his friendship is the love I deserve? Maybe that's the only kind of love that we are destined for. Perhaps this is the truth. It has to be - Harry would have said or done something by now if it was any different. Yes, this is how it must be. And I need to accept that.

And yet....

I almost walked away today.