Stupid Cute

Cute. Number one on the list of things that I hate about Sonny Monroe (or however you spell her perfectly presidential last name). And you know what? It's stupid how cute she is.

The way her nose scrunches up.

The way her hair falls across her face.

The way a single dimple appears when she grins at a quirky joke.

The way her dimpled chin is.

Her eyes.

Her laugh.

They're all cute. And it's stupid. Not the kind of stupid like trying to walk away with your laptop when the charger is still plugged in (and when you get so far, the charger tugs and you and the laptop fall backwards)- not that I've ever experienced that. It's the kind of stupid where it's just stupid. You hate it. You hate yourself for letting your guard down and realizing how "cute" that something (or someone) is. A crush, per se.

So I went on and on to Sonny's "date" about how "cute" she was, and he turned out to be in love with that blonde nag that she's on So Random! with. Therefore, Sonny came up to me (the revengeful, hot thing that she is), with a plan. Give Mr. Dillweed (he's not worthy of a full name), a taste of his own medicine.

She asked me to be her "fake" boyfriend.

I took this to mean that she wanted to give "us" a test run, and if it went well, she'd admit her undying love for me. And I'd accept her in my arms with a kiss and then brush back her bangs like I've been dying to do since I've met her. Needless to say, I was stoked about our "fake" date, and was glad when the time came where I got to parade into that restaurant with Sonny on my arm.

Mr. Dillweed and Blondie were seated a few tables away from us, and I could tell that he was getting jealous. And his jealousy made me happy. A little too happy. After all, I had the most beautiful thing sitting by me, and he was stuck dwelling on his jealousy. And when Sonny whispered things to me, giving me orders of actions to do to make our "fake" date seem more real, I gladly did as I was told. It was easy, but I hated faking it.

I pretended to nibble on her ear, but in truth it took all of my strength to not really give her a nibble.

I pretended to tickle her nose with mine, but it took all of my control to not pucker up and let loose. I did let my lips brush against hers a little bit. I let them linger a little too long. And I thought that she liked it. Maybe I was wrong.

I couldn't tell though. Not once did her eyes meet mine.

And for a good ten minutes, we continued our charade, and I drank every second of it in. I couldn't take it – I couldn't take her for granted.

Then her friends, Rainy and Cloudy (still, only Sonny is worthy of her name – because she is. She's like the little light of my life), showed up – and that killed me. Mr. Dillweed then proceeded to make his jerky way over to our table and accuse us of "faking" it – or lying. And even though we were, I still wanted to step up, punch the jerk, and defend Sonny.

That didn't happen though. Sonny had to go on and kiss me first. And I enjoyed every second of it. Later, of course, I had to find out that I had been attempting to tell her I loved her by making out with her hand…But anyway. Yeah. Love. I love her. Because she's cute and it's stupid. Stupid cute.

So the hand-kiss ended (and yep, I licked her hand, but I don't regret it), and I was left without a Sonny. A Sonny who no longer had to pretend to date me because her revenge was over. A Sonny who would never know how I really felt, unless some miracle occurred. So at the end the evening, I piped up and acted like the jerk I always pretended to be (because only Sonny – the Sonny who I thought that I might have a chance at dating- got to see the real me), and I left the restaurant.

And I still hope that a miracle will happen. But for now, I just hate stupid cute. I hate it because I love it so much. And it sucks.

A/N: I wrote this at nine after "SWAC of Dating". You can tell it was done a tad recklessly. To me, it's dull as can be, but that's just how Chad is (to me). But oh, I loved that episode! Thank you Disney for having some sense. So, I am sorry that it's dull, but I kind of went flying when Chad called her "cute." (((sighs)))

Any thoughts? :-)