I watched Loz's new fish dart around spazmaticly and sighed. I missed the most important people of my life, Mother and Sephiroth. It was a sunny day so Loz was out gardening and I have no idea were Yazoo is. Wait, here he comes. ''Hey Yazoo! Where are you going?" I asked as he walked past. "Taking a shower.'' And that was all he said to me. Then I got a beautiful, horrible plan in mind. I thought it over and over and over untill I decided to go through with it. He would hate me but he would also get over it. Do I care? Nope, so I am going to get him.
I heard him turn on the water and step in, I silently opened the door and looked in. He didn't know I was there luckly. Anyway as he was shampooing his hair, I turned the nozzle so far over to hot it broke, I ran out fast and waited calmly. I heard a really loud THUD and a WACK and then I saw Yazoo running out naked shouting "HOTHOTHOTHOTHOTHOT HOTHOTHOTHOTHOTHOT!!!" I turned and looked, he had a scratch along his forhead that was bleeding. I sat my red-skinned brother down after he threw his harest punch into my nose, insant nose bleed. I fixed his cut (after he got dressed) and told him I was sorry all he said was "I'm telling Mother"
Later that night we played Clue, Loz won three times and I won once. Yazoo was still mad but at least he was playing. Afterword I left to go over to Yuffie's Mini Mart to get ice-cream for everyone to lighten the mood. I walked in whistling, Yuffie and Vincent welcomed me and told me that they were out of Pistachio Nut, which was Loz's favorite. I bought Stawberry Cherry Berry for yazoo, Peanutbutter and Jelly for Loz and Icing On The Cake for myself. When I walke in I walked into total chaos, pillow feathers littered everything and my brothers were in the midst of a play fight. I set down the ice-cream, picked Loz up by his ear, picked Yazoo up by his underwear and sat them down on my bed. I took a deep breath and looked at them for now they were speechless. I had never stopped their play fights before but this time it was too far. "What do you have to say for yourselves?!" I yelled crossing my arms, Loz was the first to speak. "Brother, we were only playing and...Oh We're sorry." He had the puppy-dog eyes and lip that was so cute then I realized he had a scratch above his mouth. "See? What do I keep telling you? You got hurt! What would Mother say about this?! Huh?!" Here I go raising my voice again. Now Yazoo spoke "Don't bring her into this!! We will clean up our mess, OK?!" They both got up and grabbed a broom. I knew that would get them, all of us miss Mother that's why we are searching for her. After the cleaning episode, we ate ice-cream, talked,played moogle ball and then we went tiresly to bed. Fin.