Yes! The first DaichixPepe story! EVER~


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Pairings: PepexDaichi and slight MikixYoru and slight YayaxKukai.



Daichi was floating around inside the little doll house, he floated by Kiseki and Ran arguing, Suu yelling at Kusukusu to clean up her room. Then he pasted by her. Ever since his owner, Kukai, fell in love with Yaya, he also started getting feelings for the baby characters or more like character in this case. He watched Pepe throw random items at Miki, who was trying to draw a decent picture of Yoru from memory. Miki got so frustrated she picked herself out of the corner and floated over into a quieter room. Daichi laughed and that caught Pepe's attention, she flung herself at him in her childish way.

"Daichi! Daichi!" She squealed and pulled on his arm. "Can you play with me?" She asked her eyes widened, tears ready to use against him if he refused. He smiled.

"Sure." Daichi replied and sat in a near by chair. "What are we playing?"

"The romance game Kukai and Yaya-chan are playing." She said and floated next to him. Daichi saw pink on her cheeks and then he felt his cheeks also grow warm, and then he gave her a huge grin.

"Sure Pepe. I'll play that game with you. Forever...but can we play soccer now? I'm tired of sitting down." Daichi said smiling. Pepe blushed and pouted.

"But I wanna play house." She mumbled with tears in her eyes. Daichi sighed.

"Fine, but soccer after that. You know I can't stand to see you cry." He said giving Pepe a hug. They said like that for a moment, not noticing that their owners, Yaya and Kukai were watching. Kukai smiled and also pulled petite Yaya into a hug.


Me:Something small and cute. Short yes, cute yes, friendship building yes, makes me want to punch a

Yaya: Pepe-chan! You were so cute in this story! I need a picure to send to mama!

Kukai: I think she has enough pictures Yaya. You sent her five already.

Yaya: No~ Kukai! She needs more pictures for Yaya's album of this year! Tsubasa made last years small so I need to make it up this year!

Me: -sigh- you guys. Kukai let her take the pictures please. I have a headache.

Kukai: -looks at Yaya who is giving him the pouting sad look- Fine.

Yaya: Yay~

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