While watching Girl in the Fireplace, my friend noticed that Rose was strapped to a table and the Doctor totes didn't take advantage of the situation as he could have. So I wrote a fanfiction in which he did :) And for those of you who want to know what happened to the alien, it got sucked into a plot hole :P Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who, but if I did I'd probably wrap him up as a present and give him to the friend of mine who inspired this...

Reviews always appreciated :) Thank you!

Rose awoke suddenly and tried to sit up. She was jolted back by a strap across her chest, her head banging against what seemed to be a 40th century operating table. As her memories came back, she gasped and looked around. Sure enough, the large purple alien that had captured her was a few feet away, mixing chemicals and humming to itself. Panicking, Rose laid back down and pretended to be knocked out, hoping the alien hadn't heard her. Holding her breath, she let her eyes open just a bit so that she could peek over at the alien, who was now approaching the table.

"Here we go," it giggled, tipping the chair so that Rose was in more of a sitting position. "Now to start…" It pulled out a large knife and began to lean forward. Rose squeezed her eyes shut, panicking. "Doctor!" she called out, but she had no idea where he was, and it was probably too late. She took what she figured to be her last breath, and waited for the cold touch of the knife. Nothing. Another minute. Nothing. She opened her eyes a bit. Instead of the purple blob of a hand she expected to see, she found her look met by a pair of bulgy brown eyes.


"Hello there!"

He leaned back and scooted himself onto the side of her table. They smiled at each other. Rose looked down at the bands strapped to her chest, legs, and arms. "Unlock this thing so I can give you a hug!" she said.

The Doctor pulled a large brass key on a ring out of the inside pocket of his jacket and dangled it in front of Rose, smiling mischievously. "Now I'm sure I'd love to unlock you to get a hug," he said, leaning closer to her face. He was lying on top of her now, and he whispered in her ear, his mouth brushing her cheek "But we could definitely have more fun with you strapped in, couldn't we?"

Rose blushed intensely and turned a bit rigid. Not that it mattered; she was strapped to a table anyway. The Doctor pulled away a little so that they were face to face. She looked away from his eyes, but could see his face moving towards hers. He'd become less of his cocky self and a little more nervous, a little more careful. A small, almost experimental kiss on the cheek. Another one, closer to her mouth. Her heart was beating faster than she'd ever thought it would, and she was sure his were as well. She turned her head, and found his mouth with hers. They kissed, and again, and the Doctor found her hands with his, holding them tightly as the kiss warmed and lengthened. He pulled away slightly. "Will you please let me out now?" she asked desperately. The Doctor removed the straps in a flash, and Rose wrapped her arms around his thin shoulders and picked up where they'd left off.