A/N: All I have to say about that episode is -_- Of course I LOVEDDD the Chad moments. ("Sonny's always cute." "Darn cute!") Anyway, I decided since I didn't like Disney's ending, I'll write my own. Ain't I a rebel? ;D So anyway, enjoy!

P.S. – This takes place the day AFTER the fake date.

Disclaimer – If I owned Sonny With A Chance would I really need to be writing this right now?

"And that's a wrap! Great rehearsal everyone, go get lunch," Marshall called to the five stars on stage. Sonny Munroe beamed as she walked back stage in her sparkly ball gown she had been wearing for the last clip. Tawni Heart followed closely behind her in the same chipper mood as Sonny. The two walked to their shared dressing room to change before getting lunch.

Sonny was humming, once again, as they walked into the commissary and Tawni rolled her eyes.

"Sonny, seriously. Humming again?" Tawni asked annoyed as the walked past the Mackenzie Falls table. Sonny simply shrugged.

"I'm happy," She replied simply as she caught a glance of Chad Dylan Cooper staring at his food. Sonny brushed this off and continued to the lunch options. She grabbed a tray and a plate but scrunched her nose up at the sight of the gross meat looking substances in the heating trays.

"On second thought, I'm not that hungry," Tawnie said setting her tray back down and Sonny nodded in agreement following her example. The two took their seats at their usual tables.

"Okay," Tawnie began looking at Sonny seriously, "I know why I'm so happy but what about you?"

"What do you mean? I'm sure I'm happy for the same reason as you, I mean, we dumped James!" Sonny exclaimed a little too loud for Tawnie's liking.

"Yeah, well," Tawnie continued after looking around, "You're lips say you're happy because of James, but your eyes say something-," Tawnie glanced back at the 'Falls' table, "or someone- else."

"What do you mean?" Sonny asked confused. "As far as I'm concerned my eyes can't talk."

"Ugh! It's an expression Sonny!" Tawnie said exasperated. "It means you're lying through your teeth."

"You know Tawnie," Chad said suddenly popping up behind Sonny, "just because you think you see something in a person's eyes doesn't mean it's there."

"Oh, puh-lease, Chad," Tawnie retorted rolling her eyes, "don't tell me you didn't care. If you didn't you wouldn't have shown up." Chad glared at her and Tawnie simply smirked back. Sonny watched the exchange with curiosity.

"What are you guys talking about?" She asked confused looking up at Chad.

"Oh, nothing!" He answered immediately. Tawnie giggled and stood up.

"Oh, yeah, kind of like how there is nothing going on between the two of you," She teased before walking towards the doors out of the commissary. Sonny and Chad each had a similar blush on their cheeks.

"Man, I do not know what we're going to do with her," Sonny said looking down at the table.

"Yeah, she sure is… something," Chad replied staring grimly at the door Tawnie had just walked out of. Sonny looked up at him.

"So, why are you over here Chad?" She asked as he turned to look at her once again. Chad's eyes widened as he realized he didn't really have an actual reason.

"Well," he started as he took the seat that Tawnie had recently vacated, "I was thinking I never really got a real thank you for last night and-" he stopped as Sonny cut him off.

"That's because you thought the kiss was real then attempted a tuck and roll before running off," she clarified. Chad rolled his eyes.

"Whatever, I still think I deserve a thank you." Sonny stood up getting ready to follow after Tawnie and head back to the set when Chad jumped up in front of her.

"Okay, fine! Just do me a favor," he suggested and Sonny gave him a 'what' look, "just promise not to pull away."

"What are you-" Sonny was quickly cut off by the feel of Chad's soft lips on hers. Too stunned to think straight and pull away, Sonny kissed him back putting her hands on his shoulders. After a few seconds, once both were in need of oxygen, they pulled away and Chad looked her directly in the eyes.

"Now we're even," he whispered with a smirk before walking out of the commissary.

"Oh. My. Gosh," Sonny whispered to herself touching her fingers to her lips.

A/N: Short? Yes. I know, but I still think it was better than the actual ending. How about you? Feedback please! :)